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Seeing more than you're saying, or The music in your head

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Hygro, May 6, 2020.

  1. Hygro

    Hygro soundcloud.com/hygro/

    Dec 1, 2002
    Everyone I know has recognized, thought through, and, at the very least, been more triggered than whatever they were able to communicate about that excitation that was in their head.

    We all do this.

    What I wonder is, how much, and how variable is it? A lot of the intelligent things I've said as an adult are things I simply couldn't articulate as a kid but still could think of and understand. Sometimes someone does something and you're taken aback and you're just quiet, and you get it, but you can't address it in the moment. This phenomenon it's super obvious any time you try to speak in a new language.

    I believe this idea translates to other areas of human cognition. Almost everyone I know has original music in their head, at least once in a while. You play a real time strategy like Starcraft and you know what you could be doing, what smart moves to take, and what tactical decisions are mistakes before you can stop yourself from following through.

    So it makes me wonder. How much is this just a life of accessing the intelligence we already have, manifesting it?

    And then scarier/cooler, if we're all so talented on the inside, people who say do things that are much dumber than your smartest thoughts, but much smarter than your smartest manifestations, are these people just better at articulating themselves, or are they in the same ratio as you, just that much greater? Or what if their expertise and intelligence unleashes so much more intelligence locked away that the people producing greater works, even if these works are obviously stupid in comparison to your greatest thoughts, are tortured (or happy entertained) souls with a much vaster universe up in there?
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  2. Farm Boy

    Farm Boy The trees are actually quite lovely.

    Sep 8, 2010
    Not to circle jerk with your music thought too hard, but 2:30 - 2:45 hit my brain earlier today.

    I do love Kristin Chenoweth's voice. It's so clear it cuts through better. Sarah Brightman...oooh, all sorts of mind/ear ga... nm...

    Edit: but no, seriously. Doing stuff like target practice on a rifle range. You may learn something that improves you over a long period of time while you are stressing about details in the moment of sighting a shot. A life and death moment when not practicing, no joke, with something you are more effective at killing the better you understand its mentality*...but... Long term improvement aside, if you've practiced some already, if you understand the basics at play - you will shoot better the less you think, the less "minds" you have distracting you. If you've practiced, your brain knows better than you do: you'll feel the wind, you'll see the distance, you'll track the movement, and you'll feel the follow through of the swing. Rhythm'd processes exist both in space and time - short percussive bursts of power, long term loving plans, hateful manifestos, gentle constant rains, and moments of empathy, those all do too.

    *I'm going to listen to the vets and decide it's the same with snipers and people who kill birds in this fashion, not to diminish the difference between a man and a bird or their cost to a rifleman. Not that it matters to the man or bird.
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  3. Ferocitus

    Ferocitus Deity

    Aug 7, 2016
    Adelaide, South Australia
    Brains can be "wired" in many different ways.
    Some people might have "original music in their head" that many of us could not appreciate in the same way. :)
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  4. aimeeandbeatles

    aimeeandbeatles watermelon

    Apr 5, 2007
    In general, I think in pictures instead of words. Sometimes it's hard trying to get these thought-pictures into language. (Sometimes it completely falls apart and I start posting gibberish.)

    So of course I decide to take up writing as a hobby.
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  5. Narz

    Narz keeping it real

    Jun 1, 2002
    St. Petersburg, Florida
    Training is underrated, I think success has very little to do w talent or beautiful mind stuff and more to do w systematicly watering good mind plants and ignoring the weeds.

    Pretty thoughts and "wouldn't it be cool"s are a dime a dozen. The money's in the execution

    And execution comes down to drive, I think some folks just don't have strong drives and the ones that do either do well or if the drives are pushing them in many divergent directions then they kill themselves either slowly or fast
  6. Terxpahseyton

    Terxpahseyton King, Warrior, Prophet, Magician, Lover

    Sep 9, 2006
    Emotions and intelligence are tightly linked when you look at how the brain actually processes information. And with good reason! To illustrate: Einstein wasn't such a revolutionary scientist because he was so good in logical thinking - though of course he was - but because he also felt that stuff, because he had hunches and passion, because his feels and his imagination fueled his intellect. And that goes for every mental endeavor. High performance rests on your cold hard logic and your vibrant emotions to cooperate in the best way possible.
    To understand this: Imagine rationality as a really accurate but also really slow computer. It pins things down, makes your line of thought transparent and clear, but it is also clunky and slow and very limited in its perspective. On the other hand, imagine your emotions/dreams/hunches etc as a high performance computer - it got power like hell, is multi-threading like crazy, but that power makes it also way harder to control, way less secure and predictable, makes the martian of error a lot higher, and it will certainly also mislead you, often enough gravely mislead you.
    What I am trying to drive home here is that emotions are integrally integrated into any human effort to make sense of the world. Because sense means meaning. And meaning is always emotional and strikes down at the very core of you as a living being (rather than a purely rational machine), making it impossible to exhaustively articulate it, capture it, pin it down to something 100% clear (which would make it dead and not the core of a living being). And at the bottom line, I'd say, rightfully so. It just allows for a much greater net performance given the same set of resources. You want and need that emotional/not entirely graspable input. Because it makes you perform better and it just is what you are, and it would be a fool's game to try to not be a living fluid being.
    Moreover, since we talk of music, music pretty much is distilled meaning. And since being human kinda means being full of meaning, we react so profoundly and mindlessly to music. Because it is such pure meaning - "uncorrupted" by some kind of legitimacy but just raw meaningless meaning, if you get my drift - that there is no real escaping its grasp. So naturally, of course, your head kinda must be full of potential melodies only waiting to be unearthed. Because being human means being full of potential meaning waiting to be brought to live.

    However, equally, it will be a fool's game to try to seek refuge in your emotions / imaginations etc. If you do that, you just descend into neurotic chaos and that is not a place you want to be in. Trust your gut feeling, but do not trust it blindly, because your gut feeling does not really know future or past, it does not balance things out, it mostly just knows the moment and will whisper a lot things into your ear which may satisfy you in the short-term but can make the long-term hell. Rather try to reflect on your gut feeling, listen to it, but reflect it, and stay your own master.
    Yeah well... I kinda agree with your whole point but would like to further differentiate it.
    Practice, to systematically work towards a goal etc is key. I agree with that. But I have a bit of a problem how you reduce the other side of the coin to "drive". Methinks there is certainly more to it than repeating something and being willing to repeat it. Some people tend to think more complex than others, some tend to think more steps ahead, or think in a greater scope, not just because they have drive or because they have practiced it but also because they are wired that way. Humans are different. I mean we know that humans have a wide array of physiological differences. That stops at the brain? No, why would it? That makes no sense. But differentiation makes sense. Humans filling different niches within a group makes sense.
    However, I think, the more is going on inside your head, the more you tend to think in novel ways, the bigger your perspective tends to be, the more order and clarity is necessary to counterbalance that. Or, like you described it, you just descend into chaos and just kill yourself and everything you touch.
    To use my high-performance-machine metaphor: The more powerful this machine, the better your rational and sober and structured side needs to tame it with good-old fashioned discipline and order. And from that routine and practice will spring.
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