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Jan 12, 2002
*Looks around* Says: "My House"
I (and prob others) would be interested in seeing other ppl's
strategys for this game. A discription of how you play is nice but
it might be more rewarding and understandable (and prob more fun) to
actualy PLAY someone ealses game for a little while.

With games like this it is easy to get set in ones own style of play and no longer
think about diferent ways of doing things. This happended ot me a lot playing SMAC no matter what i did i alwasy seemed to end up playing in the same style.
(for those who care that was: heavy emphasis on technology and any social choices that would boost 'planet' or 'efficency' ratings and building every base facility in every city. Army consisting mostly of captured mindworms till late in the game.)
I would like to avoid this "Strategic Stagnation" in Civ3 and at least be aware of the other possibilitys

To that end please post some of your saved games here.
1 or 2 per age until the end of the game would prob be good. Also tell us what dificulty the game is at and what the barbarian settings were etc. Also some basic stuff like if you tend to sell techs for cash or keep them. Do you attack enemys or do you wait unitil they declare war.

PS Ill put some of mine here soon
PPS i had previously posted this in the Saved Games section
but im not sure is anyone goes there and it seemed aplicable here too.
Ok here is the second Civ3 game i ever played its only on the easyest difficulty.
Barbarians are at some easy setting. I had actualy figured out the game pretty well in my first game so i kinda dominated the AI. shoulda bumped the dificulty up a notch. :king:

So here are 4 saves from mid acient age to a few turn before my cultural win in the late 1800's
well i recently just finnished playing a regent normal map with barbarians roaming. it was a pangeria type map because i usually have a hard time getting enough techs by 1950's so i avoid to much island fighting. i chose the germans to play for this map because i've never played them and thought i give it a try. i first started building my civ up and explored and found that i had ample room to expand and most of my enemies were around 20+ turns walking distance from me. i started basic expansion technique of graineries, settler, warrior, settler, warrior... for most of my cities. for my border states i went with temple, library, courthouse. library and temple being culture centers to grab other cities and courthouse in case they dont fall into enemy culture.

the scene is set almost because every space of spare land is taken, i have about 25 cities. the english to the north with far more advance technology but fewer cities. the russians northwest of me which were abit under me in every rating. the indians are to the west of me and the other civs are west of the indians. i basically stopped getting techs after about chivalry because i feel its a waste of time. so im mostly buying and selling techs and i have to sell the techs at whatever price except to the russians who i plan on attacking and i need them to be with inferior units.

by this time i have knights and the russians don't, so i start doing my standard technicque of threating them to get them hostile at me. i wait abit and surely one city turns towards my mighty german race. and quickly i see my opportunity as one of his units was in my territories. so i threaten him to get the hell out and just as i hoped he declared war. well that was a bad choice cause i quickly allied the indians to the war and the english who were both neighbors of me and the russians. i also included the japanese who were west of the indians and i thought they can do some damage. i strategy for this was basically i was producing tons of gold with no money spent on tech and i just brought them in the war with money. i also paid 1 gold to every other civ to keep them happy.

as i send my mighty knights into his territory, i easily conquer about 3 cities, but luck would have it that they would fall back to the russians due to revolt and took along with them probably half of my knights. i got mad and quickly retook them back easily and destroyed the cities and repopulated the vacant lots with my own settlers, by this time the japanese, english, indians had conquered a sizable chunk of the russians. i was in need of a russian wonder the war academy and i had to get to moscow quick before it was taken over. luckily i managed just in time as one knight killed one unit to get in after the triple alliance units had killed the other protectors of moscow. once moscow was down, i knew i didn't have to worry about revolts back to teh russians so i quickly attacked with my knights. by this time i could pump out a knight in 6 turns in about 5 cities and 8 turns in 10 other cities. i was producing at least 2 knights a turn. i managed to conquer the rest of the russians easily after moscow had fallen. i had achieved what i wanted, separating england from the rest of teh countries and retrieved the sun tse's war academy.

i had orginally planned on attacking england after russia but something weird happened. the iriquios declared war on me afte ri just taken over the last russian city. now i have no idea why they declared war on me, maybe because i now had twice as many cities as any other country and my land mass was twice as big as everyone else had something to do with it but oither then that i had no communications with them as they were west of the indians and the japanese. knowing from past experience of long wars i knew my citizens were not gonna be happy with me sending units far away i could not win this war. so i decided once again to call my friends the indians and the japanese and the americans who were neighbors of the iriquios to invade them. knowing how well the last war went with me they easily joined me in battle. but i did lose alot of money.

