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Shady takes on Regent

shady milkman

Jul 11, 2005
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The title, I think, is self-explanatory.

This will be my first attempt at Regent. I know, I know…you’re thinking, good God, man, Regent! Impossible! But nevertheless, I’m gonna try this, no matter how incredibly hard it may be. Keep in mind that I’m a mere Warlord player.

Slight modifications have been made. They’re all hardly even worth noting, but I’ll write them here just the same.

-Hills food +1
-Grassland irrigation food +1
-Plains irrigation food +1
-Musketman price from 60 to 50
-Galleon movement up to 5
-Ironclad movement up to 5
-Forbidden Palace can become tourist attraction
-Pollution from improvements removed because it bugs the hell out of me

That’s all. Naturally these changes require a scenario, but the map is random. Changes before the game include:

-Turns from 540 to 600
-Domination land percentage from 66 to 75%
-Domination population percentage from 66 to 70%

That’s all. Really. I’ll be playing this on Conquests 1.22 as the Persians. I never play them because I think they're just about the easiest civ to win with, but I'm gonna need all the help I can get on this one.
All right, I cross my fingers and press the little circle button…the scenario loads, and I get this gem of a start, possibly the best I’ve ever had. My start is directly next to a BG cow, with wines on a hill, a goody hut on a hill, and hills pretty much all around. I also have a lake right next to the start location, which will mean I can irrigate that cow for the extra food (IIRC bonus resources yield extra food even in Despotism) and my city will grow beyond size 6, so I won’t have to waste shields on an aqueduct. At least, I think you get the same advantages from lakes that you get from rivers. And it’s coastal! Did I forget to mention it’s coastal? How could this get any better?

Ahem. I settle Persepolopolis on the spot, and the goody hut gives me some maps, which reveal some really fertile, hilly lands all around. This will make a kick-ass, high-shield core. I’ll decide exactly where to put my cities at a later time, but for now Persep starts on a settler. I don’t really need a warrior scout just yet, since the goody hut revealed the land directly surrounding my start, so I’ll build one or two settlers first.

All right, I just thought it over, and the first settler’s definitely going to settle by those furs. Oh yes, to the furs he will go indeed. And I just noticed something: there’s gold in them thar hills! SCORE!! So, I’ll settle on the tile northeast of the furs and get both the gold and the furs in the city’s inner ring. Do I smell a high-commerce military center? I believe I do.

All righty then. On the scientific front, I head off for the Alpha-Writing-Philo branch to nab the slingshot. I’ll use the sling for either Iron Working or Code of Laws, depending on my tech standings with the other civs when I get there. That is, of course, if I’m the first to Philosophy. Even if I'm not, though, I should have some good trading techs on my hands so I can *hopefully* nab some of the other first-tier techs that I don't really want to research myself. Anyhoo, Alphabet isn’t coming in any sooner than 50 turns no matter what, so I crank the science slider down to 10% and start pulling in 3 gpt.
BG Cow means a cow ontop of a BG, so it recieves the shield bonus from the BG :) . I recommend settling between the furs and gold hill, by the way, nice start, already 3 luxuries in sight ,and with industrious trait, it should be a breeze for you to hook them up.

P.S- Sorry, just felt like giving some pointers. :)
All right, nothing happens for a while, until the year 3450 B.C. My worker finally finishes roading the wines, and my people have reason to rejoice…

I might be going out on a limb here, but judging by her glazed expression I’m just gonna guess that she’s had a few herself. Let the party begin! With the wines in I’m at 100% happiness…of course, my entire population is two guys, so that’s not really so great. But still, I guess I should try to be optimistic, and luckily there’s no shortage of things to be optimistic about. 100 years after wines come in, in the year 3350 B.C., the city of Pasargadae is founded up north. Note that there’s not one, but two sources of gold up there. That’s gonna be one rich city; if I manage to snag them that’s going to be the site of Copernicus’ Observatory and Newton’s University.

Pasargadae starts on a warrior. Meanwhile, I check if I can fool around with my science percentages now that I have a second city bringing in a lot of gold. I can; I push science up to 90% and have alpha scheduled in 23 at 0 gpt. That’s good enough for me!

Nothing happens for a while…my workers set to, uh…work…roading the furs and gold, and the population in Pasargadae explodes. That is gonna be one helluva city. I finish the warrior and send him off to the south, and Pasargadae starts on a barracks. Then, in 2950, I get some good news: some crusty old historian type says I’m the happiest nation in the world. Damn right, Toynbee. I like this guy. I check out my cities to see exactly how happy my people are, and I have no unhappy faces. Not bad. I got pretty lucky with this start.

