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SGOTM 16 - U'nu'sual S'us'pec'ts

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession GOTM' started by AlanH, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. AlanH

    AlanH Mac addict, php monkey Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Jan 9, 2003
    Welcome to your BtS SGOTM 16 Team Thread. Please use it for all internal team communication, turn logs and discussions. Subscribe to it to receive notifications, and do not visit the other team threads for this game until you have finished. Please also subscribe to the
    Maintenance Thread
    for this game, where teams and staff may post non-spoiler information of general interest.

    You can find the Game Details in the first post of the Maintenance Thread. If any changes occur in the game settings or rules, I shall post them in that thread, and edit that post.

    Please wait until your team leader/administrator/scribe has reserved a couple of top posts in this thread for game admin information. Then post here to let your team know you have arrived.

    Good luck, and have fun. Remember, it's just a GAME! :mischief:
  2. Trystero

    Trystero Deity

    Mar 24, 2009
    San Francisco, California
    • ChrisShaffer - (t0-31)(t147-157)
    • neilmeister - (t32-57)(109-122)(t158-165)(t207-217)
    • Trystero - (t58-72)(t123-135)(t173-184) - playing
    • Revent - (t73-81)(t145-147)(t217-227) -on deck
    • Benginal - (t82-95)(t140-145)(t166-172)
    • SteelHorse - (t135-139)(t184-198)(t227-236) - just played
    • vra379971
    • Deckhand - (t96-108)(t198-206)
    • Brian Shanahan - consulting
  3. Trystero

    Trystero Deity

    Mar 24, 2009
    San Francisco, California
    The Decathlon objectives status: as of 1/09
    • Humbaba --an advanced era barbarian unit -- must be dead (Thanks Leif). He is a real monster just like in BOTM 41, but now lives in a fairly secluded place.Completed! (t254)
    • You own at least 2 Legendary culture cities. Completed! Paris (t259), GP Farm (t259)
    • You are EITHER the United Nations Secretary General OR the Apostolic Palace Resident. Completed! Voted AP Resident (t180)
    • You have learned Future Tech 1. Completed! (t257)
    • At least one AI opponent has been eliminated (conquered) by your team. Completed! Egypt conquered on turn 198
    • You own at least three Holy Shrines. Completed! Captured the Mahabodhi (t160), captured the Kong Miao (t184), built The Church of the Nativity (t242)
    • You own at least three Corporate Headquarters. Completed! Sid's Sushi Co founded in Bibracte (t195), Aluminum Co founded in Wheat (t237), Cereal Mills founded in Wheat (t251)
    • You have stolen EITHER Iron Working, OR Astronomy, OR Physics using espionage. Completed! IW stolen from Brennus on turn 114
    • You fulfil the requirements for TWO victory conditions, at least one of which is NOT Conquest or Domination. (For example, your spaceship arrives on Alpha Centauri the same turn you get Domination, that’s two. If you achieve domination on the same turn as conquest victory, then you need one more victory condition to fulfil this condition. Understood? ). Completed! Domination (t259), Religious (t260)
    • Blazing: You must submit a save covering at least your first 100 turns – or victory or defeat - not later than 2 months after game start. - Completed! Played 101 turns on 10/16
  4. Trystero

    Trystero Deity

    Mar 24, 2009
    San Francisco, California
    This one too.
  5. Trystero

    Trystero Deity

    Mar 24, 2009
    San Francisco, California
    Please reserve the next 4 posts for Chris, and wait for the all clear to begin posting.
  6. ChrisShaffer

    ChrisShaffer Board gamer

    Oct 13, 2001
    San Francisco, California, USA
    Team Rules

    Subject to approval and revision, since we merged two teams


    • Read the various rule threads posted by AlanH.
    • Before playing every single turnset, verify that your ini file has the autosave interval set to 1.
    • Before playing every single turnset, verify that the BUFFY log is enabled.
    • After uploading your save file, post BOTH the CivFanatics log (displayed on the upload confirmation web page) and the BUFFY log.
    • No reloads! We get one shot, no replays, period!
    • No reading other team threads. The easiest way to do this is to use the thread tools to subscribe to this thread. You could also bookmark the thread.
    • When looking at the save, do not perform any irreversible action. Do not move units, whip, or trade.
    • The flying camera exploit is banned.
    • If the game crashes, stop and PM AlanH with the details of what happened. Wait for instructions from AlanH before proceeding.
    • Do not open auto saves except to recover from a crash.
    • Stop and ask the team for advice if a new opportunity presents itself.
    • Stop and ask the team if anything goes wrong.
    • Have fun!

    Strongly Recommended

    • Make manual saves often, preferably every turn, in case we need to review diplomacy screens or other metrics.
    • Pause the game before uploading or examining it.
    • Put TEST flags on the map on test games, and name test games so it's obvious they aren't the real game.
    • Let us know if you are unable to make a deadline, get too busy in real life, or are going offline for vacation.
    • Do not automate workers.
    • Do not use city governors.
    • Do not leave units on goto orders.
    • Have fun!

