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Should we be able to choose the defender??

I`d liek to be able to define a "Standard Defender"

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Dec 5, 2001
Often I`d like to choose which unit defends. Nothing pisses me off more than me 4-Elite-Tank-Army defending a city until it`s unfit to attack the next turn when I have like 25 Pikemen in the - walled and on hill - city that would do very well, thank you, indeed against Knights and Cavalry. After all, I can spare a few. Or I`d rather sacrifize the hurt Spearman and keep the unhurt Swordsman fit for a counterattack the next turn.

So, I´d like to be able to set the "Standard defender" for each city. I think the default should be the units with the highest chance to win, just as it is now, but I´d like to be able to change that.
i think that for each combat the defender should get to choose, right on the spot, which unit defends. The best defender would already be "selected" in the pop-up, so just pressing enter would give you the best defender to keep it from being too tedious.

that would be a bit to much for me, I think. But instead we could queue them: first that one, then that, then that.....

Or maybe be able to define seperate defenders for fast/slow units attacking?????
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