Several changes I want to make - Help me with how, please?


Aug 17, 2014
Hi folks! I'm new here.

I've tried searching for my questions and I've read most of the beginner modding material.

I'm putting together a WWII scenario. I have very little experience with modding, but have already been successful at pretty much all of the (very basic) things that I'm trying to do which basically constitutes creating a lot of WWII-themed special units.

Some things that I do not know how to do, however:

1. I want to make a unit unable to regain HP.

2. I created a V2 rocket special unit that is basically a longer-range re-branding of the Guided Missile. However, I would like the V2 to be able to target cities in revealed territory that are, however, out of line of sight (I mean, just because the Germans don't have a Panzer sitting on the outskirts of London doesn't mean they can't throw a rocket at it :lol:). Since the Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Missile are capable of targeting any tile within their range, I tried creating the V2 as a unique unit replacing the Nuclear Missile with the nuke damage level turned off. This didn't work.

There is a variable in the XML unit definition called <RangeAttackIgnoreLOS> and I thought "Ah, that's just what I need!" but changing the value from "0" to "1" resulted in no change; I still couldn't target units/cities/tiles out of line of sight.

3. I'd like to be able to create my own promotions and special rules. All of the guides I've seen just use already existent promotions in new combinations.

4. I'm content with my mod being pretty basic, but if I can give it some window dressing, that'd be nice. Namely, I'm a huge fan of R.E.D. WWII edition. Great conversion with access to a LOT of well done nation-specif units. It would make my life soooo much easier if I could just go into the Civ V SDK Worldbuilder and plop R.E.D. WWII units the same way I plop Spearmen down in a normal scenario, but even with the mod enabled in the Worldbuilder, I am not able to use the units. Is there any way I can use the units, their associated stat lines and rules in my mod? If not, is there an art file that can let me use the unit artwork for my mod?
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