Science or luxuries?


Feb 7, 2002
This may have already been discussed, but I have seen mention that some people keep their Science Levels at or near 0%. :confused: Is this true? If so, why?

I have always thought it was to your advantage to stay one up on the other civs when it comes to tech advances. How do you keep up with technology if you aren't researching it yourself?

Just a relative Civ newbie searching for tips! :)
It is called tech trading and the best known strategy (well probably combined with the whip) to survive at the higher diff. levels.

So put that science slider to 0% and get the cash coming in. Check regularly if a new tech has been discovered and GET it (if not a rip off). Then immediately sell it to the highest bidder, the 2nd, 3rd etc. They will go bankrupt while doing all the science for you. :D :D :D

They are trading between themselves anyway.

That is the core concept, and you'll have to add some refinements to use it to its full extend. Like, at some point in time you're better of doing the science yourself if you have everything in place.

Good luck!
Ahhhhhh! {insert light bulb of understanding here} Gotcha.

Clarifying a couple of points though.

1) When you say "Check regularly if a new tech has been discovered and GET it", do you mean every turn check the most scientifically advanced civ's diplomacy window? Or is there an easier way to check for recently discovered techs?

I like the idea of buying a tech from one civ and then making yourself the technology's middle-man by selling it to the rest! :D

2) Will my firewall let me view a reply that tells me what "the whip" method involves? :eek:
OK newbie, here we go!

One of the most desired items in the III expansion pack is an EASY way to check other civs devs. So before that one comes available at EOT press F4 and check each Civ if they were so smart to develop some for ya. Yep, you got to start talking to them. In the long run they give a sjit you talk to them and do nothing so what the heck. If you find some start trading for best price, you will probably loose some on the single trade, but over time you will be on par easily. And you will learn to know your suppliers and clients as well! When tanks come in view you should be prepared to do your own dev.

Whip means you sacrifice citizens for production, that way a city with 3 pop and 1 shield can produce a 80 res. unit/improvement in 4 turns. Works on despo and monarchy. Is tedious with a lot of cities btw.

Please check the strat page for details on the whip, a lot of oxygen and electricity has been spend on this one.

Good luck!
I find that on all but diety level by the time you get near the more important tech discoveries (cavalry and tanks) the majority of the civs are too broke to research new tech or to buy tech from other AI. This means that its time for you to do the research yourself, and to get that much needed tech jump on the majority of the AI. On diety it seems like the AI always has money and always keeps up with research, so I usually find myself even on tech and never ahead, but this isn't a problem since I'm making money off gaining tech and they are losing it - that means I can put money into rush building more tanks then they can build and even though they have the same tech, I have a much stronger military. So it works out either way, you really don't NEED to have a tech lead as long as you are holding your even ground.
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