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Shaka's PH Marble Madness (Completed)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by Wrathful, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    I was bored and thought I might try to get back into Civ. So I started rolling some starts. I didn't really expect to play; in fact, I figured I would end up looking at each start for five seconds and then opening up the worldbuilder. But something unexpected caught my attention on my very first roll!

    Settings: Standard size, fractal, Immortal, no huts, no events, etc.

    Spoiler Leader :

    This friendly fellow!
    A Friendly Face.png

    Jokes aside, Shaka's a pretty good leader. EXP, awesome UB that has synergy with AGG, good starting techs. UU is good for choking AI. He does well in the early game, which means he does well in the entire game. But best of all, playing as him means he won't be an AI...

    And now, the start!
    Spoiler Start :


    Settling on the marble gives a 3H city center. We can work the forested PH while the worker is being built. This would give 6 :hammers: per turn + 1 :hammers: from EXP leading to a 9T worker!

    The downside? Our cows are out of range...

    More considerations:
    • Teching AH is no problem since we start with both prerequisites.
    • There is a blue circle on the coast, so seafood is possible.
    • Settling 1S on the PH is another option. The worker will be slower, but still faster than normal. We keep the cows and get two green river tiles. The problem is that this might ruin seafood to the south.
    • There are several unforested tiles to the northeast of the settler. I would bet money that there is a (hopefully food) resource there. We keep it if we settle on marble...

    Save attached. What will you do here?

    Attached Files:

  2. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    Moved scout NW-N first and with the available info there is no way to justify settling on marble. Well, you can move the settler on marble intending to settle 1NW of the start if nothing is revealed or move straight 1NW. Settling 1S is certainly reasonable, but SIP seems just bad.
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  3. cseanny

    cseanny Emperor

    Apr 3, 2008
    You have plenty of time to move the Settler a few turns before founding 1st city. Looks like coast is south so I'd move the scout 1sw then 1nw to ensure you wouldn't be forfeiting any coastal sites. I'd move the Settler 1E because again, 1S might be ruining coastal sites. The following turn move the scout 1Nw then 1Ne and you'd have max info. At this point you just move your Settler to either of the PFH tiles or to the marble.

    Alternatively you could just SIP; it's actually decent imo. You get 4 rs cottages later, quite a bit of forest and you ensure you won't mess up any coastal sites (w/out even sending scout that direction). I'd probably still do the aforementioned instead, but either way, you've got some strong opening potentials.
  4. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    I played until Turn 33.

    Spoiler To T33 :

    First I moved the scout NW-N. Found floodplains. Now settling on the PH west of the marble looks reasonable. Hmm...
    Moved the settler to that PH, keeping all options open.
    Settler Moved.png
    Not sure if dry wheat is enough food.

    In the end, I decided to settle on the PH. I will get my worker in 10 turns, and I keep the cows and flood plain. Settling on marble only speeds up worker by 1 turn, and I lose a turn by moving there.

    T1: Settled. Also found fish. Lots of production and decent food in this capital. Commerce might be an issue, but flood plains to the west should solve that. I will scout there first.

    Demographics indicate that one civ has 26000 soldiers. That seems awfully high. I don't know the exact numbers but I'm guessing that Mansa Musa or Hammurabi are in this game.

    T5: Set research to Animal Husbandry.

    T6: Met Mansa.

    Border pop also revealed sheep + corn to the east. Will send scout to explore. My second city spot possibly. Settling on Marble would have been fine by the way.

    Looks like Mansa came from the north. Might be semi-isolation.

    T8: Found stone and Mansa's borders. He's a bit close for my liking. My scout will remain in this area to fogbust.
    Mansa Borders.png

    T11: Worker finished. Production set to warrior. Will improve the wheat first.

    T13: AH finished. No horses sighted. Research set to Mining > Bronze Working. Mansa is putting all of his espionage points on me, so semi-isolation seems likely.

    T14: Buddhism founded. Pretty late actually. No religious people in this game?

    T15: Hinduism founded. Farm finished. Heading for the cows next.

    T16: Mansa converts to Hinduism. Diplomacy will be sorted out once I convert..

    T18: Warrior finished. He will explore the south. Production set to another warrior. He will fogbust the northwest.