A few more turns fly past, it’s 2800, and I’m trying to decide the spot for my next city. I wanted to try the somewhat tighter cxxc city spacing that I’ve been hearing so much about, but the place I want to put that settler, right where he is in the screenie, is three spaces from Pasargadae. I doubt that’ll throw my spacing off too much overall, so I decide to just go ahead and plop down there. I send my two-man worker team up there to road the incense.

And…my warrior disturbs some barbs down south. Lovely. If he gets killed I’m gonna be pissed…I don’t want to waste time building another. More to come.
AnsarKing101 said:
BG Cow means a cow ontop of a BG, so it recieves the shield bonus from the BG :) . I recommend settling between the furs and gold hill, by the way, nice start, already 3 luxuries in sight ,and with industrious trait, it should be a breeze for you to hook them up.

P.S- Sorry, just felt like giving some pointers. :)

Not at all, if you want to drop some advice, be my guest. I need all the help I can get.

@Own- :hmm: I thought they were fairly common. I guess I was wrong.
:mischief: Awesome, well, you probably gonna own the Barbs , its at Monarch where they actually stand a chance. Wonder what that goody hut north of arbela contains.
are you gonna go for the republic slingshot? (alpha, writing, CoL, philo, then repub) a republic before 1000 BC is a nice accomplishment. you have some fetile land in your core, good luck with this!

To answer your question, yeah, I think I will. I considered using it for IW, but then realized that's stupid since it costs way less than republic and I can just buy it from an AI. I plan to be in Republic before or roughly around 1000 BC.
AnsarKing101 said:
Happy Birthday! :bday: , lol, little too late...
ahhh you just wanna spam to reach 1000 posts... :p

but anyways keep up the updates and many pictures will please many people.
Own said:
Whenever I alter the rules in any way (even not relating to terrain) cow BG's appear. In unchanged rules, they don't.

Edit: Happy birthday shady :bday:

Huh. I guess you learn something every day.

And thanks for the Happy Birthday, how'd you know? :hmm:

@Rik Meleet- no Pottery yet.
All right, waiting for a ride, nothing to do….another update!

Amazing, Ansar…your prediction was correct. My warrior scout butchers the barbs and moves on south without so much a scratch on him. Not bad. That’s actually better luck than I get with barbs even at Warlord.

Anyway, nothing much happens until 2710 B.C., when I settle Arbela to the north. I settle the city directly next to the incense, which brings me up to three native luxuries (or it will once I get it connected.) Wow. But I digress. The point is that by settling Arbela I bring into my field of view the borders of another civ; the borders are blood-red.

This is bad news. Well, potentially bad news. It’s either the Carthaginians, Japanese, or Byzantines, the former two being two of my least favorite civs to deal with and scoring about a 9.8 on the aggro-meter. I cross my fingers and make contact…and it’s Theodora that answers my call. Thank God…of all the neighbors I could have had, I get a babe! Hot damn! Anyway…I notice that she’s up Alphabet, which is a linchpin tech in my aim for the Philosophy slingshot. I try to trade her something, but I keep getting the grumpy face every time I offer her Masonry and some gold…bummer. Now, this is where it gets weird. I clear the table, offer masonry, and ask what she’ll give for it. She offers Alphabet and 30 gold. I’m not complaining or anything, but why would she not take anything from me, but she’ll gladly sacrifice? Curious…anyway, that works for me, and apparently for her, too:

Ah, I love your smile, babe. Keep it up and I might not kill you too hard.

A few turns later, in the year 2510 B.C., my warrior down south spots pink borders. I fear the Arabs, another civ that tends to hate me for undefined reasons, but I move my warrior inside the borders and discover the French city of Paris.

I contact Joan, but she has nothing I want, which is definitely a change from Theo, if you catch my drift. I run into an English warrior a couple turns later. God, I’m surrounded by some of the most candy-ass civs there are. Well, I guess Theo and Liz aren’t all that easy (heh), but Joan is a definite pushover. My easily-gained-land sense is tingling…anyway, back to Liz. I trade masonry and 45 to Liz for pottery. Kind of a gip if you ask me, but such is the price of tech parity. I guess I can always sell it to Theo.

Nothing happens for a while…la de da…workers build various roads, my warrior pokes around down south a little more. The French send out a few settlers and finally start expanding. I think they got a bad start if they haven’t already sent some out. Anyway, the only thing of note that happens during this slow period here is that I notice my brother put on city governors again, the great tosser. That’s why my cities keep starting warriors…More shortly, I’m playing now.
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