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Show me your orders/battle plans!

Discussion in 'Never Ending Stories' started by tossi, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. tossi

    tossi Der kleine Prinz

    Nov 30, 2003

    Here is a list of links to the various orders. Thanks to Symphony!


    I allways wondered what other people's orders looked like. I have never modded a NES and therefore only know my very own orders. So let's share our orders. And please to any mods outa there: Rate them! Are they too long, too short, too complicated? This might give us players an idea of what we should send to you.

    I start:

    From: From SSNES: Fall of Wu'di

    Spoiler :


    -Sign Peace treaty and trade pact with Galadinia. (which of the Lirkland nations is it on the map?)
    -Sign a MPP with Rollux
    -sign a trade pact and a defensive pact with Delenlor


    -invest one eco point to finnish the Fire summoning
    -invest one eco point into raising the economy. Do this by mining the eastern mountain ridge.
    -invest two eco points to raise 200 Heavy cavalry
    -invest one eco point to raise 10 Adepts
    -all newly trained forces will be used to defend the nation.

    Coast watch

    -set up a network of watch towers to guard the coastline against any possible attack by sea.
    -if an invasion force is located, we will riders will race inland to inform the Generals.

    Peacefull Expansion

    -lay claim to all lands between the two mountain ranges (which will one day be named)

    Military Campaigns:

    Eastern Campaign
    Forces: 15 Adepts, 150 HC, 350 Bowmen, 3000 LI

    Send this force to the east and capture the two Wu'di cities as shown on the map. After taking the big one (magical citadel?) start building fortifications around it to be prepared of a possible counter-attack.

    We will at first bombard the city with a rain of fire and arrow and fire arrows. Once the enemy is weakened enough the Light Infantry will storm the city and then the Heavy Cavalry will rush in to finnish it.

    Archers will be rewarded for killing enemy adepts. This should encourage them to pick those fellows from the walls.

    Western Campaign
    Forces: 5 Adepts, 50 HC, 50 Bowmen, 1500 LI

    This force will capture the single city in the South-West. After taking it, we will fortify it.

    We had some experience in taking Wu'di cities, didn't we? The general should do fine.

    Sorry for the low quality, but i have to write 15 pages for school until next week and im kinda.. uhm.





    I still think they are not very good... Good organzied, maybe. But else..
    Those below are better, but I have written much better orders. Even got an award by das once *proud*.


    Das's NES2 V - The Great Game

    Spoiler :

    Defense of the Kingdom
    For Queen & Country!

    The Invasion
    I expect that the French will try to land at my coast this year, to prevent that I will become too strong. They seem to have enough troops to quell three rebellions at the same time. Although their logistics might be troublesome..

    -We will use 1 economic point to raise 5 divisions
    -We will also try to raise a a number of irregular divisions

    To support our forces we will plunder the French colonial armory and we will also set up weapon smiths hidden deep inside the mountains of the island.

    Forces: 10 divisions + Irregulars.

    The defense will be divided by the geographical regions of Madagascar:

    A: Tsaratanana Massif
    The Tsaratanana Massif is at the northern point of the Island. It features volcanos and mountains as high as 2,880 meters.

    -This is the area where we have the biggest chance to push the French back into the see. We could endure the initial French bombing by hiding in the mountainous terrain. Once the cannons quieten down we could great the landing troops with riffle fire from above killing many of them, before their cannons force us back again.
    -Even if the beach is taken, we will still inflict humanilating casualties on the advancing troops when they try to cross the mountains.
    -The terrain will give plenty of opportunities to set ambushes and attack the enemy columns from above.
    -My forces will use caves as HQs, from where they will lunch their attacks and store supplies. These caves will be hard to find and easy to defend.
    -The forces fighting in this area will mostly consist of locals who know the terrain very well, and some units from the Central highlands, who have equal knowledge in mountain warfare.

    Forces deployed: 2 local division + irregulars

    B: East coast
    The Eastern coast of Madagascar is very straight, lacking any natural harbors. The distance from the coast to the Central highlands is about 50km.

    -Although the flat terrain seems to be hard to defend, it is only 50km to the central highlands. Therefore we will try to inflict as many casulites as possible on the initial French landing. We will hide just behind the dunes and only reveal ourselves when the French are in range. This should prevent too many casualties from French bombing. However, once we have fired some volleys, we will pull back from the coast to evade the French counter-fire.
    -We will allow the French to occupy the East Cost without too much resistance. However once we reach the Central Highlands, we will turn around and give them a fight...
    -The French might send heavy forces to the south-eastern city. We will not try to beat them in a city fight. After greeting the landing troops with some volleys of rifle fire we will pull back to the nearby Ivakoany Massif. From there we will raid the enemy forces.

    Forces deployed: 2 division + irregulars

    C: Southwest
    The South-West is another area where we will inflict heavy casulites on the French. It is separated from the other areas by two Massifs, to the east and to the north. It features a platue and a dessert.

    -We will use similar tactics as at the Tsaratanana Massif. The initial French Bombing will be dodged and then we will great the landing French will a volley from above. And before they will be able to shoot back, we will withdraw.
    -Our bases of operation will lay deep in the mountain lands and in the dessert. The dessert people of the Antandroy will help us greatly to defend this area. They will raid the enemy camps and supply caravans and pull back deep into the dessert were no European can follow them.
    -We will attack French forces from the platues and withdraw before they can do any damage to us.
    -The south-western city will be defended in similar fashion as the south-eastern one.