    • Active participation -- Your contribution to every set is important, even if it's an 'I agree.' Although everyone might have real life issues sometimes, it's courteous to notify the team of your absence.
    • Pre-Play Plan -- The spirit of succession games is to play the game following the consensus of the team decision. Therefore the player who is UP should post a clear plan for discussion. Guidelines have been posted for the contents of your plan in the next post. It might be that the team decides to head in a direction you were opposed to, it does not mean you are wrong but rather that the team believes the odds of winning are more likely with the decided approach.
    • Timing -- We would like to generally stick to a schedule, but it is more important to reach consensus and ensure quality of play. Some sets will take much longer than others. If the UP player cannot play within 48 hrs of consensus due to RL issues, please inform the team early.
    • Please, please, please include a report when you submit the save, complete with the CivFanatics log AND the BUFFY log. You may submit your report later but it would be preferable to have it before the discussion on the next set starts.
    • Finish all your discussed turns and upload the game saved at the END of the discussed part.
    • Don’t be afraid to post things that may appear stupid or evident. Each player has strengths and weaknesses. There are numerous examples in the earlier SGOTM threads when the most simple rule has been unknown to players (such as the difference between peace treaty and cease fire). Don’t be afraid that other members will think you are stupid.
    • Don’t play intoxicated (from alcohol, drugs or smoke). Don’t play when you are too tired. Don't play when your kids or spouse are talking to you.
    • Respect your team mates, and demand their respect. Take care of your writing style. Accept that people whose first language is not English will use English in a different way than you are used to. Disagree by all means, but don't make it personal, and don't take it personally.
    • Use smilies and emoticons in your posts. Jokes, humor, sarcasm, and offensive language can be misinterpreted.
    • Remember that a lot of players read what we post. Don't be rude or disrespectful to any player not on our team.
    • SG's are team games. Be a good team member. Post your ideas, argue your case, and encourage and praise your team mates. Don't be afraid to post in our game thread. That is what it's for.
    • Have fun!

    Turn Sets

    There are 7 major parts to every set.

    1. Pre-Play Plan: see below.
    2. Voting: everyone voices his or her opinion on the issues raised in 1.
    3. Plan: see below.
    4. Critique of the Plan: once the Plan is posted, players should try/read the plan and look for anything they'd like to change. This is where you must support your arguments!
    5. Final Plan: tries to glue everything together.
    6. Play the Set: see below.
    7. Post the Report: see below

    What is the Pre-Play Plan?

    The Pre-Play Plan is to initiate the discussion on the diverging possibilities at the start of a set. This includes, but not limited to, EP focus, general city micro, general worker micro, general techs. Basically, make an idea of what you want to do with your 10/15 turns.

    Below are general ideas as to what you can cover with the pre-play plan. Not everything needs to be discussed, only the obvious decision points.

    1. Technologies
    • What techs are you aiming for? (One, a beeline ex. Literature, part-research for trading)
    • What trades will you attempt with who and when? (When to sell for gold ex. first opportunity or wait for more, specify the leader(s), waiting for a wonder to finish so the AI get failure gold)
    • Are we planning a Great Person bulb?

    2. Dealing with AIs
    • Resource trade negotiations
    • Espionage assignment
    • Open borders (cancel or allow)
    • AI demands (resources, cancel trades, who do we send packing or not, technologies, war, religions, civics)

    3. City placement and builds - mostly in the beginning
    • Where are you planning on sending a settler?
    • Are you sending a worker along?
    • Is the land fogbusted/do we have an escort?
    • Initial city builds (Monument/Granary etc...)
    • Tile improvements around this city (food, hammers, commerce)

    4. General micro
    • Special tile assignments (starve city for specialists, switch to growth, etc.)
    • Tile swapping with other cities
    • Whips
    • Build order (infrastructure/military/settlers/workers/wealth/science)
    • Dealing with happy/health caps
    • Worker improvements and moves

    5. Civics and religion
    • Are you planning on civic switches/do we need to acquire the techs? (Caste for border pops, slavery for whip...)
    • Are we expecting a religion change?

    6.War - if applicable
    • Refuse/accept AI war demands
    • Bribing civs to declare war or for stopping war
    • War plan (who, how many units and how to acquire them, which cities to strike, scouting prior to DoW...)

    7. Bigger picture
    • Gifts (city, gold, techs...)
    • What AI do we try to please
    • Goals for the future
    • Diplo manipulation
    • Extras

    What your Plan should cover:

    The plan must contain 2 detailed parts:

    1. What you will check for every turn (EP, trades available, GPT available, etc.) [this is easy].
    2. Turn-by-turn worker moves, city micromanagement, unit movement and or general guidelines as to what we can't control via test game [this is the hard part].

    The team might at one point decide to slack on #2 once the game becomes well in hand.

    How your set should go:

    • Play according to the plan
    • If something unexpected (or an opportunity) comes up, STOP AND CHECK WITH THE TEAM.
    • If you have to adapt, do so!
    • You can add markers in game during and at the end of your set. It's a lot easier on team members to figure where units are going.

    What your set report should cover:
    • WHEOOHRN alerts and possible/likely targets
    • Great Generals and Great Engineers in distant lands
    • Religions founded
    • Wonders built
    • When to renegotiate trades
    • What you were planning for the future
    • How the plan worked out/didn't
    • Anything unexpected
    • Remember to post BOTH the CivFanatics log (found on the upload confirmation screen) and the BUFFY log.

    The above was liberally copied from various team threads in previous SGOTM games.
  7. ChrisShaffer

    ChrisShaffer Board gamer

    Oct 13, 2001
    San Francisco, California, USA

    This post will be updated continuously throughout the game. If you want something added here, please PM me.


