September Civ3 and CIV GOTM Saves are now Available!


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It's September 1st - the next GOTM's are now out.

In the Civ3 competition, COTM40 will pit you against the world as America. You will need to play in Civ3 Conquests with the last patch (1.22), but no other mods are required.

Civilization: America
Rivals: 7 pre-selected.
Barbarians: Restless
Difficulty: Monarch
Land Form: Continents, 70% ocean, Standard map.
Geology:4 billion years old, Normal and Temperate.
AI Aggression: Varies by class :)

>> Visit the pre-game discussion thread
>> Go download the starting saves

Looking ahead, our mid-month Civ3 PTW Game will be our quarterly 'special' - a large Deity game playing as ... well, it's a little secret :mischief:

In the Civ4 competition, GOTM22 will be played as Rome with Julius Caesar in charge. You must play with in Vanilla CIV with the latest patch (1.74) and the lastest HOF mod (1.74.001). For more fun, the Always War option is on!

Game settings:
Civilization: Rome (Leader: Julius Caesar; Traits: Expansive, Organized)
Rivals: 8
Difficulty: Monarch
Map: Pangea
Mapsize: Standard
Climate: Rocky
Water level: Low
Starting Era: Ancient
Speed: Epic
Options: Raging Barbs, Always War
Victory Conditions: all enabled

>> Read the pre-game strategy discussion
>> Go download the starting saves

Good luck everyone!
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