    Forces deployed: 2 division + Antandroy people

    D: West coast
    The west coast will be very hard to defend, as it features many natural harbors. We can only hope that the French are too distracted by their numerous conflicts to overlook this factor.

    -Look above. After dodging the enemy cannon fire, we will great them with a couple of volleys and then flee towards the Central Highlands. We don't have a chance...
    -However while withdrawing towards the east, we will try to enlarge our forces on the way by recruiting from the local population. The advancing French army might be a good reason to join us.

    Forces deployed: 1 division + some irregulars

    E: Central highlands
    At an altitude of 800 to 1,800 meters the Central Highlands should be a pain to any invaders. The capital city is also located here.

    -While the North and the South of the Island feature good defense platforms the East and West cost will most likely get overwhelmed quite easily. As described above our forces will therefore withdraw to the Central Highlands.
    -Once these forces reach the first mountains, they will be supported by a several more divisions. With these forces they will make a stand and great the pursing French with heavy fire. This might surprise them, as they hadn't been shot at for several dozen miles.
    -But even with the advantage of defense and the high terrain, I don't expect them to hold back the French. When it becomes obvious that our forces are not going to push the enemy back, we will withdraw, after hopefully having inflicted quite some casualties on the French.
    -The next defense will be mounted at the capital city. However I want to avoid that the city is too heavily damaged by fighting. However the palace can go down. The Queen will obviously be secretly evacuated long before the first French soldier enters the city. She will hide in the mountains. However an unlucky double will stay at the palace. Once the French enter the palace her room will be lighted. From now on the people will say: Our Queen died defend our country. We must honor her by continuing the Fight. However at the same time rumors will be spread that the Queen is actually still alive.. This should give hope to the people.
    -From now on the Central Highlands will be transformed into a killing zone. We will lunch deadly raids at the French and each supply convoy going for the Central Highlands will get a slapping.
    -We will build numerous hideouts deep inside the mountains from where we will lunch our attacks. And there will be even more secret places were supplies will be hidden.

    Forces deployed: 3 divisions and irregulars + 3 divisions and irregulars from East+West Coast

    Supplies and Logistic:

    We have quite a small force which is splintered into numerous even smaller units. this should enable us to live from the land and the people. Food and supplies will be gathered in mountainous hideouts. The people will supply us by free will, after all we are fighting for their freedom!
    Other supplies will come from raided supply convoys of the enemy.
    The eastern and western coasts are the most fertile places on the island. Especially the eastern coast is a big rice producer. The French didn't encounter too much resistance here and they won't see much fighting here. Therefore they might only deploy small patrol forces. This should enable small teams to sneak through enemy lines, take supplies and then bring them back to our forces.

    New UU: Battle Engineer

    -These squads will be very specialized units. They will lay ambushes at mountain passes. Once an enemy unit passes, dynamite will explode, mortars will rain and rocks will roll down at them.
    -They will also sneak into enemy camps and blow them away while they sleep. This should seriously hurt their morale!
    -They will be able to operate with minimal equipment and in very small units.
    -They wil be used in al mountainous terrain, especially in the Central Highlands and in the North


    I could write more, especially about tactics, but I think its already too much, isn't it? The overall plan is to inflict as many casualties as possbile on the French forces while they land. In the North and South we might even be able to halt their advance. In the West and the East we will withdraw and pull back to the Central. Here we will start a deadly guerillia warfare using the terrain to our advantage. The land should remain intact so that the people can continue to support us.





  2. andis-1

    andis-1 The Hedgehog

    Nov 26, 2004
    whoah, my orders are rarely that long. maybe i'll send you one set of mine, if i find ones suitable.
  3. das

    das Regeneration In Process

    Apr 8, 2001
    Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
    Don't be so intimidated, Andis, the last one at least is the largest one he wrote for NES2 V thus far, the others are rather smaller. ;)

    No time now, but maybe later.

    EDIT: Actually, just found some of my old orders for Gelion's unfortunately-deceased WWII NES.

    Spoiler :
    Domestic Orders
    - Annex our part of Poland, and partition it between the Belorussian and Ukrainean SSRs.
    - 35 EC into NVR1
    - 20 C into the Five-Year Plan.
    - 20 EC into Scientific Capability.
    - 3 EC into NKVD divisions.
    - 17 EC into infantry divisrownions.
    - 20 EC into Airborne divisions.
    - 10 EC into Mountaineer divisions.
    - 20 EC into Light Tank divisions.
    - 15 EC into Medium Tanks.
    - 18 EC into Heavy Tanks.
    - 7 EC into a Cruiser (to even it out ;) ).
    - 30 EC into Fighters.
    - 20 EC into Interceptors.
    - 10 EC into Long-range Bombers.
    - 16 EC into Short-range Bombers.
    - 44 EC banked.
    - Continue purges. Start a campaign of systematic terror in Ukraine, particularily the newly-captured regions - stomp out Ukrainean nationalism, just like we stomped out all those other movements.

