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Serps Multiplayer Modpack Improved Gameplay

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Modpacks' started by Serp, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    V20 beta see here:

    Serps Multiplayer Modpack Improved Gameplay v19b

    MPMPM Thread (how to make a modpack an other modpacks):

    The aim is to not change gameplay, but improve it! That means there are alot of great mods out there. But some of them would unbalance the game, so I only use balanced mods or balance them myself with some changes.
    I translated most of the mods into german.
    And of course you can play it in english ;) You can play it in every other language, too. But all mod texts will be english.

    I included the EUI mod version 1.28e, without the CityStateDiploPupUp files! (I merged EUI with city state gifts mod and the files are in the second mod now).
    The following mod versions only works with EUI (if you plan to use some mods without EUI):
    UI-Expansion, City States Gifts and Various components dll.
    Original EUI mod can be found here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=512263

    Also try the Communitas Map, it's great! (just download the map and copy paste it in Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Maps . Now you can also play it in multiplayer)

    http://forums.civfanatics.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=24039 v19b
    Changelog: https://forums.civfanatics.com/thre...improved-gameplay.548674/page-8#post-14736489
    Old Versions:

    Known Bugs:
    Trading with other human players is a little bugged because of whowards DLL mod. It can happen that you are not able to open the trade menu to another player. This is because the games thinks there is an unread trade. If this happens all players should check their trade menus to each payer, if there is a trade request and click "abort".
    If you want this bug fixed, please post at whowards thread, cause it seems he does not care to fix this bug: http://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/dll-various-mod-components.479600/page-93#post-14433501
    2) the automate pathfinding does not recognize that helicopters and sky fortress can fly over ocean.
    3) The longer the game lasts, the longer the "next-turn" duration could get. At least in multiplayer sometimes it takes 1-2 minutes! As far as I know, the EUI mod is to blame and I'm not able to fix this, since it should not affect gameplay.. but it does.

    Simply unpack the zip file with 7zip/winrar or simular and copy paste the result into Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization V\Assets\DLC .
    You don't need EUI mod, since it is included in this pack.
    Only one modpack can be active at once! All mods from it will be active every game, until you uninstall it.
    To uninstall it, you have to remove the modpack folder again.
    If you have problems with "too long directory", try to shorten the name of my modpack, e.g to "MP".

    Game "Lite Version"
    If you only want to play with modpacks, but the game takes too long to load (from double click icon to the first menu), then you could try to make your game a "Lite version". After that the game will load ~ 3 times faster. You can see how I did it here: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=14358586#post14358586
    Of course you can't play without a MPMPM-modpack and you can't create new modpacks with this Lite version. So keep your original files ;)

