Shooting down cruise missiles?


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Oct 13, 2010
Regarding Civ 3.....
I was wondering if anyone knows if it's possible for a city building/unit to shoot down cruise missile units ( the units with "cruise missile" flag). For example, I've seen the SAM battery shoot down planes/fighters. But never a cruise missile.
Is there a way to make a building or unit in the editor that will shoot down cruise missiles?

Thanks in advance.
The cruise missile's attack is registered as bombardment. As there is no way to hurt or cancel a catapult that attacks you, there is no way to stop cruise missiles.
Perhaps you could experiment with an air cruise missile that can do bombing missions?
Hi Hyreon,
Thanks for your reply. What's crazy is that I have been doing this as bombing missions (not regular bombardments) and have still not been able to get a missile to be shot down. I believe it lies in the "Cruise missile" flag. For instance, I create a unit that is in every way just like a bomber. The bomber will get shot down by anti-air defenses in a city. Then I go back to the editor, and only add the "cruise missile" flag, and all of a sudden the unit never gets shot down anymore. Which is why I'm starting to think missiles can't get shot down. But I want them to be shot down! Lol.
Maybe this is hardcoded and all I can do is cry. :(.
Thanks again for your input on this matter. Please let me know if you have any other ideas.
Hi Lionic, yes it did disappear after the attack. I'm trying to get it to occasionally disappear before it has a chance to attack.
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