    Espionage Orders:
    - Start organizing communist resistance movements in all the European Axis countries. Maintain HEAVY conspiration. Store up weapons, and slowly spread anti-government populist (but not communist yet, lest suspicion fall on us) propaganda. Cooperate with the Yugoslavians on these matters.
    - Also secretly incite tensions between Hungary and Romania by destabilizing Romanian Transylvania and distributing anti-Magyar pamphlets. Make it seem as if pogroms of the Hungarian minority are in preparation.
    - Prepare and launch communist coup d'etats in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. If a coup is succesful, have the newly-formed government announce the Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic and request us to let them into the USSR. If a coup is defeated, have the putschists spread out into the countryside and start an armed insurgency there, inviting the USSR to save the Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian people from fascist oppression (see military orders).
    - Start secretly sending "specialists" to America. They will assist Wallace in slowly, but surely propagandizing the virtues of socialism amongst the American masses...

    Military Orders:
    Army: 2 NKVD Infantry, 88 Infantry, 7 Motorized, 11 Airborne, 5 Marines, 14 Mountaineer, 11 Cavalry, 32 L-Tank, 11 M-Tank, 10 H-Tank
    Navy: 3 Battleships, 9 Cruiser, 24 Destroyers, 30 Submarines
    Airforce: 22 SR-Bomber (eSeR bombist? :lol: ), 1 LR-Bomber, 15 Fighter, 17 Interceptor
    - Fleets and air-fleets are divided like the last turn, proportion-wise.
    - In the West (European Russia), 1 NKVD Infantry (to stomp out Polish and other resistors), 44 Infantry, 4 Motorized, 4 Airborne (these will be used, if the enemy attacks, to quickly seal gaps or attack enemy supply depots), 4 Mountaineer, 2 Cavalry, 12 L-Tank, 4 M-Tank and 5 H-Tank will defend our territory, be ready to defend from a German attack, be ready to invade German Poland in a wide-front action in the event of Germany attacking Yugoslavia and, finally, be ready to take over the Baltic States (either by garrisoning them at the request of the post-coup socialist governments, either by bluntly conquering them; if need be, commit as many as 2/3 of our force here to subdue the Baltic States).
    - In the South (Caucasus, Central Asia), 11 Infantry, 1 Motorized, 2 Airborne, 6 Mountaineer, 6 Cavalry, 5 L-Tank will garrison the area, be ready to fend back any enemy attacks, and also prepare for operations against Iran and Afghanistan, with the aim of crushing local governments, perhaps with the use of airborne units, and the subsequent occupation of all strategic locations. Unless someone attacks one or either of these countries, or unless a major rebellion begins in one or either of those, don't launch the attack yet.
    - In the East (Far East), 1 NKVD Infantry (usual anti-diversant operations), 33 Infantry, 2 Motorized, 5 Airborne, 5 Marine, 4 Mountaineer, 3 Cavalry, 15 L-Tank, 7 M-Tank, 5 H-Tank will defend against a hypothetic Japanese attack, much like in the last turn.
  4. Kal'thzar

    Kal'thzar Chieftain

    Apr 1, 2005
    maybe later...

    Although intresting Orders...
  5. das

    das Regeneration In Process

    Apr 8, 2001
    Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
    Some more stuff - from Stalin's memorable Blut und Ehre NES (the first one):

    Spoiler :
    FFSR Orders:

    Diplomatic Orders:
    - Accept Bulgarian trade proposal.
    - Propose advanced trade to Austria (they accepted). Invest 3 eco. points into this.
    - Point out that the Russians sabotaged negotiations to the world community. Have our newspapers put things in the right angle, etc, to make sure we don't lose prestige.

    Domestic Orders:
    - Make a new call for volunteers. Spread wild rumors about Russian atrocities... in fact, I suspect that refugees from the south will soon spread some of that themselves. Make a pledge to "finish off the Tsarist beast". Basically, try to create a national feeling rather like that of OTL 1945 USSR, with a determination to get over with this all.
    - Grow SG once (convert 5 veteran divisions).
    - Upgrade 10 divisions into veterans.
    - Grow army four times (+20 divisions).
    - Set up a Provisional Government of the Free Slavic Republic of Transdonia, within FFSR. Provisional capital will be at Kursk. Try to find some volunteers here, especially amongst the Don Cossacks and the other "Ukraineanish" people in the region.