    Now a list what my modpack contains, with a short description and in some cases my changes. I took about half of the mods from the great collection from whoward: http://www.picknmixmods.com/main/home/home.html
    • (BNW) Leugi's Barbarian Immersion Enhancements (v 1):
      Desc: Harder and smarter Barbarian with some special promos depending on the age and sometimes barbarian Generals in their camp.
      Settings: settings_BarbarianNames = 0, settings_BarbarianChangeAll = 0, settings_BarbarianPromos = 1, settings_BarbarianGenerals = 1, settings_BarbarianUnhappiness = 1, settings_BarbarianEvents = 0
      My Changes: Fixed a bug (IsHasPromotion). You can gain up to 150 XP via fighting barbarian. Finishing Honor gives +50% against barbarian. Barb camps gives 10% defense. Overhaul of barbarian promotions, I think they are much more balanced now.(e.g. removed IgnoreTerrainCosts from all promos and added a "HPHealedIfDestroyEnemy" from 5 to 20. Thanks to the Flagpromotion mod, you can see the promotions with description as soon barbarian have the promotion). Increased the total amount of barbarian camps at once in the world, by changing "FogTilesPerBarbarianCamp". Barbarian generals will spawn not before the average age of all players is classic or higher (that way the barbarian are not that heavy during the first exploration). Reduced the possibility of spawning barbarian generals from 1/40 to 1/90 per camp. You are notified when barbarians upgrade and when you killed a general.
    • AI - Warmonger Adjustment (v1):
      Desc: Adjustments to the warmonger threat received from capturing cities
    • Buildings - Guilds Great Work Displays (v 2):
      Desc: Adds three Great Work slots to each guild. To maximise the theming bonus the slots must be filled with Great Works from consecutive eras
    • Buildings - Storage Yard and Stockpile (v 1):
      Desc: A stockpile is a reserve of building materials (production) that can be used to jump-start the city's next building project.
    • Buildings - Upgrade System (v 12):
      Desc: Most basic buildings in town can be upgraded, which will increase the gain +50%, but costs +100% maintance.
    • Convenient start (v 2):
      Desc: The starting settlers have additional movement points, ignore terrain costs and have Air Recon promotion (you can see all tiles at a radius from 6 tiles around your starting point). This way you have more options when choosing your starting point. The supersettler is converted to a normal settler after the first turn. This an improved version from Speedy starting settler, improved by manekk, to make it compatible new civilizations.
      My Changes: Increased movement from 4 to 5.
    • Diplomacy - Auto-Denounce (v 1):
      Desc: Human players will auto-denounce AI players before going to war with them
    • DLL - Various Mod Components (v 73):
      Desc: Whowards mod components, to play with all his awesome mods/bugfixes with one single dll.
      My Changes: Deleted YieldIconManager to make it compatible to EUI.
    • Faster Aircraft Animations (v 3):
      Desc: like the name says ^^
    • Fortress Borders Overhaul! Outposts (v 7):
      Desc: You can build the improvement Outposts outside of your borders, which spawns cultural borders around them. That way you can improve ressources, upgrade units and so on far away from your cities! The Outpost costs 5 Gold to maintain and does not get control about tiles in radius 3 to any city. Also the Outpost can be captured by enemy units. If so the land also goes over to the enemy. A unit must be stationed on the outpost tile. If more than 5 turns no unit is stationed, the land will go back to nature. The Outpost provides +35% defense. KI does not build an outpost.
    • Gibraltar, Reef, and Krakatoa Fixes (v 101):
      Desc: Better placement from these Natural wonders on maps.
      My Changes: Fixed a bug in lua (line 258, extraplot could be nil). Because of the bug, several DLC maps like Australia and more had no luxuries.
    • Global - 2 Units Per Fort (v 1):
      Desc: Two Units at once can be in one Fort!
    • Global - 3 Units Per City (v 1):
      Desc: Two Units at once can be in one City! (yes only two, not three ;) )
    • Global - City Bombard Range (v 2):
      Desc: The city bombard range depends on your age. In the first age it is just 1tile. 2tiles with mathematics. Indirect fire with gunpowder. 3tiles with dynamite. Now also mentioned in descirption of these techs.
    • Global - City Forest Bonus (v 3):
      Desc: Give initial production boost for cities founded on forests, as if the forest had been chopped down by a worker (so in the beginning it could help to found the city on a forrest ;) )
    • Global - City States Gifts (v 4):
      Desc: While discovering a new city state, they will give you a gift of gold (mercantile), food (maritime), culture (cultural), faith (religious) or (possibly) a unit (militaristic). In addition to the specific gift a friendship boost is also given - city states are sociable, they like meeting great nations! The first team to meet a city state gets more than subsequent ones, and the leader of the team gets more than the other team members. Now you also get a notification in MP what the gift was.
      My Changes: Made it compatible to EUI mod (merged CityDiploPopUp files)
    • Global - City Working Distance (v 7):
      Desc: The cities can now work at up to 5 tiles away from the city and you can also buy these tiles with gold!
      Settings: To work on 4 tiles you have to research Civil Service. To work on 5 tiles you have to research Railroad.
    • Global - Commander Influence Borders (v 1):
      Desc: You can see the Influence of Genreal and Admiral.
    • Global - CS Liberate After Buyout (v 1):
      Desc: City States can be liberated after being married into the Austrian Empire or assimilated bt Venice
    • Global - CS Raze Rarely (v 2):