    T21: Finished cow pasture. Finished Mining. Research set to BW. Scouting reveals some shenanigans to the south.

    Fish Frenzy.png

    Well, I'm glad I didn't settle 1S...

    I'll get some Great Scientists from there for sure. Haven't met anyone else and Mansa is putting all his points on me. Guess the goal is to beeline optics and double-bulb Astronomy. Basically the same as isolation, except I might get some tech trades from Mansa.

    T22: Warrior finished. Will produce one more than start building a settler. Also got a forest growth. Also found horses by the fish. :lol:

    T25: Finished the third warrior. I wait a turn to start on the settler so that I can grow to size 4.

    T33: Settler finished.
    Settler finished.png

    Where to settle? My first instinct is to go between the corn and the sheep. It's close and has great food. Not ready for fish or flood plains yet.

    Will stop here I think.

    Attached Files:

  5. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    Spoiler :
    Our T0 moves were identical, but on T1 moved on marble anyway. Not sure if it was good with the available info, although you could already see on T0 that 2E of marble is non-forested. If you had wanted to settle 1S for whatever reason, it's best to check the coast with scout to avoid killing seafood.

    Yep sheep-corn next looks obvious, then perhaps NW-floodplain area (1S of warrior?), then 1st ring seafood sites, leaving horse+2*fish as 6th or later, if you find faster spots up north.
  6. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    Spoiler To T46 :

    Settled the sheep + corn as advised. Worker goes to farm corn.

    T34: Additional scouting revealed EVEN MORE seafood to the south. I made a dotmap for the area.
    City Plan.png

    I'm not sure how important the whale is. We're going for Optics and there's not much else in the way of happiness. Whale is a nice tile too. The downside here is that western fish needs a border pop.

    T37: BW finished. Discovered copper, but it's a bit close to Mansa. I will use my scout to check for seafood there.
    Discovered Copper.png
    Research set to Wheel > Pottery. I will go for the flood plains next.

    T38: Found wheat by the copper.
    Copper's Food.png
    Not sure if this is worth it.

    T46: Here's the current situation:
    Finished a settler in capital, will get another worker next. Chopping a worker in 2nd city. Building a farm for flood plain city (which will be settled 1S of warrior position.)

    My questions:
    • Pottery next?
    • Settle flood plains next?
    • Revolt to slavery this turn?
    • Is it worth it to grab the copper?

    Attached Files:

  7. dutchfire

    dutchfire Deity

    Jan 5, 2006
    In the south, I think I'd settle a double fish and a double crab city. That gives you two places to get a GS. The double fish city has horses in the first ring and can use those to get culture+work boats (although there are also plenty of forests). Having one double crab+fish is hard to really use optimally, and then the other fish+whale city is a bit annoying since it needs a border pop.
  8. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    Spoiler :
    Hmm, not sure if you need to whip anything before 4th city so maybe wait with switch? Either pottery now or fishing-pottery (if fishing-pottery, maybe go for another 3rd site than fp's). I'd only go for copper now if you plan an early attack vs Mansa and I don't think it's a great idea, you have enough good city spots so war can wait and he's the best leader you can be semi-iso with (not sure if you are, but it seems very possible).

    I'd certainly rather get 1st ring seafood in a city than 2nd ring whale in another city, so I'd just ignore the whale i.e. my southern cities would go 1W of horse and 1W of crab.
  9. Gumbolt

    Gumbolt Phoenix Rising

    Feb 12, 2006
    Spoiler Thoughts so far. :
    Another settler vs worker? You are already building a 3rd worker. One of those starts where you probably wanted to skip a tech. This either meant delaying bronze working or AH to allow pottery and fishing. Fishing gives coastal commerce. Pottery allows cottages.

    Maybe delaying BW here would of been right move. Pends how much the 3rd and 4th city slow down science here.
  10. Fippy

    Fippy Mycro Junkie Queen

    Mar 17, 2013
    Your game Wrath
    Spoiler :
    Around that time for deciding on peaceful or rushing :)
    As Sampsa wrote, Mansa would not be an AI that i attack in semi-iso usually, very useful for trading (routes and ofc techs), unless very boxed in (not here).