    • Emperor, normal speed, no events, no goody huts
    • Map: Hemispheres, standard


    Revent's AI starting power analysis and his turn 1-5 demographics analysis show:

    Our AI combinations can be:
    • 1 that does not start with Mining or The Wheel, 2 starting with The Wheel, 3 starting with Mining, OR
    • 2 that do not start with Mining or The Wheel, 1 starting with Mining, 3 starting with The Wheel.

    Wheel/Mining (Malinese - Mansa Musa) and Wheel/Agriculture (Babylonian - Hammurabi) are not in the game.

    These are the civilizations and leaders by type:

    • None are Creative: Russia - Catherine, Sumeria - Gilgamesh, Egyptian - Hatshepsut, Mongol - Kublai Khan, Greek - Pericles, Khmer - Suryavarman II, Dutch - Willem van Oranje, Ethiopian - Zara Yaqob.
    • Between one and two are Charismatic: Celtic - Boudica, Celtic - Brennus, English - Churchill, Persian - Cyrus, French - De Gualle, Carthaginian - Hannibal, American - Lincoln, French - Napoleon, American - Washington.
    • One OR three start with Mining: Carthaginian - Hannibal, Chinese - Mao Zedong, Chinese - Qin Shi Huang, English - Churchill, English - Elizabeth, English - Victoria, Ethiopian - Zara Yaqob, German - Bismarck, German - Frederick, Indian - Asoka, Indian - Gandhi, Khmer - Suryavaraman II, Korean - Wang Kon, Malinese - Mansa Musa, Maya - Pacal II, Portuguese - Joao II, Roman - Augustus Caesar, Roman - Julius Caesar, Russian - Catherine, Russian - Peter, Russian - Stalin
    • Between two and three start with the Wheel: Arabian - Saladin, Babylonian - Hammurabi, Byzantine - Justinian II, Egyptian - Hatshepsut, Egyptian - Ramesses II, French - De Gaulle, French - Napoleon, Japanese - Tokugawa, Malinese - Mansa Musa, Mongolian - Genghis Khan, Mongolian - Kublai Khan, Ottoman - Mehmed II, Ottoman - Suleiman, Sumerian - Gilgamesh
    • Between one and two do not have Mining or the Wheel: this turned out to be incorrect, Babylon is in the game American - Lincoln, American - Roosevelt, American - Washington, Aztec - Montezuma, Celtic - Boudica, Celtic - Brennus, Dutch - Willem van Oranje, Greek - Alexander, Greek - Pericles, Holy Roman - Charlemagne, Incan - Huayna Capac, Native American - Sitting Bull, Persian - Cyrus, Persian - Darius, Spanish - Isabella, Viking - Ragnar, Zulu - Shaka
    • Based on founding dates of Buddhism and Polytheism, at least two started with Mysticism: Arabian - Saladin, Aztec - Montezuma, Byzantine - Justinian, Celtic - Boudica, Celtic - Brennus, Holy Roman - Charlemagne, Incan - Huayna Capac, Indian - Asoka, Indian - Gandhi, Korean - Wang Kon, Maya - Pacal II, Spanish - Isabella

    This is the full list of civilizations and leaders:

    • American - Lincoln
    • American - Roosevelt
    • American - Washington
    • Arabian - Saladin
    • Aztec - Montezuma
    • Babylonian - Hammurabi
    • Byzantine - Justinian I
    • Carthaginian - Hannibal
    • Celtic - Boudica
    • Celtic - Brennus
    • Chinese - Mao Zedong
    • Chinese - Qin Shi Huang
    • Dutch - Willem van Oranje
    • Egyptian - Hatshepsut
    • Egyptian - Ramesses II
    • English - Churchill
    • English - Elizabeth
    • English - Victoria
    • Ethiopian - Zara Yaqob
    • French - De Gaulle
    • French - Louis XIV - Our Team!
    • French - Napoleon
    • German - Bismark
    • German - Frederick
    • Greek - Alexander
    • Greek - Pericles
    • Holy Roman Empire - Charlemagne
    • Incan - Huayan Capac
    • Indian - Asoka
    • Indian - Gandhi
    • Japanese - Tokugawa
    • Khmer - Suryavarman II
    • Korean - Wang Kon
    • Malinese - Mansa Musa
    • Maya - Pacal II
    • Mongolian - Genghis Khan
    • Mongolian - Kublai Khan
    • Native American - Sitting Bull
    • Ottoman - Mehmed II
    • Ottoman - Suleiman
    • Persian - Cyrus
    • Persian - Darius I
    • Portuguese - Joao II
    • Roman - Augustus Caesar
    • Roman - Julius Caesar
    • Russian - Catherine
    • Russian - Peter
    • Russian - Stalin
    • Spanish - Isabella
    • Sumerian - Gilgamesh
    • Viking - Ragnar
    • Zulu - Shaka

