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Jan 6, 2009
I was wondering, is there something in an *.ini or some sort of settings file that i can set what options i want enabled BY DEFAULT for custom games, or even the play now games? (like, have revolutions mod enabled by default) because the game doesn't seem to ever remember my previous settings except for like map size and speed etc
Many of the options are set in the file CIV4GameOptionInfos.xml found in the XML/GameInfo folder. Revolutions is one of those. A value of "1" is on and a value of "0" is off.
Rise of Mankind\Assets\XML\GameInfo\Civ4GameOptionInfos.xml should have Vanilla RoM options, if you play with A New Dawn, then the rest is in Rise of Mankind\Assets\Modules\Afforess\Required\Civ4GameOptionsInfos.xml

Edit Dancing H. beat me to it while searching.
Massive necro but worth it, I came here through google looking for information on how to set default custom settings, and have since figured it out myself.

With a map script if you search the text of the options it gives you (e.g. for Totestra search "Everyone on same landmass") - you can then use the variable this is tied to to bounce to a table somewhere within the script to find how to set it.

example, in the case of Totestra, this function controls the default options

def getCustomMapOptionDefault(argsList):
    Returns default value of specified option
    argsList[0] is Option ID (int)
    Return an integer
    #Always zero in this case
    #print argsList[0]
        if argsList[0] == OPTION_Patience:
            return 1 # Slow speed/good quality (Mark's default)
    elif argsList[0] == OPTION_MapRatio:
        return 2 # 3:2 Earthlike map
    elif argsList[0] == OPTION_SmoothPeaks:
        return 1 # By default, smooth coastal and other peaks
  elif argsList[0] == OPTION_Pangaea:
        return 1
   elif argsList[0] == OPTION_NewWorld:
        return 2
        else: # Everything else defaults to first choice
            return 0

E: Additionally, \Assets\XML\GameInfo\CIV4WorldInfo.xml can be edited to change the default number of players.
Taking the above two in the thread and this, I think that's all the parameters of a custom game you can preconfigure. For us habitual restarters!
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