    (can see it's semi-iso already, Mansa puts 4 EP into you so he has not met anybody else)

    If you would be there with an agg AI, i would probably pick HAs and horsies + fish spot.
    Axes are not so reliable with 3rd city copper, especially not against Skirms.

    If deciding against attacking Mansa, i would settle floodplains first yup.
    More valuable than copper area, dry wheat not so impressive..it's okay once research, wealth or failgold building becomes possible,
    but dragging teching down until then, so overall not really needed.

    Fishing before pottery makes sense if settling west fish as city #4.
    Really nice having fish in inner ring & sharing cows with Ulundi (settling 2w of cows),
    getting the 20% research bonus first for pottery would be fine with a quickly useful coastal city.
    Double fish with border pop needs will be great later, but annoying early and should be pushed back.

    Whales play no role when planning city locations, imo.
    One of those pretty unimportant resis, take the early benefits :)

    I would look at building roads for some extra commerce fast, farming floodplains..hmm.
    Can see why it's temping for a new city, but now i would have cancelled that worker in favor of roads.

    Would probably skip slavery switch, and look at working some coast after reaching fishing in uMgunwhat? ;)
    Actually another reason for teching it before pottery ~~
    2c tiles help you in this situation, settlers & workers not difficult so can afford turning some of your city prod into commerce, whipping would be much better for let's say grabbing gold spots.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
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  11. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    Fippy's post says all I was about to say and probably in a more understandable way. :)
  12. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    Thanks for the tips everyone.

    Spoiler To T67 :

    I decided to head for Fishing first. Also changed my dotmap for the south. Will ignore the whale as suggested. Production in capital set to settler.

    Workers are focusing on connecting cities. I will chop a workboat for the fish city, which will be settled soon.

    T48: Found more seafood in the northwest.

    I don't think this has a high priority. Other spots to the south are closer, have more food, and more forests. Maybe Mansa will ignore it and I can grab it later.

    T51: World announcement indicates that Hindu Mansa is the most cultured. Can you guess who's in last?

    T53: Settled the western fish, taking the cows from Ulundi. Boat will be chopped next turn.

    T60: Pottery done. Going for Writing next. I will road into Mansa soon.

    T61: I have settled the crab spot. Two workers are laying down flood plains cottages, another is cottaging near Ulundi, and the fourth is chopping a granary in the crab city. I already chopped a work boat there. Getting a fifth worker in Ulundi to help with flood plains cottages and road towards Mansa.

    I also gifted some resources to Mansa for relations. No reason not to. Plenty of health here for now.

    T64: Mansa claims his copper.
    Mansa Settler Party.png

    T67: Stopping here.

    Going for Mysticism next. Normally I would trade for this but Mansa lacks Writing. He's a long way away from Alphabet.

    Ulundi will grow to size 6 and 2-pop whip a library. uMung will 3-pop whip a library. Nobamba can 2-pop whip it with a chop. Not sure about the other cities. Bulwayo lacks a forest to chop. Hmm...


    Attached Files:

  13. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    Spoiler :
    I think you should put +10h into a settler in uMung now and whip at 6. You'll have myst on about the same time as you found doublefish+horsie. Bulawayo has weak tiles so I'd run scientists there asap, i.e. library seems more urgent than a granary. I guess going for monarchy asap is the obvious thing to do, though it depends a bit on what Mansa is teching. Aesth is tempting also for failgold.
  14. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    Spoiler To T88 :

    The plan for this turnset is settling my sixth city, getting libraries, and deciding my tech path. I'll quickly grab Mysticism then turn off research until libraries are finished.

    Bulwayo switched production to a library. That city will take back the cow after Ulundi whips a library. I'll get a settler from uMung.

    Now that I have open borders with Mali, I will scout out his land. No more land to fogubust here.

    T68: Granary finished in Ulundi. Library next. Chop + whip in 2 turns.

    Judaism spread to flood plains city. Guess Mansa founded that too...

    I don't like this development. I don't want to deal with a religious lovefest later.

    Scouting reveals that Mansa has awesome but underdeveloped land.
    Mansa Land.png

    I'm glad I didn't go for an early attack against this guy. Better to let him cottage all those green tiles himself while I work on my own land. Wish Mansa had more dye so I could trade for it later.