    • Louis XIV - France (human)
      • Creative: +2 culture per city. Double production speed of Library, Theater, and Colosseum
      • Industrious: +50% wonder production. Double production speed of Forge.
      • Musketeer: Replaces Musketman. Has 2 movement instead of 1.
      • Salon: Replaces Observatory. Grants free artist.
      • Agriculture
      • Wheel.
    • Brennus - Celtic
      • Aggressive: Free Combat I promotion (+10% strength) for all melee and gunpowder units. Double production speed of Barracks and Drydock.
      • Charismatic: +1 happy in all cities. -25% XP needed for unit promotions. +1 happy from Monument and Broadcast Tower.
      • Gallic Warrior. Replaces Swordsman. Can be built with copper or iron, starts with Guerilla I (+20% hills defence), can be promoted to Guerilla II (double movement in hills, +30% hills defence) and Guerilla III (+25% hills attack, +50% withdrawal chance).
      • Dun: Replaces Walls. Adds Guerilla I (+20% hills defence) for new recon, archery, and gunpowder units.
      • Mysticism
      • Hunting
    • Egyptian - Ramesses II
      • Industrious: +50% wonder production. Double production speed of Forge.
      • Spiritual: No anarchy. Double production speed of Temple and Christo Redentor.
      • War Chariot: Replaces Chariot. Adds +1 strength and immunity to first strikes.
      • Obelisk: Replaces Monument. Adds 2 priest slots.
      • Wheel
      • Agriculture
    • Native American - Sitting Bull
      • Philosophical - +100% Great People birth rate. Double production speed of University.
      • Protective - Free City Garrison I and Drill I promotions for all Archery and Gunpowder units. Double production speed of Walls and Castle.
      • Dog Soldier - Replaces Axeman. Adds -1 strength (net 4), +50% vs. Melee units (net 100%), and no resource requirements.
      • Totem Pole - Replaces Monument. Adds +1 happy, gives +3xp to Archery units.
      • Fishing
      • Agriculture
    • Arabian - Saladin
      • Spiritual
      • Protective
      • Camel Archer - Replaces Knight
      • Madrassa - Replaces Library
      • Mysticism
      • Wheel
    • Babylonian - Hammurabi
      • Organized
      • Aggressive
      • Bowman - Replaces Archer
      • Garden - Replaces Colosseum
      • Wheel
      • Agriculture
    • Chinese - Qin Shi Huang
      • Industrious
      • Protective
      • Cho-Ko-Nu - Replaces Crossbowman
      • Pavilion - Replaces Theater
      • Agriculture
      • Mining

    Information Links

    Test Games, Dot Maps, and Spreadsheets

    Rules, Logs, PPPs, and Reports
  8. ChrisShaffer

    ChrisShaffer Board gamer

    Oct 13, 2001
    San Francisco, California, USA
    Game Report

    Wonders and Religions

    Spoiler :
    Turn actually founded/built = turn reported on religion and wonder screens

    Buddhism 7 (3720 BC) Brennus
    Hinduism 10 (3600 BC) Saladin
    Judaism 40 (2400 BC) Hammurabi
    The Great Wall 49 (2040 BC) Qin Shi Huang
    Stonehenge 54 (1840 BC) Brennus
    The Great Lighthouse 72 (1120 BC) Louis XIV
    Temple of Artemis 72 (1120 BC) Rameses
    Oracle 82 (825 BC) Louis XIV
    Confucianism 91 (600 BC) Ramesses II
    Pyramids 93 (550 BC) Sitting Bull
    The Mahabodhi 103 (300 BC) Brennus Captured
    Christianity 114 (25 BC) Ramesses II
    Hanging Gardens 116 (25 AD) Sitting Bull
    The Great Library 121 (150 AD) Louis XIV
    Parthenon 123 (200 AD) Hammurabi
    Taoism 123 (200 AD)
    Statue of Zeus 132 (425 AD) Hammurabi
    Colossus (660 AD) Hammurabi
    Shwedagon Paya 145 (700 AD)
    Mausoleum of Maussollos 146 (720 AD) Sitting Bull
    Temple of Artemis 147 (740 AD) Hammurabi
    Kong Miao 147 (740 AD) Ramesses II
    Sistine Chapel 154 (880 AD) Hammurabi
    Chichen Itza 156 (920 AD) Qin Shi Huang
    Angkor Wat 165 (1050 AD) Qin Shi Huang
    Islam 174 (1140 AD) - Hammurabi
    Notre Dame 175 (1150 AD) Hammurabi
    Apostolic Palace 179 (1190 AD) - Louis XIV
    Hagia Sophia 181 (1210 AD) - Hammurabi
    The Kashi Vishwanath 182 (1220 AD) - Saladin

    Spoiler :
    Turn when available for use = 1 turn after the autolog says

    Fishing 8 (3680 BC)
    Mining 15 (3400 BC)
    Bronze Working 31 (2760 BC)
    Animal Husbandry 47 (2120 BC)
    Sailing 55 (1800 BC)
    Masonry 63 (1480 BC)
    Pottery 69 (1240 BC)
    Mysticism 74 (1040 BC)
    Meditation 78 (925 BC)
    Priesthood 82 (825 BC)
    Writing 85 (650 BC)
    Alphabet 96 (475 BC)
    Aesthetics 107 (200 BC)
    Monotheism 100 (150 BC) Trade
    Archery 100 (150 BC) Trade
    Literature 110 (125 BC)
    Iron Working 114 (25 BC) Stolen
    Currency 116 (25 AD)
    Monarchy 124 (225 AD) Trade
    Mathematics 129 (500 AD)
    Calendar 130 (375 AD) Trade
    Machinery 130 (375 AD) Bulb
    Optics 133 (450 AD)
    Code of Laws 135 (500 AD) Trade
    Astronomy 144 (680 AD)
    Civil Service 147 (740 AD)
    Theology 148 (760 AD) Trade
    Engineering 151 (820 AD)
    Paper 153 (860 AD)
    Feudalism 157 (940 AD) Trade
    Horseback Riding 157 (940 AD) Trade
    Education 158 (960 AD)
    Gunpowder 167 (1070 AD)
    Drama 173 (1130 AD) Trade
    Music 173 (1130 AD) Trade
    Chemistry 177 (1170 AD)
    Philosophy 178 (1180 AD)
    Guilds 182 (1220 AD)
    Banking 183 (1230 AD)
    Scientific Method 183 (1230 AD)
    Biology 187 (1270 AD)
    Liberalism 188 (1280 AD)
    Medicine 189 (1290 AD) Liberalism