      Desc: City States will only raze captured cities if it will make them very unhappy (happiness less than -10) as opposed to just unhappy (happiness less than 0)
    • Global - GA Happiness (v 1):
      Desc: During a Golden Age, any excess happiness continues to accumulate towards the next Golden Age
    • Global - Grateful Settlers (v 2):
      Desc: Other player's settlers captured from Barbarians will sometimes remain as settlers and not convert to workers. The chance depends on the relationship between the original civ and the capturing civ and the popularity difference between the two civs
    • Global - City Jungle Bonus (v 1):
      Desc: Give initial production boost for cities founded on jungle, as if the jungle had been chopped down by a worker
    • Global - Local Generals (v 2):
      Desc: Great Generals and Admirals gained from combat experience spawn in the war-zone and not in a distant city
    • Global - National Wonders Exclude Razing (v 1):
      Desc: National Wonders (NW) requiring a building in every city exclude those being razed (in addition to excluding puppets)
    • Global - Naval Nearest Water (v 2):
      Desc: Fixes the problem where the naval units jump to the nearest city and not the nearest available water plot
    • Global - No Conquered Spaceships (v 2):
      Desc: Capturing a capital will destroy any parts of a partially assembled spaceship. Parts in transit are not affected.
    • Global - No Followup From Cities (v 3):
      Desc: Units attacking from a fortified position (cities, citadels and forts) will not follow-up into the hex if they kill the defender, but they will remain within their walls.
    • Global - Passable Forts (v 3):
      Desc: Ships may enter forts/citadels. Now also trade Routes use this way if possible.
      Settings: Only Forts/Citadels next to a coast tile are passable.
    • Global - Pro-rata Buildings Purchase (v 2):
      Desc: Partially constructed buildings in a city can be rush bought for a discount
    • Global - Religious Settlers (v 1):
      Desc: Settlers (and other units capable of founding a city) from a city with one or more religions will take a random religion with them. When the new city if founded it will fully adopt that religion. If the "Global - Grateful Settlers" mod is active, if the re-captured settlers are of the religion founded by the liberator, there is a greater chance they will remain a settler unit.
    • Global - Remove Ghost Routes (v 2) (v 1):
      Desc: Permits workers to remove routes in no-mans-land originally built by a now dead player
    • Global - Spice Islands (v 1):
      Desc: Changes Indonesia's trait such that the bonus luxuries appear around the city as workable resources, instead of under it.
    • Global - Truly Free Great People (v 1):
      Desc: Great People from policies, traits, buildings, etc, do NOT increase the cost of earnt GPs
    • Global - Venice Keeps Resources (v 1)
      Desc: Mercantile City States acquired via a Merchant of Venice do not lose their unique resources
    • Goody Huts - No Auto-Mapping (v 3):
      Desc: Removes maps and barbarian camps from automatic goody hut outcomes, units that can pick their goody hut outcome may still choose a map.
      My Changes: Added a new promtion for the pathfinder shoshone and deleted the Goody hut choice promtion. With the new promotion the pathfinder finds some gold and culture in every ruin.
      Added small chance for new goody hut rewards. Now you can get the following:
      - Find Warrior, Scout, Archer or Worker in a goodyhut.
      - Find big gold amount, much experience or healing in goodyhut
      - find few or many barbarians in goodyhut (only non-scout units have chance to find them)
    • Goody Huts - Tech Refund (v 7):
      Desc: If a Goody Hut gives the currently being researched tech, transfers a percentage of the research lost to a tech dependant on the one discovered
    • Improvement - Airbases (v 12):
      Desc: Adds a buildable airbase improvement that permits up to three aircraft to be stationed on a tile, or five after radar is researched.
      My Changes: Barra and Lynnes merged the UnitFlagManager file with the one from Flagpromotions mod, so they do work together now! Thanks!
    • Improvement - Farm Replacement (v 1):
      Desc: Fixes a bug from farm improvement. This mod replaces the layout handler used for Farms with RANDOM and adds new, non-era specific, graphics for farms.
    • Improvement - Tunnel (v 5):
      Desc: Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) construct tunnels through mountains. Like workboats, once the tunnel is built the unit is consumed. Tunnels create a rail link across the tile and once the link is established ANY unit may traverse the mountain tile
    • Improvement Upgrades (v 1):
      Desc: Alot new improvements, that can be build over the old improvements, to further improve outputs E.g.: Enchanced Mine, En. Quarry, Fair Trade Plantation, Hunting Lodge, Ranch, Sawmill... They all can be build in the middle/late game.
      My Changes: It's a great mod! But unfortunately the original improvements from this mod were quite unbalanced and had some bugs. Therefore I did a overhaul from the most of the improvements. So now they are without bugs and much more balanced. I also added the new luxuries and some other ressources to the improvements.
    • Jungle Yields Mod (v 100):
      Desc: Lumbermill/Sawmill can be build on Jungle. And if you remove Jungle, the next city will gain a production boost. Ths mod makes the jungle more equal to the forest.
      My Changes: The mod removed the science boost from university+jungle. I deactivated this, so jungle can give science. I also gave the jungle the +2 food back. So the important changes are: Lumbermills and Sawmills are buildable at jungle and you get production boost when removing it.
    • Low Resolution Improvements (v 4):