    Espionage Orders:
    - Usual activities.
    - Still try to form a puppet Russian government in Moscow. I'm sure we will find SOMEBODY willing to form it. If we happen to have the Duma handy with us... try to find collaborators in its own ranks.
    - The Russians just lost TWO capitals. This means that their government should a) seem weak and b) lose, even if temporarily, much control over Russia due to having to move to the provincial city of Nizhny Novgorod (i.e. it will take them some time to reestablish their political machine at a new place, basically they will have to start almost afresh, especially in distant areas). This should be exploited capably before they reestablish control. Incite rebellions of cossacks all over the Russian southwest, of serfs (did they free them? Even if they did, in OTL at least they were actually worse off at first due to not having much land, so they should be discontent), generally cause havoc. You said the cossacks would rebel if it seems like we're winning. It would seem that we are.
    - The status of Russian government itself does not seem to be clear, but anyway, act according to the Italian scenario - our agents are to organize a republican coup d'etat against the Tsar. Ofcourse, our agents will pretend to be Russian patriots and so forth. Remember - the Tsar practically abandoned the brave defenders of Moscow for the dead, continuously forgetting to put any forces to defend a vast and vital part of the front! How more incompetent one could get? So, organize a coup, or a civil war (that's better yet). If the coup succeeds, lend (again, secret) assistance to anti-Republican forces, etc, etc.
    - Our spies should organize anti-FFSR partisan movements in FFSR-occupied territories. See "1984". Also, infiltrate existing movements, help them in their initial operations to gain their trust... and then use it to undermine them. This wouldn't take care of ALL the partisans - but of a fair bit of them, I hope.
    - Continue to undermine the Polish rebels - play on Polish nationalism, on lots of bad blood with the Russians, etc. Also, separately, distribute pro-FFSR pamphlets, reminding them of the economic soundness of remaining within FFSR - after all, Poland IS prospering now. Get the peasants on our side - after all, they are the traditional enemies of any revolutions (see any revolution :p ) unless they are faring very badly themselves, which doesn't seem to be the case (we have a strong, healthy economy). Nationalism, at least in 1840s, is a dead letter amongst the peasants, so they should be on our side. By winning them over, we will be able to "besiege" the cities - simply put, peasants would be encouraged NOT to trade with the revolutionary cities (tell them that this is a part of our plan to restore stability peacefully, give them 1 eco. point in compensation and to make sure they are on our side), causing starvation there and making the the citizens themselves turn against the revolutionaries - bread is more important then liberty to the masses. The revolutionaries will either have to take the bread by force from the peasants (completely setting them against themselves), either will have their entire movement collapse. Also note that the only government forces they could be facing here are either POLISH militias, the only government officials are POLES and so forth. They should have some problems persuading their troops to attack the democratically-elected FFSR Polish government, and even if they do they will only increase the amount of their enemies within Poland.

    Military Orders:
    66 Divisions
    16 veteran divisions
    10 Elite divitions (Slobodenskaya Gvardiya)
    4 Polish volunteer divisions

    - 1 division is to defend Shevchenkograd.
    - Basics same as before - scouts, well-prepared artillery positions (to replace our "trenches"), etc.
    - 5 divisions are to be used as a reserve to intercept enemy flanking attacks and to seal the gaps in our lines.
    - 5 divisions will be also used as an emergency reserve, but apart from that they will defend our supply routes, hunt down partisans and garrison vital frontline cities.
    - 4 Polish volunteer (and other volunteer) divisions under Garibaldi are to harass the Russian forces in Crimea. Combined with bad supply situation, local partisans and the winter, plus the demoralization following the loss of Moscow and St. Petersburg, we should be able to turn this elite Russian unit into a demoralized mob. Or something not entirely unlike it.
    - Reorganize our army according to the new situation:
    Size - Name - Abbervation - Location
    10 divisions - Army of Poland - AoP - Poland, NW Belarus
    15 divisions, 4 veteran divisions, 2 SG divisions - Army of Belarus - AoB - Central Belarus
    10 divisions, 4 veteran divisions, 2 SG divisions - Army of Moscow - AoM - Moscow and thereabouts
    10 divisions, 4 veteran divisions, 2 SG divisions - Army of Transdonia - AoT - eastern Ukraine and southeasternmost of occupied territory in Russia
    4 veteran divisions, 4 SG divisions - Army of Kuban - AoK - Odessa
    10 divisions - Army of Dnieper - AoD - southern Ukraine
    15 Squadrons - Black Sea Fleet - BSF - Odessa
    - Austrian divisions will join the AoB.

    - AoP is to defend (with artillery positions, redoubts, use of terrain, etc) against the Russians and the Poles in their present location. Slowly retreat southwards, but make sure to slow the Russian advance down. If no attacks come, launch a limited offensive on the Russian positions in the Finnish Pribaltic (Lithuania).
    - AoB is to launch a northwards offensive, with 2 divisions to guard the left flank and 5 divisions, 2 veteran divisions, 1 SG division and one half of the Austrian corps splitting off to advance further east from it, intercepting enemy flank attacks and eventually outflanking any defenders that might come in the path of this northwards advance. The offensive is supposed to liberate northern Belarus, severe the supply routes of the Russian Pribaltic army and link up with the Finnish forces south from St. Petersburg, effectively pocketing the Russian army. Coordinate this with the Finns. Later into the year, try to crush the Russian army in the Pribaltic altogether. If we face defeat, start an orderly retreat to the northern border of Belarus, regroup, and launch a second offensive with the same objective.
    - AoM is to quietly retreat from Moscow, leaving just 1 division (mask our numbers, naturally) to guard it to the last, whilst it itself fights back the Russian flanking attacks on our positions here that we anticipate. After we drive back the attackers (and hopefully remove that annoying bulge between our occupied territory and Belarus), launch a three-pronged offensive on Moscow to retake it if need be (or, if we're lucky, just relieve it).
    - AoT will leave 3 divisions to defend its rear and left flank, while it itself will quickly move southwards, along the eastern coast of the Azov Sea, to completely severe the Russian supply routes in Crimea and to link up with AoK.
    - Even if the Russians try to build up a fleet in the Black Sea, they would not have enough time to prepare it for February. So, BSF will be able to quickly land the elite AoK at Novorossiysk to the east from Crimea (and then return to guarding our supply routes and severing Russian ones at Kerch). Owing to its eliteness, AoK should be able to quickly take Novorossiysk and move north to link up with AoT, thus completely trapping the Russian army in Crimea.
    - AoT is then to return to defending our positions on the Don, whilst AoK defends our positions east of the Kerch strait.
    - After the Russian army is trapped and demoralized (see above, about Garibaldi), the AoD will attack it (supported by BSF coastal bombardment) and hopefully either trap it in Crimea, or destroys it altogether. Naturally, offer them good surrender terms first - as they are in a hopeless situation, I doubt they would refuse.
    - Stalenko is still in charge, still is allowed to make changes, but we stress it that we need some decisive victories, and fast!
  6. Kal'thzar