    Turns 0-4 (4000 BC - 3940 BC) and 4-6 (3940 BC - 3760 BC) and 6-31 (3760 BC - 2760 BC) - ChrisShaffer
    Spoiler :
    Founded Paris on coast 1SE. Built Worker -> Workboat -> partial Settler. Farmed corn, mined hill, built a road, netted fish. Paris is 3 population, 7f+4h = 11hpt.

    Researched Fishing -> Mining -> Bronze Working. 11bpt.

    Explored in a clockwise circle around Paris. Met Brennus, who is Buddhist. Killed three wolves, danced with one lion.

    Buddhism founded by Brennus 3720 BC. Hinduism founded 3600 BC.
    Turns 31-57 (2760BC-1720BC) - neilmeister
    Spoiler :
    Focused espionage on Brennus. Revolted to slavery turn 38 (2480 BC).

    Paris finished Settler -> Warrior -> partial Warrior -> Worker -> Settler -> finished Warrior -> partial Workboat (for exploring).

    Founded GP Farm on northeast cost with fish/pigs/deer on turn 39 (2440 BC). Built Workboat (netted fish) -> Warrior -> partial Lighthouse.

    Founded Production on northwest coast with fish/sheep/deer/horses on turn 57 (1720 BC) and started Workboat (for fish).

    Researched Animal Husbandry (found Horses! :D), Sailing, partial Masonry. 19bpt at 100%, break even at 50%.

    Judaism founded 2400 BC. The Great Wall 2040 BC. Stonehenge by Brennus 1840 BC.
    Turns 57-72 (1720BC-1120BC) - Trystero
    Spoiler :
    Built The Great Lighthouse in GP Farm on turn 72 (1120 BC)! :goodjob:

    Explored east coast and southern tip of continent, found Brennus' cities inland :mad:

    Paris built a settler and then partial lighthouse/granary for whipping into the Oracle. GP Farm built a lighthouse and settler, both whipped into The Great Lighthouse. Production built workboat/warrior/workboat.

    Founded Commerce inland on the silk, surrounded by rivers and flood plains.

    Researched Masonry -> Pottery -> Partial Mysticism
    Turns 72-82 (1120 BC - 825 BC) - Revent
    Spoiler :
    Built The Oracle on turn 82 (825 BC) and claimed Metal Casting! :goodjob: Cheap forges will be ours :D.

    Researched Mysticism -> Meditation -> Priesthood -> Partial Writing.

    Met Rameses on turn 78 (925 BC) far to the southwest near a barbarian city. Rameses built the Temple of Artemis on turn 72 (1120 BC).

    A barbarian warrior killed our warrior against the odds, so the woody warrior returned and killed the barbarian to protect the Orleans settler. Founded Orleans turn 74 (1040 BC).

    Paris built Granary -> Lighthouse -> Work Boat -> Barracks -> Chariot -> Oracle with liberal use of the whip and 3 perfectly timed forest chops. Other cities built granaries, work boat, worker, etc.
    Turns 82-84 (825 BC - 775 BC) and 84-89 (750 BC - 625 BC) and 89-96 (625 BC - 475 BC) - Benginal
    Spoiler :
    Brennus went into "we have enough on our hands right now" mode on turn 84 (775 BC).

    Popped gold in Paris!!! :D :cheers:

    Researched Writing -> Alphabet. Brennus and Ramesses II both have Hunting and Polytheism for trade. Neither has researched Iron Working.

    Opened borders with Brennus, who has Axes. Found Ramesses II culture on the western edge of the continent.

    Confirmed that sheep island is an island, but then the barbarians settled a city on it! :mad:. Built an army of chariots to take the two barbarian cities.

    Buddhism spread to Clams and Commerce.

    Gifted clams and fish to Brennus on turn 90 (625 BC) for the relationship bonus. Opened borders with Ramesses II for exploration. Ramesses and Brennus both have axes.
    Turns 96-101 (500 BC - 350 BC) and log and 101-109 (350 BC - 150 BC) and pictures and more pictures - Deckhand
    Spoiler :
    Captured barbarian city by wine losing 4 chariots :mad:, captured island barbarian city losing 1 chariot :).

    Revolted to Buddhism. Brennus spread Buddhism in our cities. Brennus built the Buddhist shrine :king:. Brennus demanded that we close borders with Ramesses II, we agreed.

