Second Forbidden Palace


Nov 7, 2001
I gotta know, once and for all. Can I add a second forbidden palace? Will it work? Will the AI know how to use it?

When you've already got one huge continent and your capitol and forbidden palace are on opposite sides, it sure would be nice to be able to build one on your enemies continent once you've taken it over too!


Sthlm, SWE
Dec 29, 2001
I haven't tried it, but everyone says it would work.

I have got som ideas for additional Forbidden Palaces:

The Sacred City - requires a Shrine (new resource) within city radius. Rather cheap.

The House of Nobles - requires Chivalry and a victorious Army.


LWC Master
Nov 2, 2001
In the LWC Mod I've added National Bank, National Constitution, Computerized Oversight, and AI Governing Prototype, all of which act like the Forbidden Palace.

And they all seem to work just like the Forbidden Palace in my games, and I've yet to have a single complaint about them.

Everyone seems to like them :)
Nov 27, 2001
Denver CO, United States of America
Yes. To build a second forbidden palace you must do a few things.

-Click Rename in the Improvements/Wonders Tab.
-Click Cancel in the Rename pop up.
-Now press a for add, or d for delete
-After pressing A, call the Second Forbidden Palace whatever you want to call it.
-Now make it a Small Wonder by clicking its button.
-A menu should now be open to be used in the bottom right hand of your screen.
-Check the box that says Reduce Corruption in the Small Wonder Menu.
-You should note that theres a Reduce Corruption box in the Improvement menu too. You don't need to check this for it to react like the Forbidden Palace, you just need to check the box in the Small Wonder Menu.

-Now you will have to add entries into your PediaIcons.txt and Civilopedia.txt but this can all be learned in the Tutorials/Refrence Guides Forum here ----->

There is also another excellent tutorial in Mizaqs Mod for the MultiTool challenged. It includes a scenario that has a lot of empty units/improvements/techs you can modify to become whatever you want. I didn't use the scenario but the Readme is very well written to extract the info you want on a timely basis. You can find it here --->

Hope this explains it all for you
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