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seeking advice or comments


Apr 19, 2005
Im new to the forum here and dont post that much, but I read a lot of what people write here--I tried to put the game save file here, in the hopes of getting some opinions, but I dont know what Im doing. The attachment deal said the file is too big (its 614 mb and it says the max is 500mb)

Its a huge pangea, 70% water, demi god game with all 15 AI slots being used, its turn 237 I think--is all that what makes the file too big?

Is there something I can do to make the file smaller?
You mean kilobytes, not megabytes, right? A 614 megabyte save would be huge....

In any event, you could upload it to the uploads server via the 'Upload File' link found near the bottom of the page. It has different quotas then attachements. Then you link to the file in your post.
True that a game saved via cntrl -S will be much smaller than an auotsave, but 500MB it won't be. A very large save would be 5-6 MB. Having a huge map with 16 civs will make saves larger than smaller maps.

Zipping will gain very little, maybe 10% or so, not that much. I would think you could manually save it and be under 2mb.

I just looked at a save I downloaded form here for a huge DG with 16 civs and it is in the 950KB range.

heck, like I said, I really dont know what Im doing and this is the best I can do following your advice--advice I am grateful for by the way.

If anyone would like to look at the game (it is a manual save), and give their opinions Id sure appreciate it.

I myself think that I let greece get too far away for me to win this one easily--I feel the game is at a crucial turning point where a set of huge decisions needs to be made--specifically whether to stay conservative and wipe out russia, or go for broke and spend all my gold on alliances against greece until it is wrecked.

All the default rules are in play, Im about half an age behind the tech leaders, but feel I managed the AI's reasonably well (except for greece), no one has infantry yet that I know of, a cultural defeat has been staved off for now (I got sumeria destroyed), but Im thinkin I need to deal with the tech leaders (greece, babylon, carthage, probably in that order).

Egypt is reasonably powerful, and restless. Theres a nice egyptian stack of cav in that annoying wander mode, picking at russia here and there (they are at war), I gave egypt a rop hoping to funnel her cav into egypt but shes not biting and probably needs an offical alliance with lux from me to really dig in. (Im not at war with russia at the moment)

Russia is not going anywhere anytime soon, they got land but thats about it.

England is in my back pocket, and trapped on a crappy penninsula.

The mayans have a big army, but its all knights with a few cav showing up here and there--Im on par tech wise with them (thinkin of using them as a human shield against the tech leaders.)

I hope the link works, and again, I appreciate any comments.
I can say the load works, but I have to leave for lunch and only peeked at the save. I wondered if you got all those optional techs by trades or did you research some? Nav, Econ, PP and Music are not worth researching when you are behind. You won't be getting the wonders without a nice prebuild, so race for Steam.
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