Scouting with missionairies.

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  1. Bluto_Longneck

    Bluto_Longneck Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2009
    I'm a good Monarch player and too bored trying Emp and above. I won games at Emp, but I'm so tired of the implemented bonusses for the AI. So I stick at Monarch, where the AI get's a little bonus only.

    I found out lately, that some AI's (almost) never trade worldmaps, especially at levels higher than Prince.

    So I found 2 alternative ways of snooping out his/her grounds, without failing and not to spend that expensive tech on it.

    You will likely found at least one religion, if you're looking for it. CoL is one and the other Philo of course, if you done the right thing with your science and scientists.

    So the opposition, except Toku, always give you open borders within turn zero to a few later. If you sell/give that leader a tech, you got the OB right away.

    Say if, you got Paper. some leaders give away all their knowledge of the map for pennies or very low-level techs. Others are harder to bargain with and here comes my plan into it's splendid execution. :lol:

    Like it's never been said before or what? :crazyeye:

    But I think it's a bit forgotten. So send a missionary or two over there and let them check out this CIV's cities and infrastructure. They may be in an other religious orientation, than what your missionary is about, but I hope you didn't really convert to anything yet!?

    So they roam the lands and after a while you know their map of their country.

    Here comes the chance to actually buying his/hers WM ery cheaply, he will often offer WM-WM. No good, in this instance give him Meditation or whatever low tech they're missing and you get all their scouting progress as well! Sometimes I give them a higher order tech, just to get the extra +2 or whatever for trading.

    Of course I could use spies, but I found that spies longevity on another landmass is not very long. So missionaries are gold, and at this time you focus your spypoints to this guy/girl. Id like Justinian or isabella, they often chose Theocracy, no spread of other religions.

    Now you gift the AI your scouting Missionairies and he will spread your religion for (I think) 100% certainty. As far as I know, my spreading religion this way never failed.
    *might be a bug, anyone*

    Soon your espionage will actually rise high enough, so you can actually see what the AI's cities are like, of course if they have "your" religion. Continue to gift more missionairies and you will see all of that AI's cities, at least for a few turns.

    Not a new tactic, I think, but I just felt to spread the word.

    Please accept my friendly envoy into your lands. :scan:
  2. shulec

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    May 28, 2006
    No longer Chicago :(
    I would assume it is just below 100%, since there is a random chance that any missionary can fail.

    Another scouting option is a great spy. I am pretty sure they can cross closed borders. Scout, then send him home for settling, SY or a Golden Age.

    You can also trade maps to get +1 naval movement by getting your map to show the whole world. Conversely, don't trade your map away too soon and give this reward to another civ.
  3. Dida

    Dida YHWH

    Sep 11, 2003
    can a great spy be killed by barbarians? if it can, then i would not risk using him to scout
  4. PPQ_Purple

    PPQ_Purple Techpriest Engineer

    Oct 11, 2008
    He can, but since you will be using him to scout someones territory, and you will probably have open borders, and he will probably have roads it is not such an issue.

    Thought the question was about missionaries.
  5. Kark

    Kark Mad berserker

    Jan 28, 2007
    Nidaros, Norway. Viking capital.
    No, he can't.
  6. Polobo

    Polobo Emperor

    Dec 27, 2007
    If you are going to get OB why not just send over an explorer (or scout); double movement/ignore terrain and all?

    Spies (great or otherwise) are good scouts for neutral territory and great spies are good anywhere. Their biggest advantage (in Terra scenarios) is that they can pop goody huts under a defender AND if they get an "uprising" result they are ignored.
  7. kochman

    kochman Deity

    Jun 8, 2009
    Use what you have...
    If you have an outdated unit that you don't want to spend the money to upgrade, scouting "friendly" territory is a great move.
  8. Bluto_Longneck

    Bluto_Longneck Chieftain

    Nov 1, 2009
    Great Spies are good if you have one, scouts and explorers are fast and nice as well.

    But I used missionaries in this game which was helpful, 60-70 gpt isn't bad with a shrine and while in FR, most nations was at least cautious/pleased with me. Just the normal complains about worst enemy and civics, a few bribes and everything was alright.

    Later religions can be a hammertrap, I'm sure the warmongers and such sneeze when they see articles like this. Wasting hammers on missionairies?! But for my level it works fine and when the spy-points allocated kicks in, I can deal with most things, even a runaway Shaka.

    On the same point, I played Gandhi on a Large map once, founded 6 religions and got something like 700gpt from my shrines, before I launched my spaceship. It was a "waste" of hammers here and there, but luckily on that map Mansa and Willem spread my religions all over the place, saving me more missionairies than I could count. FR is a nice civic. :)

    But if had been Issy and someone else like her, it would've cost me so much more.

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