    Kal'thzar Chieftain

    Apr 1, 2005
    I could post some orders from my NES's if you want

    Got them saved as txt files.
  7. tossi

    tossi Der kleine Prinz

    Nov 30, 2003
    Especially the last set :). I'm realy sorry. I just finnised my school stuff and now i will have some time to write some real orders for the next update :). Unless somebody invaded me, because then I would leave :D.

    I wish I had some of my old NES2 - I Russian Orders :).


    All those numbers in Gelions NES :D. But well organized. And those Blood and Honour orders are very interesting :).


    I like smileys ;).
  8. das

    das Regeneration In Process

    Apr 8, 2001
    Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk), Russia
    Do post (don't see why anyone would mind NOW).

    EDIT: That was to Kal'thzar.
  9. Kal'thzar

    Kal'thzar Chieftain

    Apr 1, 2005
    Spoiler :

    Bolshevik Orders

    Part 1

    From: VKP(b)
    To: Nestor Makhno (anarchist rebellions in Ukraine)

    Denikin and Kolchak still threaten both you and us. I do believe that an alliance is on order - after all,
    our ideologies
    have SOMETHING in common, whilst the Whites are fanatically opposed to anything like that.

    (he did side with us in OTL)


    Domestic Orders:
    - Mobilize. Enact massive conscription (basically, mobilize all men of suitable age; however, be sure to
    leave most of the war factory workers in place, or at least as much as we need to keep our army more-or-less
    supplied and armed). What we lack in quality will be made up for in quantity... and in leadership. We will
    begin accepting politically-unambitious Imperial Russian officers to command the army, most notably
    Brusilov (he did apply in OTL, and was an inspector for cavalry; here, the situation is more dire, and
    consequently so is our position). Ofcourse, the officers will be watched after carefully...

    - Parvus, or rather Alexander Izrael Helphand (a socialist who nonetheless is outrageously skilled at
    financial speculations and died one of the richest people in Europe), is to arrive at Moscow as an
    "advisor". He will be used in our espionage orders, where his skill is to be put to good use...
    But remember to keep watching him.

    He's too suspicious.
    - Grow stability once.
    - Grow intellegence once.
    - Invest into our economy twice.
    - Create UU: Konarmiya (light cavalry, very good at partisan actions/harrasment).
    - 1 eco. + 10 ind. into growing Konarmiya (+2,500).
    - 1 eco. + 5 ind. into growing infantry (+5,000).
    - 1 eco. + 10 ind. into growing artillery (+4,000).

    Espionage Orders:
    - Kolchak promised to defend the conquests of the February revolution, etc, etc... But its too late.
    The peasants wouldn't trust them; spread propaganda to make sure they don't. Also, remember - both Denikin's
    and Kolchak's support bases consist of military officers and the aristocracy, many of whom would take any
    attempts of reform as treason. Our agents (who will pretend to be from a reactionary organization) are to
    contact those discontent with the promised reforms and encourage them to take matters into their own hands,
    and to overthrow their leaders; basically, factionalize the White movement.

    - Spread rumors of White atrocities internationally. Our agents disguised as peasants fleeing will tell
    horrible tales of the White activities that are being carefully hidden by their dastardly leadership.
    - The large partisan movements in Kolchak-held territory, and smaller ones in Denikin's territory,
    will be encouraged to intensify activities. They will use villages, where there are sympathisers,
    as hideouts; however, the White counter-intellegence will be informed of this tactic (as a result of an
    interrogation of caught partisans; they'll merely be telling the truth). Even if the Whites don't order that
    , their troops, being unnerved (ofcourse, we'll make sure that the information leaks to them), will often
    shoot suspicious-looking peasants or even attack villages with suspect partisans. And that will help us

    More info (from Kolchak)

