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Shall we Destroy England?

Should we Destroy England?

  • Yes, Wipe the Fomorach out of Existance!!!

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Dec 11, 2001
Maryland, USA
Should we Destroy England or just take all of their lands?

If we destroy them we eliminate any RPG element that we have with them being our sworn enemy.

If we let them live we'll continue to have their foreign presence on our continent, taking up space and possibly causing a Culture flip.

So what shall it be?

Poll will close in 48 hours
Went with abstain, as I didn't want a vote for one of the other two options to preclude or force razing. I believe we should raze any Fomorach cities that we feel are "out of place" for our needs (relocating the citizens to the new city) and keeping the ones that are valuable and/or located properly. So, we should keep them around for our amusement, until the need arises to do other-wise.
I was actually not referring to razing

I was more so ask if this is a war for just more land, or a war to eliminate a rival?
I understand. But my statement pretty well says how I feel.

We can keep one of their cities alive and well in the far NW as a Fomorach city, until we can't find a use for their country.
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