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Apr 22, 2003
I recently started a PBEM with the Sengoku conquest. When I saw the poor asian cities, I thought that a Shogun like me must have a proper castle. So I took the winter palace from the DyP mod and...


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There are other additions, some taken from the beautiful chinese cities made by Ogedei the Mad. The terrainbuilding graphic has several modifications too.


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Stunning! Simply awesome work! :eek: :goodjob:
Very nice indeed.
I'm tempted to use these, but I think the industrial-style city graphics in the final age would look a bit out of place in Sengoku Japan....

Then again, I can barely stand the Sengoku scenario anyway, due to the absolutely perversely horrid historical inaccuracy and otherwise stupidity of the tech tree. Don't you have to research pottery? Did the developers realize that JAPAN IS HOME TO THE OLDEST POTTERY IN THE WORLD?! Starting c. 10,000 BC, in fact. Researching it in 1450 makes no sense.... Okay, I'm done ranting. :D

Oh, well this is my 200th post, so I guess I had to do something special :mischief:

I'll have to actually get around to modding the damn Sengoku scen. sometime....
nice work, :goodjob:

I'll have to check into the graphic modpacks threads more often
R8XFT said:
Any thoughts about doing any other cities?

Well, I've been thinking about that, but first I would need some kind of paid holidays :(
spunky as eva.

Nies, what wage u on? i think we need to arrange a holiday for you :)
Very nice Niessuh, your work is always top class! :)
Any replacement of Firaxis's horrid "Asian" city graphics is a welcome addition. The "shoji" paper sliding doors on the houses are a nice touch. :goodjob:

Nice to see my pagodas stuck in there too. :king:

By the way, Reno, I've already made new Chinese city graphics quite a while back. It's in my sig, if you're interested. :)
Hey, with the addition of some trees (easy enough for me to do), those would be perfect for the FF mod! Thanks!
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