September Update Thread

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Jun 20, 2004
Terra Map Hype
Also looks at video twice and breaths a sigh of relief that there are no new geographic features
I usually play with lots of water so yay coastal city update!
I'm really excited for this patch. While I still expect coastal to be a bit weaker, there are lots of solid changes here.
I’ve been on a bit of a Civ hiatus (mostly thanks to Fire Emblem on the Switch), but I’ll need to make an effort to finish my Ottoman conquest game before this patch drops.

Looks pretty good, nice to see Admirals get a hefty buff. Some very nice looking maps too, and ones I’m likely to actually play, particularly Continents & Islands and Terra. Shifted axis seems like a fun way to shake things up too.
Ahh, that's what I wanted to say. Mausoleum was already a strong wonder, but now it's THE wonder for your most significant coastal city.
Well, the timing of that was unexpected.

I'm happy Coastal Cities are getting buffed. I'm interested to see how they play out. Buffing Coastal Wonders is a good idea (hopefully Great Lighthouse and Colossus, 'cause they are very weak). Buffing Admirals is a very pleasant surprise.

The new maps sound just fantastic. Continents + Islands was exactly what I was looking for, but all the other maps look great as well.

The other changes all look good.

... although, it does feel a little bit like some changes might again "flatten" out the game, a bit like how Lumbermills in the last patch became better but also a bit less interesting once they lost their river bonus (or, more accurately, got their river bonus everywhere). ... Giving Campuses adjacencies for Reefs means it's now easier to build Campuses everywhere, maybe making playing the map with them less fun. ... But, you know, maybe I'm wrong and it'll be totes fine. ... I mean, it's not like you're going to get +6 or +8 Campuses from Reefs ... Guess we'll see how that kind of stuff pans out... I'm not really all that worried.

Anyway. Based on the last few patches, I'm guessing they'll be even more stuff when the next patch drops. But yeah, all looking very good. It's been a very, very big year for Civ VI.
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