    Researched Aesthetics -> Partial Literature.
    Turns 109-114 (150 BC - 25 BC) and log and pictures and 114-122 (25BC - 175AD) and pictures - neilmeister
    Spoiler :
    Traded Alphabet to Brennus for Monotheism and Archery, revolted to Organized Religion, and Brennus became Pleased. Brennus declared war on Ramesses II and captured one city. :D

    Sold Meditation to Ramesses II, begged for gold from Brennus, and sold deer to Brennus for 3 gpt.

    Researched Literature -> Currency -> Compass -> Partial Mathematics. Stole Iron Working from Brennus! :goodjob:

    Ramesses II founded Christianity. :) Confucianism spread in East Fish. Buddhism kept spreading.

    Built the Great Library! :)
    Turns 122-134 (175 AD - 475 AD) and pictures and 134-135 (475 AD - 500 AD) - Trystero
    Spoiler :
    Researched Monarchy (trade), Mathematics, Calendar (trade), Machinery (bulb), Optics, partial Astronomy.

    Played a diplomatic game with Brennus and Ramesses II, gaining Monarchy and Calendar from Brennus and Open Borders from Ramesses II. Brennus kept attacking Ramesses II, but fortunately the Egyptian seems to be holding his own. At the end of the set, Brennus made peace with Ramesses II.

    Got another Great Scientist :lol: and bulbed Machinery and another Great Scientist to partially bulb Astronomy.

    Founded two-fish and another inland city.

    Parthenon build in a faraway land :mad:
    Had small troubles with barbarian galleys and archers (lost poor Woody).
    Turns 135-137 (500 AD - 540 AD) and 137-139 (540 AD - 580 AD) - SteelHorse
    Spoiler :
    Met Sitting Bull of the Native Americans, who has 8 cities and built the Pyramids and Hanging Gardens.

    Lost a trireme to barbarian galleys.

    Traded Compass for Code of Laws with Brennus.
    Turns 139-144 (580 AD - 680 AD) and 144-145 (680 AD - 700 AD) and pictures - Benginal
    Spoiler :
    Built some temples and courthouses. Used the whip without mercy for infrastructure in outer cities. Built the Moai Statues. Started building crossbowmen for the Brennus attack stacks.

    Met Saladin of Arabia (8 cities), Hammurabi of Babylon (10 cities), and Qin Shi Huang of China (10 cities). Qin has Civil Service and Philosophy.

    Spread Confucianism to Paris.

    Declined a trade with Brennus and a gold demand from Sitting Bull.

    Discovered Astronomy.

    Beat up on barbarian galleys.

    Got a Great Scientist.

    Gave Literature to Ramesses II, Code of Laws to Saladin, Currency to Babylon, and Meditation to Sitting Bull. Received Construction, lots of gold, and open borders with all. The trade routes are spectacular! :goodjob:
    Inter-turn 145 (700 AD) - AlanH
    Spoiler :
    Disbanded Humbaba restored to the game. :cry:
    Turns 145-147 (700 AD - 740 AD) - Revent
    Spoiler :
    Shwedagon Paya built in a faraway land.

    Sitting Buill built the Mausoleum of Maussollos.

    Researched Civil Service.
    Turns 147-152 (740 AD - 840 AD) and 152-157 (840 AD - 940 AD) - ChrisShaffer
    Spoiler :
    Whipped an army. :whipped: :ar15: Whip it. Whip it good. :goodjob:

    Researched Engineering. Revolted to Hereditary Rule and Bureaucracy. Sold Metal Casting to the lot of them for next to nothing. Traded Metal Casting and Compass to Ramesses II for Theology and 20 gold. Built a lot of roads. Circumnavigated. Ramesses II built the Kong Miao. The Temple of Solomon BIAFAL. Buddhism spread to Beijing and Zhou. Found Brennus' stack of death in Thebes.

    Researched Paper -> partial Education. Traded Aesthetics to Qin Shi Huang for 70 gold and conversion to Bureaucracy, his favorite civic. Sold Compass to Hammurabi. Ramesses II built the Kong Miao. Hammurabi was briefly Sully's worst enemy, then us, now Hammy again. Pillaged some roads to isolate Brennus' stack of death.
    Turns 157-160 (940 AD - 1000 AD) and report & pictures and more pictures and 160-162 (1000 AD - 1020 AD) and log and pictures - Neil
    Spoiler :
    Brennus got Feudalism and upgraded some archers. Declared WAR on Brennus. Captured Verlamion, Tolosa, and Bibracte, pillaging ~460 gold. :goodjob: Continued whipping an army.

    Great Scientist bulbed Education. Started researching Printing Press. Sold Literature to Saladin for gold. Got Horseback Riding in a trade.

    Started building six universities.
    Turns 165-166 (1050 AD - 1060 AD) and 166 (1060 AD) and 166-167 (1060 AD - 1070 AD) and 167 (1070 AD - 1080 AD) and 167-168 (1080 AD - 1100 AD) with BUFFY log and screenshots and 170-173 (1100 AD - 1130 AD) with BUFFY log and screenshots - Benginal
    Spoiler :
    Whipped some universities, attacked Brennus, signed and broke a ceasefire, and whipped some more. Took Vienne, Duronovaria and Gergovia.

    Researched Gunpowder
    Turns 173-176 (1130 AD - 1160 AD) with BUFFY log and screenshots and 176- 180 (1160 AD - 1200 AD) with BUFFY log and screenshots and 180-183 (1200 AD - 1230 AD) and screenshots and BUFFY log - Trystero
    Spoiler :
    Founded new cities, continued attacking Brennus. Recaptured Vienne and razed it (we must have lost it at some point?). Captured Durocortorum and Isca.