    -Try to steal any tanks the Entente bothers to send our way...
    - Remember - the interventionist countries are, for the most part, war-weary. Encourage socialists there
    to protest all and any intervention (they did do that in OTL - with a MAJOR intervention that I suspect
    to be possible, it will be worse).
    Organize riots, strikes, etc...
    - Try to organize communist revolutions all over Europe. Try to revive the Spartakusbund. Encourage
    support for Bela Kun in Hungary. Italy at the time is in particular unstable, with the feeling of
    being robbed of rightful gains; in OTL, it was frequently paralyzed by socialist riots. All they
    need is better coordination - try to get them that. Organize an armed uprising on the Russian model.
    It should find much support in Northern Italy, anyway. Also try to organize an uprising in Mexico...
    Generally, the purpose of all this is to create a major diversion for the Entente.
    - Support any attempt of leftist coup d'etat against Kolchak (as he's on the retreat right now, and
    generally was unpopular, we should at least be able to launch an open armed revolt in Eastern Siberia).
    - Continue the revolutionary terror - root out assassins, traitors, etc. Our agents are to form false
    resistance movements (ala 1984 - through them, we will gather everybody willing to rebel against us)
    that will also contact White agents, thus leading them to believe that there is a large anti-Red rebellion
    preparing. All White agents will be identified and watched after; if they try anything serious, they will
    be quickly apprehended and given to the angry mob (explain to the people that these are the people who
    are trying to ensure that bread, land and peace remain as distant from them as possible).
    - Parvus will use all of his connections, German and other, to find financial backing for our cause. He'll
    be able to think off something; in OTL, this did happen to a small scale, but Parvus should be able to make
    it a more serious effort. If need be, start secretly selling off possessions of the Romanovs - crown jewels,
    etc, etc. Find sympathizers who might want to donate for our cause.
    - Naturally, he will also use his German connections to cause as much trouble there as possible. And not
    just in Germany. In OTL, he single-handedly started a brief economical crisis in Russia by publishing a
    very erudite "Financial Manifesto" that conclusively described Russian economy as nearing collapse, causing
    panic amongst investors. Now, he'll do his best to repeat this in the European countries. Remember - they
    are just beginning to recover from the war, they're just rebuilding their economy. Also remember that the
    world economy after WWI was very unstable; the Great Depression could have happened earlier, hint-hint.
    I doubt I'll actually kick THAT off, but I do hope to weaken European economies by exposing their
    weakness and scaring people away. Cause panic! MAKE THEM TREMBLE, MUWHAHAHAHA. Ha.
    - Oh, and keep the communist organizations in Transcaucasian and Baltic states ready. They will support us
    as soon as we invade these countries (prepare to stage armed revolts that will be supported by our army;
    it worked in OTL, as we do have a fairly large amount of supporters in Transcaucasia and the Baltic States).
    Store up arms, spread propaganda, etc...

    Military Orders:
    - 75 biplanes will be used to intercept enemy bombers and also in reconaisance. Distribute them evenly
    between our various fronts.

    - 1/10 of our new conscripts, 500 artillery and 500 Konarmiya horsemen will defend the borders with the
    Baltic States and Finland, and the northern front (with the interventionists). The geography of the area
    is such that large armies are not needed in defense. Any large interventionist armies deployed are likely
    to suffer from horrific logistics, especially when combined with our guerrila warfare and sabotage.
    Combined with probably-low morale of the soldiers that just made it through WWI (and thus aren't
    enthusiastic about ) we should be able to paralyze their offensives. Encourage desertion from the
    interventionist armies (spread pamphlets in their languages); promise to arrange for their safe evacuation
    to Sweden (a neutral state that often dealed with the Bolsheviks). Parvus will be able to arrange it.
    Big propaganda victory, and some of those soldiers would probably spread word everywhere about how nice
    we are.

    - 6 destroyers, 4 cruisers are to be groupped at wherever they are, probably Petrograd, and used to defend
    it. Use their artillery against enemies that might attack the city; our sailors could also be used in
    street fighting to defend Petrograd, being amongst the most zealous supporters of the Revolution.
    Petrograd is to be defended to the last man, btw. Encourage women and children to take up arms and
    defend the city as well. Also, lay lots of sea mines in the Finnish Gulf. 5,000 infantry will be commited
    to help the defense of Petrograd, too.- Brusilov will command 200,000 infantry, 500 Konarmiya,
    1,000 artillery, 4/10 of the conscripts in Ukraine. The army will be divided into 3 parts - 20%, 10% and
    70%. 20% will strike south along the Dniepr, 10% will mask their numbers and strike east from Kiev
    (a false flanking move) whilst 70% will strike towards Odessa. Odessa's workers are likely to support us,
    especially the Jews due to the White pogroms. Our primary objective is to take Odessa and tie down White
    forces in north-central Ukraine; after Odessa is taken, 70% will swing northeastards, triking the
    defending White forces in the rear, hopefully pocketing them near Dnieper and annihilating them;
    after that is done with, consolidate gains, defend against any Ukrainean attacks and have 40% of
    the remaining troops advance eastwards, across the Dnieper, to confront the White forces
    on the Don and cooperate with Stalin's operations further east.

    - Stalin will command 200,000 infantry, 500 Konarmiya, 1,000 artillery, 3/10 of the conscripts, on the
    Volga. The army will be split up into two equal halves, 1 and 2. 1 will launch an offensive between Don
    and Volga, threatening Tsaritsyn (future Stalingrad). Whilst Whites are distracted, 2 will move south to
    Astrakhan, then cross Volga westwards and strike at Tsaritsyn from the south. Whites will either be
    trapped, either be forced to retreat westwards. If the latter happens, the reunited army will strike
    westwards (make sure to have Konarmiya screen our flanks), in coordination with Brusilov's forces
    attacking eastwards. This time, Whites will either be trapped, either annihilated. If its the latter,
    we should further exploit our successes and try to finish Denikin's Whites off altogether. But remember
    to watch out for traps. If we believe we can attack Crimea, be sure to launch an armed revolt there, or
    some diversion at least; otherwise, it will be nearly impossible.

