Scrambled South Pacific [GS+RF+NFP+LP]

Scrambled South Pacific [GS+RF+NFP+LP] 9.1


May 9, 2016
Leeds, UK
blackbutterfly submitted a new resource:

Scrambled South Pacific [GS+RF+NFP] - An internally randomised map script of the South Pacific

A randomized map script of the South Pacific ocean that originally spaned the tip of North America to Australia, including the islands of Hawaii, Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands, Tonga and the tip of New Zealand.

Now the map area has been cropped to a size of 128x80 as maps larger than that are unplayable with the latest patches for Civ VI.

Even though it is a huge map it is mostly water, so play with map size Small or Tiny.

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Regardless, you will find desert in Scrambled South Pacific. Just no tundra and snow.
But, perhaps adding the Heard and McDougal islands will give tundra some representation. :p
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