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Feb 3, 2006
Too near Russia
Everybody's crazy about mods, but I'm now asking what kind of scenarios civvers here want and who are going to be making these once we get the worldbuilder.

My thoughts are currently in these:

Medieval world wap ca. 1000-1100AD
Crusades, reconquista, mongol invasions, the whole deal.

Renaissance world map ca. 1500-1600AD
Rise of the great empires, colonization

Second World War world map
This one would require tweaking with the game speed, but many vanilla systems already support a working scenario (Russian unique ability, fascism SP's effect on strategic resources, city states as small European powers, many unique units of the era etc.)

Cold War world map 1945-1950
This one would require even more modding than the above to add techs, nukes, and plausible victory conditions to make it interesting. For a Cold War map a north pole centric map could be best.

The 1000AD scenario was the best that came with vanilla Civ4, I'd hope something as awesome was made with Civ5.

Also I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of antique scenarios, but I'm not as interested in those.
I'm thinking about doing a Rise of Rome, or perhaps remaking the American Civil War mod, maybe even something else, I'm not completely sold yet.
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