Should Japan start with warrior code?


Nov 1, 2001
Japan is the only militaristic civ to start with the wheel instead of warrior code. The reason is that in Civ3 and PTW the Aztecs had the same traits, but the Aztecs got to start with warrior code. I suppose Firaxis wanted to further differentiate between the only 2 civs that shared the same traits. In C3C, the Aztecs had their traits changed so now no civ starts with warrior code and ceremonial burial. Why is this important? Because now no civ starts with 2 techs toward Monarchy. That's why I think Japan should start with warrior code instead of wheel. Does anybody agree? (PS. I know I can change this in the editor.) I think there should be at least 1 civ that has a boost toward Monarchy, since there are many with a boost toward Republic, that is any Seafaring or Commercial civ. With these civs you only have to research Writing and Philosophy, get Code of Laws as free tech, and you can start on Republic. Effectively that means you only have to research 3 techs to get Republic. You can try this strategy with your choice of 13 different civs! You always have to research at least 4 techs to get Monarchy. Also interesting is that there are 8 traits, and 7 initial techs, but none of the traits start with Wheel. Is that because seeing horses from the start is considered a big advantage? In that case, I think Mongols should start with wheel (instead of warrior code) since they share the same traits and starting tech as the Zulu. Further, the Mongols need horses for their UU. Maybe the Koreans and Ottomans should also start with wheel (instead of bronze working) to differentiate them from the civs they each share the same traits with.


Sep 4, 2003
I made japan get warrior code free.

Louis XXIV

Le Roi Soleil
Mar 12, 2003
Norfolk, VA
I agree.

I think the Mongols and Ottomans should get the Wheel. I'm not sure about Korea as I don't think they have really anything to do with Horses, but it might not be a bad idea.
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