Settlers, armies, techs, dude!!! (aka v1.17f)


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Oct 2, 2001
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Arg... ever since the new patch goodie huts have been way to remunerative - ie getting 3 settlers before 3000 BC or the rumoured armies!!!

and to add to that, the expansionist civs and their even more remunerative goodie huts. I thought the insane amount of techs expansionist civs got in the first place was way too much, but now, coupled with settlers, mechs, and even techs (plus the tech leads)...

i think all the new additions and fixes in 1.17 are nice, but the changes as listed above were just dumb. 1.16, i think, was very well balanced in that matter.
You probably downloaded the first version of the 1.17
Download it again. This bug is supposed to be solved.
are there really ??
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