    T72: Looks like Mansa has plenty more land to expand into. He spreading Judaism into my cities, wish he would give Hinduism instead.
    Unoccupied Land.png

    T73: Mysticism discovered. I have decided to head for Monarchy next. Very little happiness here. Capital is already building some warriors for military police.

    T77: With Libraries up in my two major commerce cities, I have turned up my slider for Monarchy.

    Religion switch is also an option here. Unfortunately Mansa seems to be spreading his religions evenly. I have Hinduism in two cities and Judaism in two others. I would probably convert if a single religion had spread into all my cities. Maybe later.

    Still no Alphabet from Mansa.

    T81: I zoomed into one of Mansa's cities and can see Classical era building styles. He probably got Iron Working. AIs love that tech.

    T85: Confucianism founded in a distant land. Not Mansa thankfully. Maybe there can still be some religious tension. No great generals born yet.

    Got Monarchy on T87, revolted to Hereditary Rule immediately. The turn after Mansa had gems available for trade. Happiness problems have been sorted out now. Now I'm on my way to Optics. Running scientists in three cities. I will need two to bulb Astronomy. I must avoid Code of Laws, Civil Service, and Theology or the bulb will be ruined.

    Definitely made some mistakes here. Should have put chop hammers into a work boat in Nongoma, not library. Also some questionable worker actions. I would say that this is a favorable position though. I'll be working more cottages as my towns grow and I can hopefully trade something with Mansa. As far as tech is concerned, it's time to head for Optics. I suppose I'll go Iron Working > Compass > Metal Casting > Machinery > Optics. Should get a trade from Compass and maybe Machinery. Will avoid giving Mansa Optics - don't want him to meet everyone and trade Optics away. When I trade with Mansa I'll prioritize Math, Alpha, and Calendar (astro bulb prerequisites).


    Attached Files:

  15. Gumbolt

    Gumbolt Phoenix Rising

    Feb 12, 2006
    Spoiler Thoughts :

    Library vs workboat? I would want that second workboat for faster growth. Lighthouses too.

    Barracks build to help reduce costs? I guess no other great builds here.

    IW towards compass and optics to meet other AI? I am betting Mansa will have gone IW already. Ai always seem to tech this on immortal.
    Alphabet to trade techs with Mansa.Plus build research.
    Sailing would really help here. One city is running 4 coast tiles. A lighthouse gives +4 food a turn.
    HBR to take out Mansa is always a good option as he is preparing some decent commerce resources and not a military spammer. How close is he to LB? Plus techs for peace. You would need border pops to make some cities useful.

    Unless you can really start churning great people here I can see Mansa teching quickly here. He already has calendar. Plus has improved a few resources already.

    Building lots of cottages here. I guess no other great use for the workers. If you plan a great person economy food will be king.

    The 4xfood city at top of this island looks good.

    Where is this game heading?

  16. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    Thanks for the advice Gumbolt.

    Spoiler To T100 :

    Thinking about the game, I have concluded that I should have gone for Sailing after researching Mysticism. I'm working a lot of coast and lighthouses would be extremely helpful.

    But it is what it is. I'm going for Sailing now. After that I will research Alphabet myself. Dream scenario is to trade Alpha + Monarchy for Math and Iron Working. Mansa appears to have gone down the Calendar line. I also want to build research here. Great production in my capital.

    Capital will get a GS then go full growth + production. Building research there should be lucrative.

    So I quickly researched Sailing. Whipped lighthouses. Whipped a library into the second boat in double fish city (still hurting from my mistake earlier there, could have grown several more times if I had chopped the boat and not the library.)

    Mansa settled the rice. I don't think I will settle the seafood stuff up there. Maintenance would kill my economy.
    Rice Settled.png

    He got Monarchy before I finished Alphabet! :cry:

    So I got Alpha on T97.
    Tech Trade.png
    Decent deal I think. Next I go for Compass and trade for Math.

    I have iron 1SE of flood plains city. Mansa has some in his newly-settled rice city. I cannot improve the iron or I won't be able to build warriors anymore. Too bad Shaka starts with Hunting.

    I felt a bit cheeky and tried a dirty little trick. Begged Masonry from Mansa. The result:
    Beg Success.png

    Only do this with peaceful fellows like Mansa or Gandhi!