    Got Drama and Music from Hammurabi. Researched Chemistry and Scientific Method, traded for Guilds and Banking.

    Built the Apostolic Palace :goodjob:.

    War with Ramesses II. Captured Pi-Ramesses, Heliopolis, and Memphis. Got Thebes from Brennus in return for peace.
    Turns 184-189 (1240 AD - 1290 AD) and log and screenshots and BUFFY log - SteelHorse
    Spoiler :
    Continued attacking Ramesses II.

    Researched Biology and Liberalism. Took Medicine.
  9. ChrisShaffer

    ChrisShaffer Board gamer

    Oct 13, 2001
    San Francisco, California, USA
    SGOTM 16 - Decathlon

    The team lists are at the end of this post. Thanks for this scenario go to kcd_swede, stepping up to release you from your SGOTM deprivation.

    In this SGOTM, you will play to whatever type of victory you can achieve, in the fewest turns possible. All victory conditions are enabled. The map is only very slightly modified from a random map generation, as well.

    However, there will be ten objectives you are expected to achieve along the way.

    The Laurels will be awarded to the team that completes the highest number of these objectives. In case two or more teams complete the same number of objectives, the team doing it in the fewest number of turns will be ranked higher. In case of remaining ties, the team with the higher final score will win. All of the objectives are considered equal worth, regardless of how simple or difficult they may appear to be.

    You will play as Louis XIV of the French in a normal speed game on Emperor level. You will face 6 AI on a Hemispheres map with very little tampering by the mapmaker*

    No random events and no goody huts.

    The objectives to be achieved in your final save are listed below. You are allowed to do anything during the turn after you click “Wait…just…one…more…turn”, but you may not end that turn and advance to the next turn. Only saves made during your turn at that point will be accepted as final entries.

    The Decathlon objectives are as follows:
    • Humbaba --an advanced era barbarian unit -- must be dead (Thanks Leif). He is a real monster just like in BOTM 41, but now lives in a fairly secluded place.
    • You own at least 2 Legendary culture cities.
    • You are EITHER the United Nations Secretary General OR the Apostolic Palace Resident.
    • You have learned Future Tech 1.
    • At least one AI opponent has been eliminated (conquered) by your team.
    • You own at least three Holy Shrines
    • You own at least three Corporate Headquarters
    • You have stolen EITHER Iron Working, OR Astronomy, OR Physics using espionage.
    • You fulfil the requirements for TWO victory conditions, at least one of which is NOT Conquest or Domination. (For example, your spaceship arrives on Alpha Centauri the same turn you get Domination, that’s two. If you achieve domination on the same turn as conquest victory, then you need one more victory condition to fulfil this condition. Understood? ).
    • Blazing: You must submit a save covering at least your first 100 turns – or victory or defeat - not later than 2 months after game start. **
    * Never trust a mapmaker.

    **Note, requests to extend any deadline must be filed in the maintenance thread no later than 1 week before the deadline. If such a motion is received and seconded, a non-public survey of team captains will be made, requiring a 2/3 majority to alter the deadline. Alteration of any deadline will automatically shift any subsequent deadlines by the same amount of time.

    OK… so now you know… this is going to be won by a team that plays many turns. Long game, short deadlines… plan accordingly.

    Game Settings

    Human Civ: France, Louis XIV. Start with Agriculture and The Wheel
    • Creative: +2 culture per city. Double production speed of Library, Theater, and Colosseum.
    • Industrious: Wonder production increased 50 percent. Double production speed of Forge.
    Unique Unit: Musketeer, replaces Musketman.
    Unique Building: Salon, replaces Observatory.
    Level: Emperor.
    Map: Hemispheres, standard.
    Speed: Normal.
    Options: No Goody Huts, No Events.
    Victory Conditions: All enabled
    Opponents: 6

    Starting screenshot
    This is the start of the game (click for a bigger image):


    The game will start on September 21.

    The completion deadline will be January 21, 2013 January 31, 2013. Plan your game, and avoid a last minute struggle to meet the deadline.

    The laurels will go to the teams that can win the game and hit the highest number of Decathlon objectives. Finish date, then score, will be used to break ties.

    Wooden spoons will go to the team who finishes the game (win or lose) with the lowest score.

    • Versions
      This game will be played in Civilization IV Beyond the Sword, version 3.19, using the standard BUFFY-3.19.003 HoF mod.
      If a later BtS patch is released during this game you will NOT be able to use it to play. You will need to complete this game in BtS version 3.19 before updating your copy of BtS, or create and update a separate copy.

      Mac players can only join in if they are able to run the Windows software on their system.
    • Rules and Procedures
      Please visit the Civ4 SGOTM reference thread to check out the rules and procedures to ensure that you are adequately prepared for this game.

      All saved game files uploaded to the server are parsed through software that extracts and archives data about your save, including reload count for each turn set.
    • Spoiler information will absolutely NOT be tolerated in this thread.

    Current Sign-up Lists
    The table below will display your stated team preferences as I add you to the database. The number of players in each team is shown in brackets, as are non-playing advisers.
  10. ChrisShaffer

    ChrisShaffer Board gamer

    Oct 13, 2001
    San Francisco, California, USA
    OK, I'm done entering everything.