      Desc: The file size of the improvements' art is reduced allowing the game to load them quicker which can reduce lag from many improvements without changing their appearance noticeably.
    • Maps - Random Goody Huts (v 6):
      Desc: Generate random goody huts on fixed maps (ie .Civ5map files, not map scripts)
    • More Luxuries (v 155):
      Desc: Adds new Luxuries: Amber, Lapis, Jade, Coffee, Olive, Perfume, Corall, Tabacco, Tea, Glas (Glas only from mercantile city states)
    • NaturalWonders - Equality (v 5):
      Desc: Changes Natural Wonders such that the combined Happiness, Food, Gold, Scrience, Productuon, Culture and Faith yield is eight
    • Policy - Free Warrior:
      Desc: Free combat unit with the Honor Policy (in much the same vein as you get a free Settler and Worker with Liberty policies)
      My Changes: Updated the texts to BNW and added in the txt the 50% finisher bonus from barbarian immersion mod.
    • Policy - Reveal Capitals (v 6):
      Desc: Patronage reveals City States and Commerce reveal Capitals of other civilizations. You will still have to trek to each location to meet the City State, but at least you will know where they are.
    • Promotions - AntiAir Specialisations (v 1):
      Desc: Replaces the land-attack Drill and Shock promotions for AA units with air-attack Interception and Flack promotions.
      My Changes: Renamed the tags to make it compatible to Flagpromotions mod and deactivated PromotionPrereq-changes to make it compatible to Promotion level system mod.
    • Promotions - Extra Cargo (v 5):
      Desc: Two promotions to increase cargo capacity (ie extra planes or missiles for Carriers, Cruisers and Subs)
    • Promotions - Level Promotions
      Desc: The choosable promotions no longer depend on the promotions chosen before. They depend only on the level of the unit! So normally you need drill 1,2 and 3 or shock 1,2 and 3 to be able to choose promotions like blitz (you are at least level 5 now, when you get blitz). If you choose shock 1+2 and drill1+2 you are not able to choose blitz, although you are level 6. With this mod you can choose blitz at level 5 regardless of the promotion you chosen before. The mod also adds some new interesting promotions. One of them is Nuke Immunity, which can be choosen at level 5 and after researching Satelites. Also promotions like indirect fire are now choosable!
    • Promotions - Jet Long Range Recon (v 3):
      Desc: Jet Fighters gain +2 reconnaissance range
    • Promotions - Terrain Crossing (v 3):
      Desc: Some new promotions like Alpine Corp, Arctic Corp, Ice Breaker, Ocean Explorer and Deep Water Embarkation. To make units to be able to walk over ice/mountains and so on.
      My Changes: Added a new Cross Mountain Promotion for Scouts only. You can choose it at level 3. Most other units can choose Cross Mountain at level 5. Deactivated Ice-Walk promotion, because it does not work. Made Icebreaker promotion choosable after researching Navigation. So all in all the mod does: You can choose Cross Mountain and Ice Breaker promotion. Helis get the Deep Water promotion automatically (Helis can fly over coast and embark at deep water).
    • Rebalanced warfare (v 2):
      Desc + my changes: Changes ranges and some starting promotions from units. I set the following: All Siege Units get the promotion Indirect fire(changed in v16), allowing them to shot over forest/hills/mountains. All siege units except the catapult (catapult still has 2) will have a range of 3! So now they are really powerful against cities. Gatling guns, machine guns and bazooka units have range 2 and reduced melee/range strength. Normally Infantry units would get the siege promotion with this mod, but since this would be much to powerful, I removed this.
    • Reforestation (v 8):
      Desc: You can plant a new forest with workers! In addition to that there is a small chance a forest ressource will appaer at this tile!
      My Changes: The chance of the appearance of a ressource depends now on the choosen game speed. Made it multiplayer compatible.
    • Religion - Beliefs Expansion Pack (v 25):
      Desc: Add approx. 90 beliefs, These beliefs are mostly an expand from existing beliefs for a wider choice for all beliefs type. For example: Vanilla belief gave (+1 Happiness from shrines), i expanded this belief and made 6 of them out of it with all a different ressource bonus (Culture, science etc..)
      My Changes: Added the new Luxuries Lapis, Amber and Jade to the Mine God. And added the new enchanced improvements to the improvement gods. Also added new pantheon beliefs for forested tiles. I translated everything to german and added some new beliefs: +1 culture from ressources (5 ressources in a set). + 1 Faith for ressources.
    • Religion - Fixed Pantheons (v 1):
      Desc: Increases the faith for a Pantheon to 20 (from 10) but removes the per-Pantheon increment (so all players get their Pantheon at 20 faith) [in my test games it's alway 13.. but it does not increase, so everything is fine]
    • Religion - Fixed Prophets (v 2):
      Desc: Removes the random element from how much faith is required for pre-Industrial era prophets
    • Religion - Improved Customization (v 15):
      Desc: This mod allow any civilization to choose a bonus belief to give you more choices when you found a new Religion. (Just like the Byzantine). Accordingly, Theodora's trait have changed to: 'All cities get a Free Shrine. Holy Sites provide 50% more Faith'
    • Resource - Granary Includes Bison (v 3):
      Desc: like title says.
    • Ressource - Mint Include Copper (v 2):
      Desc: like title says.
    • Strategic Buildings Pack (v 2)
      Desc: Adds 3 new buildings which require the strategic ressource horse or iron. Racing Course, School of Equestrian Art and Steel Mill. It also adds the need of 1 iron for the building Ironworks. In middle/late game, there is no use of these ressources anyore. These buildings give them something to do.
