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Should we post arts from CivBE in sticky post? (plus spoiler, not really.)


Jul 9, 2013
I think someone (or admin) should do it.
Here is one of them, the transcendence victory. civfanatics test1.png
Wish I can understand what is the artist trying to say to the viewer. I only saw giant wave that seems to coming though anything. Can't wait to see the others too.

Side note: I think Gamespot is right. I think it's a very big mistake to forgot to input the statistic graph or score list like Civ 5 or Civ 4. How can anyone know why she/he lost or who possesses the most technology or anything like that?

Hope everyone can have a grand happy day when CivBE out worldwide. :goodjob: (Except this guy who mess himself. :cry: )
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