    - Tukhachevsky will command 200,000 infantry, 1,000 Konarmiya, 1,500 artillery, 2/10 of the conscripts in
    Siberia. Split this force into three equal groups (1, 2, 3). 1 and 2 will advance along the Ob River. 2
    will strike first, towards Kolchak's HQ. This will draw White attention, and they will probably try to
    outflank it. Then, 1 will attack eastwards, but to the north from 2's offensive, outflanking some of
    enemy flankers and letting 2 concentrate on destroying the others, whilst 1 itself will press on
    eastwards, outflanking Whites and eventually taking Kolchak's HQ. After that, secure the rest of the
    region. With the loss of Ob region, Kolchak's defeat will be complete; his authority is still shaky
    elsewhere. 3, meanwhile, will destroy the Free Cossacks of the Ural River region, and incite armed revolts
    by the Russian (and other) workers in Central Asia against the brutal and egoistical basmachi warlords;
    3 will support any major revolts, ofcourse.

    - And Trotsky will, naturally, coordinate all this in his headquarters.

    - Tactics up to local commanders; however, make sure to make good use of partisans and diversants.
    They will sabotage enemy supply routes and artillery emplacements, warn us of their approach, create
    diversions, etc, etc. Konarmiya is to assist them in this, naturally. Also, workers in cities are our
    natural supporters and have lots to gain under us; thus, they should be only too glad to sabotage enemy
    production, riot and stage armed revolts (organize them for this, and give them arms once we know that
    we could trust them) when our troops approach their cities, making it much easier for us to capture them.
    Also, try to make sure to avoid trench warfare; shoudln't be hard, as in the open spaces of Russia there is
    plenty of maneuver space. Finally, as we have lots of troops... clearly we could afford to ignore

    Argentine orders
    - boost eco
    - boost eco
    - train infantry
    - train infantry
    - increase education
    - found a city somwhere to the large river

    Sweden Order
    Increase the economy, maily industry and production, and military, especially naval.

    Turkey orders

    -2 eco on Army training
    -2 eco on Stability
    -2 eco on Confidence

    -Officially disband the Ottoman Empire and create the Turkish Republic.
    Sultan Mehmed has been killed and Mustafa Kemal Ataurak of the Turkish Nationalist Party is now in power.

    -Move the capital to Ankara.

    -Create a democratic Turkey.
    Remove the Islamic Shariat Law, disband the Islamic Caliphate.

    -Institute separation between the Mosque and State to create a secular Turkey.

    "I have no religion, and at times I wish all religions at the bottom of the sea. He is a weak ruler who
    needs religion to uphold his government; it is as if he would catch his people in a trap. My people are
    going to learn the principles of democracy, the dictates of truth and the teachings of science.
    Superstition must go. Let them worship as they will; every man can follow his own conscience, provided
    it does not interfere with sane reason or bid him against the liberty of his fellow-men."

    -Legalize alcohol drinking, make wearing of Burka optional, guarantee freedom of religion, speech, etc…

    -Encourage the wearing of European attire. I will set an example by wearing European business suits.
    I want to discourage the wearing of Muslim attire and encourage Western attire.

    -Encourage woman to join the workforce.

    -Replace the Islamic calendar with the Gregorian calendar, teach English in schools in addtion to Turkish
    and make knowledge of English mandatory.

    -Make having an education until high school mandatory.

    -Guarantee education for both genders.

    -Create a Bill of Rights, which similar to that of the US that guarantees freedoms regardless of religion
    or gender.

    -Grant suffrage to women and allow them to vote. Give them equal rights to men in education, inheritance,
    divorce, and custody, etc ban polygamy that is widely practiced by Muslims.

    -Disband the Ottoman Imperial Army and Ottoman Imperial Navy. In its place create the Turkish Republican
    Army and Turkish Republican Navy.

    -The same soldiers and sailors will be allowed to serve in the new army and navy provided they take an oath
    of loyalty to the Turkish Republic and renounce all loyalties to the Ottoman Empire.

    -Send 50,000 Infantry to Istanbul area and fortify and entrench themselves on the Greek border.

    -The other 50,000 will go near Smryan and fortify and entrench themselves on the Greek border.

    -Should there be a Greek attack have my entrenched soldiers defend against them and force them to pay for
    every inch of land with blood. Go into mobilization and conscription if this occurs.

    -Encourage Turkish nationalism that Turkey should be reunified by force if necessary. I want to deplore the
    Greeks for their occupation of Turkish territory and villainies them. I want to blare propaganda making
    Greece out to be the enemy. I want to encourage volunteers to join the military to aid the Turkish cause.

    -Promote Turkish culture. Teach not only about the Ottoman Empire and Sejulik Turks in schools but about
    pre-Islamic civilizations as well. Encourage visual arts and allow depiction of the human form (Which Islam
    doesn’t allow.)

    -Encourage the writing, of books, magazines, the making of movies, music, opera, ballet, etc….

    -Turkey must modernize if it is to become a meaningful nation again and that involves removing the old
    conservative ideas that hamper growth and development and introducing new radical reforms.

    -There will be significant opposition to the reforms by conservatives as well as religious people.
    If necessary use the Army to ensure that the reforms happen.

    Czechoslovakia Orders
    9 To Spend

    2 on Economy
    2 on Industry
    2 on Education
    1 on Cavalry
    1 on Fighters
    1 to Bank

    Kikiri's Spine orders
    Take 4 eco. in loan and spend the 5 eco. all on improving economy.

    Continue working on the project to convert all the natives of Kamchatka to Kikiri's Spine which we are.