      My Changes: Added german translation.
    • Tech - Satellites Reveal Cities (v 9):
      Desc: Satellites reveal cities, making them targetable without line of sight.
    • Terrain - Brazilwood Camp Extension (v 3):
      Desc: This mod extend the ability to build the improvement : Brazilwood Camp, to every civilization. Accordingly, a unique building has been added to Brazil civilization: the 'Jesuit Church', wich replaces the Garden.
    • Terrain - Kasbah Extension (v 3):
      Desc: This mod extend the ability to build the improvement : Kasbah, to every civilization. Accordingly, a unique building has been added to Morocco civilization: 'The Riad', wich replaces the Garden.
    • Terrain - Polder Extension (v 3):
      Desc: This mod extend the ability to build the improvement : Polder, to every civilization. Accordingly, A Unique building has been added to Netherland civilization: The 'Polder Mill' wich replaces the Windmill.
    • Terrain - Pontoon Bridge (v 3):
      Desc: A pontoon bridge permits land units to cross small, shallow bodies of water. Can be build be an embarking worker, which is consumed building it. Can only be build on water with at least 2 land tiles around it. Also traderoutes will use this.
      My Changes: Lowered some restrictions from the KI. They should be allowed to build it also in 1 water tiles and ones surrounded by 4 landtiles.
    • Terrain - Poor Tiles Tweak (v 2):
      Desc: This mod gives a minor base yields and unlock some worker improvements possibilities for poor or useless terrains like snow and desert. Removing the irritating penalty of having tiles that cannot be worked by the city within the city range and making Nordic or 'Oasisless/floodplainless' Desertic cities a little more viable.
    • Thal´s FlagPromotions:
      Desc: This great mod adds small symbols of the promotions from the units over their flag. If you hover over them you can read which promotions the unit has. This is really helpful in case of foreign units! Also the promotions shown are condensed, so you just see one symbol, if the unit has drill 1,2 and 3 but get an infotext which shows all three promotions! The original version of this mod is part of Thal's Communitas modpack. Barra managed it, to make a standalone version. Also thanks to Lynnes for his help.
      My Changes: I added all the new promotions from barbarian immersion, Promotion level system and other new promotions.
    • UI - City Expansion (v 14) Serp v2:
      Desc: With this mod you can choose which city tile you get, when a city expands -> You can buy the next best tiles for free or another tile for half of the price!
      My Changes: I added a new building to it, Border Management. If you don't have this building in a town, you get the next best tile automatically (without notification). If you have this building in your town, you can choose the new tile like described above. So with my feature you can choose for every city if you want the tiles automatically or manually.
    • UI - Destination (v 3)
      Desc: When you send a unit to a tile far away, you sometimes forget about where you sent your unit some turns before. With this mod the "move-to" tile is highlighted when selecting a unit with "move-to" command.
      My Changes: Fixed a small bug. Deactivated the LookAt command (so your screen does not move to the tile). Added a light highlighting, so you see the tile much better.
    • UI - Great Work Manager (v 14)
      Desc: Adds a Great Work Manager to the right top of the screen. For a "How To" click the link from this mod.
    • UI - Trade Routes Enhancements (v 6):
      Desc: Adds * View/Recall/End option to Trade Routes Overview (CTRL+click) * Reduces city entry size when re-homing a trade unit * Display destination cities in the tooltip when rehoming. Domestic trade routes (shipping food/prod) can be cancelled immediately (ie don't send any more stuff). International trade routes (gold) can be recalled, and will end when the trade unit reaches its home city. I deactivated Recall in Multiplayer!
    • UI - Wonder Planner (v 14):
      Desc: Lists World Wonders that can still be built. The list can be limited to a maximum era and sorted by number of technologies required to be researched before the wonder can be built and also by "focus" (culture, scrience, defense, gold, food, etc).
    • Unique Policy Buildings (v 4):
      Desc: This mod adds a unique building unlocked by each policy tree. Each building is unlocked by the policy opener. (More info see steam workshop)
      MyChanges: Deactivated the txt changes, so you won't see in policy texts, which building you will get. I did this, because several other mods also changes these texts and would override eachother. I think these texts are not that important.
    • Units - Cheap Workboats (v 2):
      Desc: One Worker (cost 70 hammers) can build/repair an unlimited number of improvements, but one Work Boat (cost 50 hammers) can build/repair only one. This mod reduce costs of Workboats.
    • Units - Colonists and Pioneers (v 2):
      Desc: Adds the Pioneer and the Colonist: Midgame and lategame settlers that founds cities with additional population, territory and buildings. turn into a workers upon founding a city. Unlocks at Compass and biology. Spanish conquistadors found cities like Pioneers.
      MyChanges: Added german translation. Added "CaptureWhileEmbarked", but seems this does not work.
    • Units - Mech Infantry (v 9):
      Desc: Mech Infantry - Power Suits for the Modern Infantry Man
    • Units - Population (v 7):
      Desc: Refugees from captured cities that are being razed. Units spawn at random from captured cities that are being razed and represent the displaced population that are willing to settle elsewhere in the new empire. Move the unit to a new city and garrison it to add the unit to the population of that city.

