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Oct 24, 2005
an Aussie in Boston
We are Kublai Khan and the object is to win the hearts and minds of the four women :love: (Catherine, Elizabeth, Hatshepsut, Isabella) that we share this beautiful world with. Our opponents are:

  • Alexander
  • Napoleon
  • Tokugawa
Map: Lakes
Size: Standard
Speed: Standard
Difficulty: Noble*
VC: All Available but the ultimate aim is to dominate the males (or totally remove) and have all of the women pleased or friendly with us.

We cannot trade with the males but we can invite them to declare war on each other (and on the women - as long as we then proceed to help the women with this unwanted advance).

We always trade with the women, give them what they ask for and generally woo* them with the aim of making them ours!

Religion (actually, everything really) is a tool for us to use to woo* these gals!

Roster - full!
Double Stack

Standard 24/48 with flexability rules apply. Only non game performance mods allowed, etc, etc.

* spelling smelling!
I am in for this one :)
I suspect you might get further if you woo them rather than causing them woe - girls seem to prefer that :)
I'll join. It's a good distraction while waiting on the next GOTM.


Isabella is gonna get a religion early. She always does. This poses risks because it will be hard to get her pleased with us or even OB if we found another religion. Izzy is impossible to get along with as an opposing religion.

Diplo victory looks like the easiest path here of course.
Here we are - what a handsome devil! How can any woman resist.

... and here is our starting position ...

Wow :wow:, with so much floodplains and the sheep, the city is a prime :whipped: city.

Must be careful with chopping though, with that much floodplains, we need to keep all the forests within the fat cross to combat unhealthiness, and to provide the hammers.

Not a very exciting start, with only one resource in sight? Are you sure we are in Noble and not Immortal?
I looked for "nobel" but couldn't find it in the list - settled for the one that looked similar. It should be noble - it only took me three starts to get all the opponents and our name correct. First start we were the ugly mongol, second start I forgot to change our name.

So, settle were we are or move 1 SW to max out the food? I guess the question is do you want the city tile to be production (hill with hammers) or food? Also, founding on a hill will give us added protection.
Well, perhaps we will see iron, copper, and horses poping up right under our nose once the appropriate tech are reserached. :crossed-fingers:

ruff_hi said:
I looked for "nobel" but couldn't find it in the list - settled for the one that looked similar ... ... second start I forgot to change our name
:D And was the "Too" intentional in our name? :D
Seriously, I thought one could always change the name after the game is started (so no need to restart), or am I mistaken?
well we are trying for more than 1 ... as in "I love you and I love you too and I love you too and you too!" :lol:
I'm worried because I've never seen a future resource pop up on a flood plain. Hope you like your Great People. Get enough happy to this city and it will pump out GP like crazy.
I will go for settling right there besides the pond... does being adjacent to 2 freshwater sources brings added advantage? :)

But seriously, we could use the hammers from the woods. Since we will be producing at the capital for the first couple of milleniums or so, I think they are important.
I definitely think we should settle in the starting position. You're guaranteed 2 resources (I think maybe 3) by the random map generator and I have lost prime locations by moving. Plus the pond gives us a fresh water bonus.

GreyFox - Yeah, you can change your name during the game by going to Game Settings IIRC.
Or Alt-D.

By all means. Settle in place and don't chop anything here. There will be other cities to chop in. I'm now of the opinion that unless in extreme distress chopping near your capital is to be avoided until there are no other tiles to work.

And if it wasn't obvious beeline to pottery for cottages on the flood plains.
Turn 0 (4000 BC)
Cricklewood founded
Cricklewood begins: Warrior

I thought long and hard about what to research - weapons, food, religion. I finally decided to see if we could grab Hinduism. Here is my thinking, we all know that Hatty is going to found Buddhism. So, we also try to pick that up but we found Hinduism and spread this religion to all the boys while spreading Buddhism to all the girls. Once all of these religions have been spread about, we convert to Buddhism, the girls hate the other boys while loving us. We'll just have to play catchup with the other techs.
Research begun: Mysticism

Turn 1 (3960 BC)
Tribal village results: map
MAP! - what is it good for! The scout keeps going NE.

Turn 2 (3920 BC)
Cricklewood's borders expand

Turn 3 (3880 BC)

Turn 4 (3840 BC)

Turn 5 (3800 BC)
Tribal village results: a little gold
Tech learned: Mysticism
Gold - a little better.

Turn 6 (3760 BC)
Research begun: Polytheism

Turn 7 (3720 BC)
Cricklewood grows: 2
Cricklewood finishes: Warrior
Warrior fortified @ Cricklewood.

Turn 8 (3680 BC)
Cricklewood begins: Scout
Tribal village results: map
Buddhism founded in a distant land
Scout defeats (1.00/1): Barbarian Panther
Another @#$% map.

Turn 9 (3640 BC)

Turn 10 (3600 BC)
Contact made: Russian Empire
Cricklewood finishes: Scout
This scout is sent west.
Woo Hoo - Cathy. Is that a pout? Lets see if we can change that to a smile!

Turn 11 (3560 BC)
Cricklewood begins: Worker
Tribal village results: technology
Tech learned: Animal Husbandry
YES - we get a tech - a good one too! This run for a religion isn't having that much of a tech impact.

Turn 12 (3520 BC)

Turn 13 (3480 BC)
Tribal village results: lots of gold

Turn 14 (3440 BC)
Tribal village results: technology
Tech learned: Masonry
Yippee <see above>
Tech learned: Polytheism
Hinduism founded in Cricklewood

Turn 15 (3400 BC)
Better start on something for our (soon to be) worker to do.
Research begun: Agriculture
Our scout finds some floating trees - we just have to learn to chop and fly at the same time.

Turn 16 (3360 BC)
Contact made: Japanese Empire
Ugg - Tommy - so ugly, not worth a screen shot.

Turn 17 (3320 BC)
Contact made: Greek Empire
Not as bad as Tommy, but still not very pretty.

Turn 18 (3280 BC)
Cricklewood's borders expand

Turn 19 (3240 BC)

Turn 20 (3200 BC)
Contact made: English Empire
Ahh - that is what we like to see. Lizzie, my dear, we don't want to marry you, we just want you to love us!

State of the Nation:

Small Map - I have marked Hatty - didn't meet her but apparently one of the tribes that gave us a map did - I didn't notice it earlier. I'm not sure where Tommy is - met a warrior as indicated.

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