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Search by Likes Option?

Dec 11, 2022
Can we have an option to search those posts which we've reacted to with a Like?

That's an interesting idea. Of course some people drop so many 'likes' that they'd essentially get the entire thread/subforum as results!
TrekBBS is upgrading its XenForo next month (the tech admin there is good about giving us lots of advance warning of upgrades, in case there are things we want to save and we're being warned to make sure we have our email addresses up to date and we remember our passwords). I have no idea what might change, but if they get any new features that we don't have that are neat or interesting, I'll mention them.
The two forums aren't identical in what features they have. For one thing, TrekBBS doesn't have the feature where you can bookmark individual posts. I'm hoping this upgrade will include that, because it would be tremendously useful.
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