    A big Thanks to all the modders who created these and other fantastic mods!
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2021
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  2. Barra

    Barra Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2014
    Wanna test it out, so if you are looking for a match just send me a pm :)

    Dont know about the indirect fire promos right from start for ALL siege units, especially with the possibility to have 2 units in the city, seams overpowered and you loose some tactical fun by arranging and timing the siege units ?!
  3. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    Thanks for you criticism :)

    The reason behind it was that it seemed unlogic, that trebuchets an other siege can't shoot over forest/hill. That can be very frustrating.
    You can place 2 siege units at your town/forts to defend your town, so a town gets stronger. But at the same time the enemy is able to attack the town with more siege units at once, so I think it should balance the whole thing.

    I thought on the Game Age of Empires 2. Trebuchets can shoot over forest and the only ways to beat another trebuchet, are 1) send units out to kill them. 2) place trebuchets behind your walls and fire back.

    But I can understand your opinion...

    So how about a compromise:
    make the indirect fire promotion for siege units earlier avaible. Level 3, instead of level 5 ?
  4. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    Because I like the compromise I edited a override file from my modpack and will also use this changed version by myself :)

    Just replace the CIV5Units.xml in the Override folder from the modpack with this one:

    Then Catapults, Trebuchets and Canons do not get indirect fire as a free promotion from the start, but all siege units are able to choose indirect fire at level 3 instead of level 5.
    But take care that all players in a game have to use the same version!

    I won't change the complete uploaded version.
  5. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    At the moment I'm working on v16, because I found several things I want to adjust.
    I think I will release it in ~2 days, if everything goes well.

    But on a sidenote:
    v15 takes at the moment alot of time to load, when you start the game. This is because of a small "bug" in my Fortress Borders Mod. It saves every single tile of the map. I fixed this by just saving one time a list with all tiles, instead of saving every single tile.

    So if you can't wait for v16, you can replace the Fortress_Borders.lua in my Fortress Borders mod with this file:
  6. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    Released v16 !