    Is everyone OK with the team rules? Does anyone have suggestions for edits before we start?

    Where should we move the warrior? :):):):):):)
  11. Revent

    Revent Will SIP

    May 5, 2012
    Hi! This is my first SGOTM, so I don't know how everything works, but maybe a link to Duckweed's guide to space victory could be linked as it may very well be an option since Future Tech 1 is a condition.

    Just some questions:
    -At the end of my turnset, let's say my worker is 3 turns into building a farm. Do I cancel the worker action before uploading?
    -What do you mean by the city governer?
    -What is the ini file and how do I set the autosave to 1? Edit: Saw link :) No need for this one anymore.
    -How do I access and post the Civ log and the BUFFY log?

    As for warrior, 1SW seems like a good move. The capital looks a bit weaker than normal though with all those plains!
    Lots of forests for chopping. Wonder spam city to get it to legendary?

    Can we discuss grand plans for the game or are we just limited to warrior and settler moves? :)

  12. Trystero

    Trystero Deity

    Mar 24, 2009
    San Francisco, California
    Your co-host checking in.

    By a quick reading the team rules seem fine to me.

    My initial thought is that if we want to move the settler 1SE to make the capital coastal, we should move the warrior 1SW onto the hill to see if there is another nearby food resource. 1NE to scout the coast to the north seems like the only other viable alternative.

    My only other immediate thought is we must not repeat the mistake of not doing enough exploration as in SGOTM15. Especially given the choices we need to make regarding objectives to pursue.
  13. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007
    Nice posts chris:)

    I think we can agree that the winner of this, and most teams for that matter, will complete all objectives.

    The only one that will be any problem is the 2 victories within 1 turn. The requirement for 2 legendary cities obviously points us at a cultural victory,after winning any other way.

    This being bts, we will probably sushi our way to the culture requirement.
    We should be able to conquer shrines easily.

    Warrior to the hill or north
  14. Benginal

    Benginal Emperor

    May 31, 2010
    A question: I haven't SGOTM'd in a while. Was a consensus ever reached on the ethical-ness of the flying camera?

    Warrior: I vote moving it 1NE for the following reason:

    Settler: I think we either settle in place or possible move 2E so we have both the corn and the fish in the BFC. The warrior's move should lend some insight to that decision.

    Techs: And then maybe fishing first? I suppose we'll need mining at some point, especially if we decide to SIP.
  15. ChrisShaffer

    ChrisShaffer Board gamer

    Oct 13, 2001
    San Francisco, California, USA
    Yes, we can and should discuss grand strategy!

    Flying camera trick is banned.

    Does someone have a link for Duckweed's space guide?

    Civ and Buffy log info is linked above. PM me if you need assistance.
  16. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007
    This game is going deep obviously, so I think we might want to settle on the river for the health, trade and levee later on.

    Unfortunately, we cannot settle riverside and get both visible resources. So, I agree with Benginal that we probably want to SIP or move east.

    Moving the warrior NE or SW to the hill will show a lot of tiles.

    I like moving the warrior to the forest NE, as coastal fish is a very good tile and we don't want to waste it.

    I'm going to carefully open the save to fog gaze except the save isn't available yet
  17. Trystero

    Trystero Deity

    Mar 24, 2009
    San Francisco, California
    OK - Looking at it again I see why 2E is better than 1SE (we don't lose the forest). I am going to change my preference to warrior NE. Fishing first would fit with a pursuit of the GLH.

    Duckweed's guide is here.
  18. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007
    Welcome to SGOTM, to answer some of your questions:
    - No, workers are left working. Go-To moves are discouraged because when you submit your turn, all units should not be moving. (exceptions to this are things like work boats and sometimes workers)
    - City governor is the mechanism that decides where to place your pop in the cities. For example, when you expand in population, the governor decides on what tile it is placed or if becomes a Spy specialist for example.
    - When you submit a turn, the submission screen will give you the Civ log, just select it all and copy it.

    - Grand strategy is definitely up for discussion.
  19. Revent

    Revent Will SIP

    May 5, 2012
    How about going coastal for GLH? It would add merchant points but in the case a merchant is generated, it could be used to bulb Metal Casting. Half price forges and access to Colossus. GLH and Colossus with IND leader is very well possible :) If we have copper, even better. All those forests are screaming at us to do that. Plus, can't go wrong on a hemispheres map with this combination.

    As for grand strategy, what is your opinion on settling specialists? This isn't Deity or Immortal, so we don't exactly have to worry about being beaten to Phil,etc.. unless we play badly. We are going for long term advantage after all. Personally not sure if it's optimal, but putting it out there :)

    I think an early war also seems like a feasible option. We would also meet the elimination of an AI condition as well. (Obviously depends on neighbours ofc)

    I think I'll change my mind on warrior 1 SW. Coastal seems to be pretty powerful here. Hopefully some food in the NE.
  20. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007

    2E loses a lot of forests, and gains a lot of water tiles. It has at least 6.
    1SE settles on a forest, but it gets at least 3 more forests than 2E, and only has 4 water tiles.

    But this is the reason I like moving NE, because if there is another resource up there then 2E suddenly becomes more attractive.

    edit: x-post with Revent

    Yes, coastal is a high priority if we can get it. I love GLH, especially in BtS.
    First GS should go to the Academy, GP's for Shrines. After that it depends on the situation.

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