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SGOTM 26 Pre-game Announcement II

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Sep 6, 2012
This is an updated announcement taking account of the feedback received, given we are about to start any comments or questions should be in your Team Thread, the Maintenance Thread or by PM.

SGOTM 26 Announcement - Lady Stoneheart, Queen of the Ice Age

Winter has come - such a long, long Winter that Summer is regarded as a myth, no living person can remember the warmer times. Food is scarce, the land is tough, little grows, some animals are extinct - unable to exist in such harsh conditions.

Society has regressed, most of the old ways have been forgotten, the gods abandoned as they have abandoned you, there is no hope - just a daily fight for survival.

Then one day your advisers come to you - they have found an ancient text that seems to predict this never ending winter, and more importantly how to end it!

The text is difficult, many of the words are meaningless but together you piece together what it is saying. In order to end this winter you need to return to the faith of your forefathers that was brought to this land so long ago - the faith of the Seven.

Your people used to believe that there was one god with seven faces and this text reminds you of what you were taught:-

    • The Prophet: represents divine justice, and judges the souls of the dead.
    • The Merchant: represents prosperity, fertility, and childbirth.
    • The Artist: represents purity, innocence, love, and beauty.
    • The General: represents strength and courage in battle.
    • The Spy: represents death and the unknown.
Some maintain that the faith was not always like this and along the way something has been mangled or lost but you dismiss that as an old wives tale.

The text tells you that to end Winter you must build 7 cities, each a tribute to one face of god, each city must have a Temple of your state religion and also certain other buildings. You will need to put your best minds to work to establish how to create these buildings.

Prophet- Dun, Temple, Monastery, Cathedral, Moai Statues, Great Wonder generating Great Prophet points

Merchant - Dun, Temple, Market, Bank, Wall Street, Great Wonder generating Great Merchant points

Artist - Dun, Temple, Theatre, Broadcast Tower, Globe Theatre, Great Wonder generating Great Artist points

Scientist - Dun, Temple, Library, Lab, Oxford University, Great Wonder generating Great Scientist points

General- Dun, Temple, Barracks, Drydock, Heroic Epic, Corporation HQ

Engineer - Dun, Temple, Forge, Industrial Park, Ironworks, Great Wonder generating Great Engineer points

Spy - Dun, Temple, Courthouse, Intelligence Agency, West Point, Great Wonder generating Great Spy points

You may construct other buildings in each city, as well as the requirements noted above, provided you only build exactly 6 Great Wonders and found exactly 1 Corporation.

You do NOT need to generate the appropriate great person just build the right Wonders in each city.

You must be running a State Religion when you win the game, but it is up to you which one you use however you must have temples of that religion in each city as well as the cathedral in the Prophet city.

(Cathedral is used in the generic sense it does not have to be a Christian Cathedral e.g. the Stupa is defined in-game as "the Buddhist Cathedral").

Starting location:-

Game Options
Rivals: 6 AIs
Difficulty: Emperor
Starting Era: Ancient
Speed: Normal
Options: One City Challenge, No Barbarians, No Events, No Goody Huts, No Vassals
Victory Conditions: All enabled
Starting Techs: Fishing, Agriculture, Hunting
Starting Units: 7 Settlers

You may win by any method you desire.

Map settings
Map: Ice Age, heavily edited
Mapsize: Standard


This game will be played in Civilization IV Beyond the Sword, version 3.19, using the BUFFY-3.19.005 HoF mod.

Buffy 005 prevents you building Settlers in OCC but allows any World Buildered units to settle so is essential for this game.
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Teams will be ranked according to:-

a) The number of cities meeting the criteria

and then

b) Finish date.

All teams with 7 cities meeting the requirements will be ranked before teams with 6 cities etc etc.

Even if you are unable to complete 7 cities it will be worth playing on as others may struggle as well.
One City Challenge

This game takes advantage of a new feature in Buffy 005 whereby you can play an OCC game but start with multiple Settlers.

OCC means:-
  1. You cannot ever build another settler.
  2. You cannot capture an AI city, it will auto-raze.
  3. You cannot have an AI city culture flip to you, it will auto-raze.
  4. If you lose (or gift!) a city to the AI you cannot capture it back, it will auto-raze.
  5. You will only need to build 1 building to unlock National Wonders e.g. 1 university for Oxford.
  6. You only need a single temple of a given religion to be able to build a cathedral (however under the rules of this game each city must have a temple of your state religion).
  7. You will not be able to build the Forbidden Palace as that requires 8 cities.
Look after your Settlers and guard your cities!!
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You may win by any method you desire.
Technically this is true however the game requirements constrain you somewhat and, in particular, Culture by Espionage will not possible as you cannot recapture a gifted city (as it will auto-raze!).
Our leader is Lady Stoneheart of the Celts, the Celts normally start with Hunting and Mysticism but in this game have Hunting, Fishing and Agriculture.

Traits: Lady Stoneheart is AGGressive and CHArismatic, two warmongering traits. AGG gives half-price barracks and drydocks, and gives Combat I to melee and gunpowder units, meaning they start a little tougher than other units and get to the better promotions faster. CHA gives +1 :) and means that promotions happen more quickly.

Her UU: The Gallic Warrior, a swordsman that starts with Guerrilla I.

Her UB: The Dun, a Wall that gives Guerrilla I to units built in the city. Unfortunately this doesn't synergise with the UU, which already gets Guerrilla I.

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