    Changelog from v15 to v16:
    - Updated UI-Expansion to the latest version http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13863323#post13863323
    - Updated Fortres Borders Overhaul to version 3: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=13862175#post13862175 (but no changes to citadels in this modpack!)
    - Rebalanced building time of the new improvements (just small adjustments to balance the new yields with the building time, so suburb need more time now)
    - Slightly reduced the chance from enhanced mine finding a new ressource.
    - The early siege units do not get free ind fire promotions. Instead I made the indirect fire promotion earlier avaible for them (level 3 instead of level 5)
    - Added some new beliefs to believe expansion pack: +1 culture from ressources (5 ressources in a set). + 1 Faith for ressources.
    - Changed Icons from promotions ignore terrain costs and disciplin.
    - Trading Company gives +1 Gold if next to river
    - Added some pseudo promotions to promotions level system. This way all promotions should be choosable at the same min level as they were in normal Civ (e.g. march was only choosable at level 5 for all units in v15. But in the base game Archers/Siege Units were able to choose it with level 4. So now we have 2 march promotions, one for archer/siege at level 4 and one at level 5 for the rest)
    - Siege Units are no longer able to choose promotion double move on hills/forest
    - fixed a typo in city-state screen.
    - added german translation for all new beliefs
  7. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    About 20 attempts to download v16, but nobody wrote here, that I uploaded the wrong link in downloadsection :D

    Now the correct link is uploaded ;)
  8. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    I think I found a small bug in UI - Trade Routes Enhancements.
    After recalling a Trade Route in Multiplayer, some turns later you get a loading screen and it is like you never recalled the Trade Route.

    So it unsyncs the game. Unfortunatly the script is very complicated and connected to the dll changes from whoward. So I don't think I can fix this.

    But I won't remove this mod from the modpack. You can use it in singleplayer without problems. Just don't use it in multiplayer.
  9. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
  10. zerix807

    zerix807 Chieftain

    Jun 25, 2015
    So I downloaded it and put it in my assets/DLC folder but it's not appearing in the DLC menu in the game. Am I missing something?
  11. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    Yes ;)

    This modpack is packed "like a DLC" but it is not a real DLC.
    Unfortunately you can't activate and deactivate it like other DLCs. It is loaded automatically when you start the game, while having it in DLC folder.

    So if it is in your DLC folder, all games you start will be with the mods from this modpack.
    When you want to play a game without it, you have to remove it from the DLC folder.

    Unfortunately no other way is possible. All "DLC like" modpacks work this way.
  12. Dejagore

    Dejagore Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2007
    Does anyone else also have a problem with black boxes instead of all antique sites ? I'm playing this mod complilation and everything ran very smooth without any error until Archeology was researched and antique sites showed up.

    @Serp - can it be something with asset of antique image from any of mod used in Your compilation ? Also - many thanks for this compilation! Keep up the good work as it's AWESOME!
  13. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    Thank you =)

    Hmm... this is strange, because no mod does anything to the antique sites I think...
    Are the black boxes on the map, instead of the icon? Or where do you see it?

    I just started a game here in industrial age, researched Archeology, and the icons on the map were just fine.
    I saw you already posted a bug in civaddictions modpack thread, that background of some buildings are black. Maybe these bugs are caused by the same thing.. but don't know, why you don't have the building problem with my modpack..
    You also write, that you tried a clean Civ installation.... it's the newest version .279 and BNW with all DLC's right?
    I have no clue what the problem could be =/
  14. LetMyPeopleGo

    LetMyPeopleGo Prince

    Jan 20, 2008
    Hello Serp,

    looks really good, can I skip installation of some of the integrated mods by deleting their folder or some other way?

  15. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    It depends on if they are .lua only, or also with xml.
    All xml entries are written into the override file, so it won't have any effect if you delete the mod. If the mod don't have a xml file, but only lua, you can delete it.

    So if you want to delete a mod that has a xml file, you have to make a new modpack.
    It is not that complicated. Follow the instructions you can find in the MPMPM thread.
  16. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    As far as the FlagPromotions:
    The flag promotions would show up in the initial game start up before the MPMPM CreateMP procedure but after creating the modpack, it would not appear and unable to load texture errors would occur when clicking on some units.

    Ignores Terrain Cost Icon is missing and no Flag Promotions are visible
    Spoiler :

    An example of the Texture Load Error that would occur
    Spoiler :

    There were no file overlaps with any lua, xml, or sql. It worked on the initial game, but it seemed that when MPMPM went to make the modpack, it didn't properly point to the textures added by this mod.