    I have marble so it's not bad tech to get. It's required for Construction, which is required for Engineering, which is required for Chemistry, etc. I suppose I could have begged gold or part of a tech later.

    T100 is a good time to stop. Got a GS from capital, will save him for Astro bulb. Academy is not worth it here. Mansa was kind and traded me Sugar. Should get Dye later too.

    I might pillage the road on my iron. I really want to improve that tile without being unable to build warriors. I can build research with that tile. My city should still be connected because I have Sailing.

    Attached Files:

  17. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    Spoiler :
    Pretty sure that is not right. Pre-HR you lack the :)-cap to work a lot of tiles, so lighthouses are not that great. Why were you working a lot of coast btw? In the save you have 5 workers, plenty enough to put some grass cottages up. Now it looks like you got them up so late that you find them not worth working. Not a huge mistake, but probably either get one worker less or focus on getting workable cottages up asap. :)

    It doesn't matter if he is peaceful or not. What matters is earlier begs, diplo stance, land target and power ratio. This combined determines how much you can beg.

    Btw I find it a bit strange that you didn't revolt to hindu at first opportunity. Not sure if it's worth it now, as you are not that far from meeting other civs. But Mansa does plot at pleased, so getting him to friendly is worth something.

    Despite deceptive criticism you are in excellent shape of course. ;)
  18. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    Spoiler Sampsa :

    Looks like it was poor worker management that caused the problem. Building mines instead of cottages for example.

    Will do.

    I have no idea why I thought it was easier to beg from AIs like Mansa. This makes more sense. Still glad I got Masonry. :lol:

    I would have gotten a turn of anarchy and then another one when I met all the AIs. I didn't think it was worth it. Also Mansa seemed to be focusing on spreading Judaism more than Hinduism earlier in the game. Yeah, it might have been better to convert because I did have some happiness troubles.

    Looks like I got lucky then. I didn't think he did. Need to read that Know Your Enemy article more!

    Spoiler To T123 :

    Now the goal is to reach Optics as quickly as possible. Four techs left...

    Hopefully I can trade Compass for Math and Metal Casting for Calendar. The Metal Casting trade might not happen. I believe Mansa likes to go for that tech early because it unlocks his unique building (the Mint).

    T101: Odd screenshot here:
    Wealthiest Civs.png
    Who would have thought that Mansa is the least wealthy?

    I decided to go through with my road-pillaging scheme, only to discover that I can't pillage roads inside my territory! I was so sure that I could. No iron tile for me I guess. Not until I build lots of warriors at least.

    T104: Compass finished. I make this trade with Mansa:
    Math Trade.png

    He offered Archery as well but I didn't take it.

    Math discovered! Also got dye from Mansa. Metal Casting next.

    Since I'm expansive harbors might actually be worth it. Boosting the Astro trade routes later. The alternative is to simply build research in my cities.

    T110: Got Metal Casting.
    Metal Casting Trade.png
    Mausoleum has not been built yet. I will use my marble to generate some failgold.

    T115: Time to think about how we will get out caravels when I reach Optics (should be 10 turns or so now.)

    Option 1: Upgrade Triremes.
    Option 2: Whip Caravels.

    Triremes cost 50 gold to upgrade if I am not mistaken. Hmm...

    I want three caravels. One goes NE, one E, and one to the west. I want the circumnavigation bonus.

    T116: Mausoleum finished in a faraway land. 300 failgold or so. Nothing can stop me now!

    T119: Got Machinery. Mansa appears to be teching it himself so no trades for this one. Could get Polytheism but I don't see the value in that.

    Also got my second Great Scientist.

    Optics in four turns...


    Upgraded three triremes.

    No reason to wait around with my Great Scientists. I immediately bulbed Astronomy. Two bulbs is sometimes not enough to finish it, but I have high population here...

    What to tech next? No idea. Currency I suppose? Gotta love those harbor-boosted Astro trade routes. I will stop here. Next turnset is pretty tricky. I will need to make strategic trades.


    Attached Files:

  19. sampsa

    sampsa Ghost

    Jan 1, 2006
    I don't know if people are shadowing the game, but I guess we can keep putting the comments into spoilers

    Spoiler :
    Very good astro date! :thumbsup: I guess you had a lot of :gold: since you could afford to upgrade triremes (50:hammers:+50:gold:) but in general I'd just cold 3-pop whip (90:hammers:) those caravels. 1-2 scouts/explorers/missionaries/GP would have been useful to board for land scouting.

