Shadow Game: Immortal w/ Sitting Bull

Research in Cahokia is fine, but we can switch from mines to coast and get some :food: in.
Even iron isn't needed this turn :)

Time for an attack plan.
I would move HAs, Cats & Swords towards / on the fur tiles under Mound City.
Old units will not be useless and can soften up those hill longbows in Salamanca.
Helps with not losing Cuirs (which are still needed on the same tile as defense).
Spoiler T146 - the gathering storm :

T145 cont - made suggested changes in Cahokia, began moving units to fur S of MC
T146 - teching engineering? 2 pop whipped in MC, Timbuk, and Chaco - 3 pop whips available in Parthian and PP, not cold but still unsure of the efficiency

2 turns for the first wave of attacks to finishing gathering at the rally point




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Fippy may disagree but I'd keep the swords for MP units instead of wasting them attacking hilltop longbows, you're going to need MP units and its more efficient to whip cuirs than replacement MPs.

More generally what's your strategy from here? Dow Izzy obviously but cap or borg? Next tech target? Rifling for cav upgrades? Communism for SP? Something else?
More generally what's your strategy from here? Dow Izzy obviously but cap or borg? Next tech target? Rifling for cav upgrades? Communism for SP? Something else?
Without opening the save: it's immortal pangaea, 720AD cuirs... It's pretty much guaranteed you need zero techs anymore and can just blitz through every AI.
generally what's your strategy
rolling with the breeze :) way out of my depth, hearing experienced voices saying go go; sampsa saying tech is immaterial, Fippy says attack is now; so the plan is damn the torpedoes, attack
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Cap them all and give back crappy cities once they are vassals..yup.
(like Salamanca, not worth keeping but can go back to Izzy later)

Upgrade all HAs this turn..those on furs can stay where they are, others can move a bit and upgrade before running out of points.
Izzy's busy with Toku so we don't need a full 100% ready stack :)

Cahokia should take all available mines, Cuirs in 2-3 turns = no whips needed.
PP whips. Kumbi is interesting for learning something, notice how chopping earlier created a 1 pop whip situation :)
(waiting 4 turns is much too annoying when wars start, more units earlier = easier & faster progress)
Djenne & Part whip as well.

I prolly wouldn't research Engi, should become available soon.
100% gold slider against rising upkeep costs later makes sense.
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Thanks Fippy for the ongoing help :)

@pigswill my earlier reply was half-drunk, sorry for being dismissive. Those are good questions that I don't know the answers to, but thankfully others are chiming in
Spoiler T147 - hooves of thunder :

T146 cont - Many whips, Cahokia mining, all HAs towards rally point and upgraded
T147 - moved units towards rally




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Ready to declare next turn, if you want to bombard Salamanca first that'll be two turns before attacking. Your workers are currently vulnerable to HAs so cover with cuirs or move them away from borders before declaring.
Notre Dame is built, you could trade gunpowder for guilds and engineering this turn. Probably need to turn research to 0 for a few turns as Fippy advised earlier.
Hmm all your workers are some killer instinct, 13 Cuirs + cats fodder are easily enuf to declare this turn ;)
Then again you can split your cuirs stack, one has full movement points and could protect 3 workers.
But it's prolly not worth rushing now considering all things.

Avoid go to orders with important war units, you never know where they should go instead next turn. Move them manually.
Engi from Sal would be optimal, giving away gunpowder would result in them all having it soon (Mansa).
It's not that urgent if we wait another turn anyways.
show some killer instinct
Hmm I'll have to grow one of those ;)

Spoiler T149 - poison in the well :

T147 cont - cancled goto orders, moved workers
T148 - whipped, moved a few cuirs to protect workers, DOW on Izzy, marched on Salamanca
T149 - SOMEONE (looking at you Iz) poisoned Cahokia's water supply, captured Salamanca with loss of 2 cuirs, Hamilcar Barca born in MC and he wishes we had elephants

  • Seville next, or? 4 turns march
  • thinking GG should be super medic?
  • Izzy now trades Engineering - maybe after vasalizing?




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Yup just blitz forward with all Cuirs that can. One should get shock against pike attacks.
It's why i would have sacrificed those swords, 2 Cuirs are worth significantly more while they just hang around now.

Your longbow should be in Salamanca.
Djenne & Mound should whip. Make a big army fast, helps with capitulations.
Spoiler T151 - onward :

T149 - 151: whipping, marching crushing. Captured Seville with loss of 2 cuirs

Definitely seeing your point Fippy about the swordsmen - they and the catapults are just too slow now.

Eyeing Toledo next, though could split the main stack and simultaneously attack Madrid. Considering sending the cuir 4-stack up to take Murcia. Thoughts?




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I'd go for Murcia personally, on the other hand Fippy has far more experience of cuir rushes than I have.
I wouldn't ever seriously consider diverting troops towards an ice ball. Do you want to sell the iron or what? If I sent some troops there they'd probably be 1-movers that can't reach real battles in time.
Other reasons not to attack Murcia:
- it doesn’t clear any culture that could be problematic (a possible legitimate reason to take a city which, itself, is useless);
- you can’t attack this turn and there are no roads to get back easily meaning anything you send is diverted from more consequential battles for perhaps five turns including healing;
- I don’t think you can see what’s in the city meaning four cuirs may not be enough. It sounds a bit light to me anyway. Even if she’s only got two units in the city now, you can’t attack this turn so she could whip a longbow. Then you need good dice rolls to take it.

Although the key point has already been made: eyes on the prize. Take the cities which hurt your target, vassal, repeat with the next target.
Happy New Year! All the best to you fanatics! 🎉

Spoiler T152 - getting my head back in the game :

  • pushing forward Madrid, not wanting to split my forces
  • whipping continues
  • struggling to find meaningful actions with my workers
  • Saladin will trade Eng for Philo and Paper?



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