    EDIT: I seem to have gotten it to work...go figure. The only thing I did this time was rename the folder, modinfo file, and title in the modinfo file to FlagPromotions (and loaded it last). Will test out further.
  17. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    My first advice would be:
    simply copy paste the mod folder into your modpack ;) Good to see you solved it :)

    It happens for about 10 mods in my pack (at least here), that they are not copied into the modpack folder. Therefore you have to copy them manually.
    I wonder why you did not encountered this before with all the other mods ^^

    But anyway, you should take a look at the mods folder from your modpack, if other mods are also missing, maybe this is also the reason for the UI-Expansion bug ;) (because the lua file is missing).

    About Flagpromo mod:
    You should test, if all promotions are shown correctly and have a good icon. (especially for all promotions that are not part of my modpack). You can simply change the icons or hide some promotions. In FP_Data.sql, you see which promotions are hidden. You can see there, that first IsVisibleAboveFlag is set to 0 for all promotions.
    Then it is set 1 for all promotions mentionend in the first block, but not for all the promotions that follow in the next blocks. All other promotions that are not mentionend are also set to 1 by this.
    In Cat_Promotions.sql you can change the icons if you want. It starts at line 176. The names of the atlas can be found in in the Icon folder in Cep_Icons.xml. There you can also see all the graphics from icons, from which you can choose.
  18. civaddiction

    civaddiction Chieftain

    Dec 30, 2014
    Yeah, I have been having to manually move mods in. I have 12 mods, including Thal's FP, that I have to manually move into the MP_MODPACK/Mods folder. That wasn't the problem before because that was something I was doing. Not sure exactly what went right now, but I'm not complaining :)

    As far a UI-Expansion, I have tried both the EUI and non-EUI versions. Other mods in my modpack do have cityview.lua but even merging the changes in that lua (and loading UI - City Expansion last) did not work. This was done awhile back though so maybe I'll give it another try.

    Recently, though, I have noticed something peculiar. Sometimes when there is overlapping lua, the lua that does get used isn't from the last mod to load. I figured this out by adding print statements in all overlapping lua stating which mod they were originating from. CityView was one of the mods where this occurred. Perhaps this is where the solution lies.

    Will do. I do use JFD's Exploration Continued Expanded and I notice you've borrowed icons from this mod. I will keep an eye out for incompatibilities but I don't imagine you changed the .dds files at all. Is there an easy way to check all promotion icons at once?
  19. Serp

    Serp King

    Apr 1, 2015
    I think the cityview is not that important. It is basically just a new txt_key so the costs of a new tile is "free" instead of "0". So You can also try it without the cityview file from this mod.
    The most important lua from this mod is the UICityExpansion.lua. That is also the lua were I did my changes in. I think this is a unique lua file...
    A lua file you should check if it is doubled is ActionInfoPanel.lua.
    If you test it again, maybe you get some errors in lua. You can also write some print statements in all luas from this mod, to test if they are active like you alreday did for cityview ;)

    Yes, I don't know how it is choosen, if you have more than one abc.lua file.
    Normally this is done by the activation order yes. But in an MPMPM pack is no activation order for lua scripts (only for xml). So all lua files that are in your modpack will be used. So you should make sure, that there is only one unique file.

    Some files, like CityView.lua are a special case. You can find them in your modpack in the UI folder. I don't know why they need this special place in the modpack, but the files you find there, are the ones that were active while creating your modpack.
    edit: I found out, if you look at the files in this UI folder and scroll down to the bottom, you see some new commands. In my CityView.lua there is the command: ContextPtr:LoadNewContext("UICityExpansion")
    You need to know, that there are some lua files in this UI folder, because otherwise you could end up changing the CityView.lua in your modpack, without noticing any difference. ;)

    I did all my icons tests with giving all units from the start 300 XP or simular ;)
    function GiveExper (playerID,  unitID,  hexVec, unitType, cultureType, civID, primaryColor, secondaryColor, unitFlagIndex, fogState)
        local pUnit = Players[playerID]:GetUnitByID(unitID)
        if pUnit ~= nil then
    Just add this code into any lua file that is excecuted (I had it in my level promotion system mod), and all units will get 300 XP after they are placed on the map.
  20. Dejagore

    Dejagore Chieftain

    Jul 18, 2007
    Well finally I did manage to play and finish this save. Not sure why but restart and clear cache helped. By the way - thanks for this compilation. It's like 100 times better gaming experience that CIV V BNW alone.

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