Should I take desert Oil?

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  1. Acidrain

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    Aug 1, 2008
    I got a great artist and I culture bombed the Oil after I defeated Japan. As I am building Oil well on it currently, I am planning my invasion against China.
    According to demographs, china has better army than me. No manhattan project has been completed yet.

    Here is the status:

    Should I build some battleships to be clear from her navy or submarines? If you look closely, she has a carrier with three aircrafts and two cities have aircrafts in them. What is the best bet to fight air while doing a naval invasion?
  2. Randall Turner

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    Feb 8, 2011
    The best air defense strategy is a few fighters set on "intercept". Preferably jet fighters of course, but either will work. You'll have to build a carrier here, probably - you can reach far enough to "mousetrap" their fighters if you base a few range-bonus jet fighters from Osaka, but the umbrella doesn't quite reach far enough to cover an invasion.

    The advantage of fighters over SAM units is that their range is huge - you'll intercept any enemy airstrike within the fighters' range. Only one intercept per fighter until you get the "sortie" promotion, which you won't get during the early stages of a war.

    A few things to note about a fighter-based air defense -

    1) You won't get experience from intercepts. You'll need to "level-up" fighters via airstrikes.
    2) I've never seen fighters take damage from intercepting either. It's been a few days since I've fought an air battle, might be forgetting, but I don't think so.
    3) Regardless, most efficient use of fighters is as interceptors, and they'll benefit from a "intercept 1", "intercept 2", "sortie" promotion path.

    The AI doesn't do a very good job of attacking carriers, yours should be safe given reasonable sea-control. Likewise, it doesn't do a very good job of guarding its own carriers either, and you should make that Chinese carrier your first priority. A submarine is best for this, but it's only good at attacking other sea units, of course - you'll end up with nothing for it to do after destroying the enemy naval units. Looks like he has enough ships to make it worthwhile. One sub attack vs. their carrier will bring it down to 1/2 strength, you can then finish it off with DD's or airstrikes.

    I'd build:

    1x Carrier
    1x Sub (optional)
    3x Fighter (at least, more if you're not building the sub. You can always find use for them after the invasion proper, unlike the sub.)

    Edit: once you start the war, take care of their DD's as soon as you can after sinking their CV. Then, leave a DD within strike range of their fighters, also within range of your CV with your fighters set on "intercept". This'll happen naturally, as you'll be using your DD's to spot for your units and attack their ships. Try to screen your sub with your DD's on the first turn. You're probably going to lose one DD.

    Edit2: it sounds like you're oil-poor but have a slew of aluminum (from your unit mix). I don't see Modern Armor in your units, assume you don't have Jet Fighters yet either. If it's one of your next tech options, might want to finish researching that first, though Electronics/Mech Infantry will make your army overall stronger, nevermind, go for that ASAP like you're already doing. If China has a stronger overall army, you're going to need the Mech Inf advantage. (And she's going to have many more air units not shown.) This looks like an interesting war. :)

    Edit3: keep thinking of more things - you have Helicopters and you mentioned the entire map is Oil-poor - is it feasible to sacrifice a chopper to ninja-raze their oil well? I was thinking they probably have a stack of 10xfighters where you can't see them, but if they're also oil-poor, likely not. If you're sure they're oil-poor, these might be all of China's airforce. (and you might have a chance, was looking at this and thinking you were likely to fail in an invasion attempt.) Edit-edit - forgot to mention - the reason to raze is to limit "rebuild" rate, not just effectiveness from lack of strategic resource (a resource-starved fighter strike will still deal 4pts damage per airstrike to embarked units) - the AI will prioritize fighters and rush-buy them if they have oil.

    Can you post a save-game?
  3. Bibor

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    Jun 6, 2004
    Zagreb, Croatia
    You have aluminum. There's little that oil can do what Aluminum cannot.
  4. Randall Turner

    Randall Turner King

    Feb 8, 2011
    I was thinking this too, initially. But - he's in that "spot". There's a significant gap between fighters and jet fighters. Looking at where he is, he's going to have $$ trouble updating his cav to tanks, and you have to go through tanks to upgrade them to Modern Armor. It's pretty obvious that he was beelining to Rocket Arty, which is reasonable, and left the middle of the tech tree idle.

    I don't know, the AI has some advantages at Emperor (checking...) yep. Not sure if waiting to attack is safe or not, depends on relative economy strength and tech rate.

    Acidrain, if you're expecting (or have) a GE it might be worthwhile to rush build the Pentagon and wait for aluminum stuff, not sure.

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