    Currency should be available via trade. I guess you can go start going towards the war tech of your choice. Mansa should be easy with cuirs?
  20. Wrathful

    Wrathful Warlord

    Oct 7, 2016
    Note: I played much longer than I originally intended. Got a bit carried away as I discovered the AIs and played through the Medieval Era and early Renaissance. Also started playing recklessly. Trading Mansa Education and Philosophy when you're going for Lib is probably a bad idea. :lol:

    I would have been wrecked if this was Deity. But I still think it went well for the most part.

    This spoiler was originally titled "To T140"...
    Spoiler To T179 :

    Wasn't sure what to tech next. I agree that Cuirs should be good for Mansa.

    I decided to head down the Aesthetics line. Marble wonders aren't finished yet and I figure I can get some failgold. Music is required for Military Tradition. Also no artists have been born yet - maybe I'll get lucky with Music.
    I can trade for other stuff like Currency, CoL, etc.

    I will keep my slider turned down for the most part and build a forge in my capital.

    T124: Two great generals have been born so far, so maybe this game won't be the religious lovefest I feared. Buddhist block vs Confucian oddball perhaps?

    T126: Land sighted. Looks like a one-tile island.
    Land Sighted.png

    T127: Met the founder of Confucianism.

    I decide not to make any trades just yet, although he is very behind (lacking Alphabet and Poly). I will meet another AI on that landmass next turn and want to wait until I can evaluate the diplo situation.

    T128: Met the stronger AI on that continent.

    The diplomacy advisor indicates that those two have fought in the past. Gilgamesh owns Pharsalos (Greek city name) and also razed one of Pericles' cities. Also saw that Giggles is the worst enemy of Frederick (Buddhist guy?)

    I open borders with Pericles and make a nice deal:
    Iron Trade.png
    I can build warriors once more!

    Also traded Calendar + Polytheism to Pericles for Construction. He won't give me CoL.

    Met Freddy on the same turn:

    As suspected he is in Buddhism. He's also the founder! Pretty big AI. He is very far behind (lacks Monarchy and a bunch of other stuff.)

    I met another guy this turn:
    Qin Shi Huang.png

    He appears to be isolated. Way behind me in tech.

    Didn't think Immortal AI would be this far behind!
    Tech Situation.png
    It is fairly shocking. I've watched Deity games and the AI seems so much more advanced, only lacking Optics or Compass at 300 AD. Such a massive leap in difficulty from Immortal to Deity.

    Currency trade doesn't seem possible, so I will go for it myself.

    I was able to trade for Feudalism with Qin.
    Feudalism Trade.png

    I had to get a lot of other stuff myself though. Philosophy, Civil Service, Aesthetics, etc.

    It took me forever to find the last AI. It turns out I was wrong about Qin being isolated.
    That explains where all the Great Generals have come from.

    Now for the condensed rundown of what happened next:
    • Won Music, started golden age
    • Switch into Bureaucracy, Caste, Pacifism, convert to Hindu
    • 2x bulb education (already had 1 GS from before)
    • Pumped out Horse Archers in capital (1 per turn)
    • Got a Great Merchant
    • Lib MT
    • Switched into Vassalage and slavery before the Golden Age ended
    • Whipped everything
    • Upgraded HAs
    • Rolled over Mansa

    I attacked on T169 (1090 AD).

    I had very favorable combat rolls. Timbuktu fell on T171, got Notre Dame, AP, some other worthless wonders.

    Kumbi Saleh fell on T173. Djenne fell on T175... T179: Mansa Musa is dead. Cuirassiers are overpowered. Ten turn war.

    Now I have to recover and figure out what to do next. I did have some plans in mind:
    • Get Economics and switch to Free Market + Free Religion. AIs will like me more, if that matters.
    • Attack Persia next. Very weak, five cities, way behind in tech. I will want to wait before attacking. Need to recover my economy first. After them I can kill Qin. Grab GLH. Maybe do him first actually.
    • Golden age would be very nice right about now. Maybe I could chop out Taj Mahal. Need to wait until Timbuktu gets out of revolt.


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