after a round or two i got thinking hey, i could use this to my advantage by doing some sneakiness. what i chose to do is real sneaky and shouldn't be allowed but it can't be helped because it's an evil trick hehe :). i decided to bring the english into the war and so they easily agreed and we agreed to a right of passage since they needed to past through my land to get to them. so once i saw there entire army go past my land i started my sneakier. i first would send 4 of my calvary which now i had from buying techs to each english city. since we had right of passage there was nothing they could say or do about it. once i had at least 4 calvary per city and once they finnished destroying the iriqous which they did in about 10 turns i delcared war on the english and quickly i captured 3/4 of there cities because i had 4 calvary units at each city almost. now acourse the bigger cities had tougher defenses and the capitol was hard to take but i knew i could take them next turn. but the big problem was the english had sent a sizeable army to the west and conquered some cities there. i knew they would send them back to attack me and my left defenses were weak. so i quickly asked my japanese allies to attack them and they did and so did the american's and the zulu's who were way far west. i had not asked the indians for which i do not know exactly why. but i just didnt want to bring them to another war. so i easily cleaned the english off of there land and my allies did the rest in the far west which i didnt want to venture through.

after this i had a huge size of land many 10+ cities. after the war on the english ended, something stranged happened again, the indians decided to invade me. this came out of nowhere, sure i was planning to attack them anyways but my calvary was still moving from england which was northeast of and it would take about 5 turns for my calvary just to get back from the heart of england to my western border states. the indians did some real dmaage, they took 5 of my cities and destroy 2 of them. i got real mad, and asked my japanese allies once again to come to my aid and they did. the american's after many wars did not want to fight in this one. i had not asked the zulu because i thought by the time there army arrived the war would be over. but the japanese brought them into this war. to my suprise they got there real fast and did some real damage at the end by capture some of the cities which i wanted acourse hehe :p. but once my calvary arrived i had no problems taking out the indians. once i had taken out the indians i had control of half of the continent and there only remained 3 other civs from total conquest.

sizing my opponents i found that the japanese were the weakest and had the smallest army because of the many battles we fought together. i had tons of gold now and was spying around. by this time i had invented railroads and now i could move troops faster then ever. i didn't want to invade the japanese because they had been such strong allies in the past but they were in my way to total conquest. like the benedict arnold i was i used the same tricky plan i used against the english against the japanese. after the indians our right of passage still didnt run out so i was able to quickly send 4 calvary to every city with the help of railroads. but with no railroads for teh japanese it was alot tougher. and with the newly conquered indian territory i had no railroads either so i quickly sent many workers to create one railroad for me there when i was to invade either the zulu or the americans after. so afte ri got my troops in place near the japanese borders i made a mutual protection act with the americans and the zulu's. i quickly declared war and conquered 3/4 of there cities again and the only ones i didn't conquer were two island cities and some far away ones which i didnt want. with mutual protection my allies quickly dispersed the other cities and now i was on my way. but time was against me, it was 1890 now and i still hadn't invented many techs, no tanks yet :(

so i quickly went back to researching hoping for a quick panzer fix of the situation. now i had two opponents left and no right of passage with either one which i stupidly forgot to make and they were reluctant to grant it to me now with what i had done to the japanese and the english. so now i had to chose the americans or the zulu's. i chose the zulu's mostly because they were technologicaly parred with my civ and felt that was a real threat. i still had mutual protection with the americans and i declared war and they easily declared war afterwards. i stood defensive because the americans blocked my way toward the zulu's and they would not grant me access to. i had dropships to conquer those two island cities i told u about from the zulu's. now the americans were losing bad to the zulu's and they finally reluctantly granted me right of passage and i easily took them out with barrages of bombers bominb each city to kill the population as so they couldn't draft solders. and then my calvary marched right in. as i was taking the last city of the zulu's i had developed panzar tech now. now the only thing standing between me and total domination was the americans

as we still had right of passage i decided to block all of cities. every square of there land was covered with panzars and calvary which were outdated but i had hundreds of. i waited till the year 2002 to get some wonders in and mostly to see it all end at the last turn date hehe. at 2002 i delcared war and i conquered every city except one. i couldn't believe it, it was funnie, i just couldn't invade that city, i bombarded city pop to 1, i sent in about 10 panzars and 20 calvary in that city, i killed about 15 infantry and there stood only 2 infantry and one calvary unit in that city at the end.

i just can't believe that
I think similar learning can result from playing the Game of the Month. February's will be up in short order, if it is not already.

Follow the threads under that heading and/or just post about your game. The GOTM may be more educational because the early game depends so much on the starting location, difficulty level, and random seed (for goodie huts). There are some expert players doing the GOTM as well as novices, so you get exposure to many ideas. You learn what works, and what people are struggling with.

Another point is that people will rarely share their failures in a thread like this, and many of life's lessons come from failures.
Here is an awesome game;) I am at war with the two remaining civs tell me how you do
This sounds like a good idea, amybe we should get a group of people together and play a single game as a team, we could call this a succession game! :eek: :crazyeyes
Originally posted by MummyMan
This sounds like a good idea, maybe we should get a group of people together and play a single game as a team, we could call this a succession game! :eek: :crazyeyes

Good answer! :lol: :lol:

Seriously though, if some of you guys aren't aware of it, the succession games in Stories and Tales are downloadable by all. Help yourselves, or join one!
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