    Keep on recruiting and brainwashing young men and women to our cause and turning them into our soldiers.
    Remember that when the warrior females are not fighting and the civ. females population shall be
    impregnated on a constant basis to supply Kikiri's Spine with more and more and more believers.

    Kikiri's Spine
    Ruler: Ivan Allës
    Government: Theocratic Anarchy
    Capital: None
    Economy: Donations (0/3/0/4)
    Industry: 5
    Stability: Average
    Culture: Patriotic
    Confidence: Respecing
    Education: Dumb
    Army: 20,000 Hunter Infantry (UU, Vetren)
    Navy: 1 Destroyer (Inexperianced)
    Air Force:
    Projects/Techs: Divinity (Convert all natives to faith) (0, 15)
    Notes: Currently at war with the universe. The Spine is based out of fortified bunkers, secret hideous
    and bases along the coast of Kamchatka and further inland.

    Finland orders
    - grow industry with 3 eco.points
    - use 5 eco.points to build artillery
    - use one eco.point to improve economy.
    - UU - Finnish Jagers - Elite unit of Finnish army. They have the best weapons and training
    available, and are very patriotic.
    - Start researching new lightweight mortars, which could be moved by soldiers and could provide
    fire support in smaller attacks in the frontline. Give this project name "Karhu" which would be
    displayed in the stats. ( i don't want everyone to know about my new weapons...)
    - Then the main thing, attack to Soviet Russia! Plan: This campaing's objective is to take
    leningrad and seize the ships in it's harbour. Use artillery to shell enemy positions before
    attack, and use small teams which will penetrate the enemy lines and go past any larger
    fortifications, leaving those to the main forces and artillery coming after them. This way the
    soldiers in the first wave will be able to chace the enemy soldiers and prevent them from rallying.
    Defence: Garrison 10,000 soldiers to southwestern finland in case of any landings, and 5,000 soldiers
    to northen finland just in case if swedes decide to do something stupid. If landings or attacks
    are made, try to stop'em by furious counter-attacks, but if the enemy outnumbers my forces 2 to 1
    then just dig in and try to hold the positions.

    Japan Orders
    * 4 eco pts to increase training of army
    * 4 eco pts to train navy
    * 5 eco pts for bombers

    * spend 1/3 of forces to capture Manchuria that is in Anarchy

  10. Kal'thzar

    Kal'thzar Chieftain

    Apr 1, 2005
    Spoiler :

    Kolchak Orders

    These are provisional, I'll submit a later version of still possible tomorrow closer to evening...thank you!

    Firstly recruit as many men as possible
    Target the following people mostly:
    Cossaques, peasants, former military, military and semi-military school recruits, cadets, semi-military
    officers, small nationalities in controlled areas, former and current police and the like.
    To national units: you can fight for your new place in Russia. Bolsheviks will suppress you with Russian
    (dominant culture) we promise you some (far more than before) national freedoms.
    Cossaques – Bolsheviks will wipe out your Orthodox, traditional way of life. “Once again be saviours of
    Peasants – Bolsheviks will betray you as they did with Brest-Litovsk and Draconian Labour Laws. We need
    you and you need us for your freedom.

    First: assassinate all majour Bolshevik leaders especially Trotsky, Stalin, Lenin, Bukharin, Dzerjinsky,
    Zhelezniy Felix and others. Prepare assassinations in advance establishing sure ways of eliminating the
    enemies and ways of escaping after the attacks. Protect against military thing back in white-controlled

    Try and free families of some Imperial Officers working for Reds and evacuate them into Siberia. Then try
    and convert the Officers back.

    Polish Orders
    Use all economy that I can spend this turn on military increases:
    Specifically, use half of whatever economy I can spend in order to increase Infantry. Use the other half
    of the points I can spend to increase Cavalry.

    Use the new Cavalry, and 100,000 Infantry divisions, to attack into Red-Russian
    (that is Red-Russian/Bolshevik in Eastern Byelorussia, right?) Eastern Byelorussia. Spread propaganda
    in that the Byelorussians, if they cooperate with us, will be granted their own independent country.
    (Note to mod: Of course, I won't include Western Byelorussia which is already within my borders, but
    don't tell them that.)
    If my army manages to reach Minsk, then immediately establish a [Polish-friendly] administration there.
    (Hand-pick pro-Polish and especially anti-Soviet/anti-Russian/anti-Communist Byelorussians to sit on the
    Provisional Government council).

    Spread propaganda across Poland to encourage people to join in reconstruction efforts to build Poland's
    economy and infrastructure. Instill patriotism for the Polish Nation. (hopefully gain in confidence on

    Use the the rest of our Infantry to defend our borders with Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, but especially

    Italian Orders
    -Recruit Tanks x2 (2*60*200 = 24000)
    -Recruit Infantry x1 (1*60*1000 = 60000)
    -Recruit Fighters x1 (1*60*150 = 9000)
    -Recruit Bombers x1 (1*60*100 = 6000)
    -Increase Army training x1
    -Increase Air Force training x1

    OOC: These recruitment numbers seem very high. Are they correct?

    -Withdraw from the Anatolia and transfer those territories back to the Turkish Republic
    -Utilize 1 eco point to support Ahmed Zogu in Albania. That money is to be used for propaganda, campaigning, bribes,
    the hiring of street enforcers and muslce, and other coercion of the Albanian public into making Zog their leader.

    Military Orders:
    -Withdraw all troops from Anatolia
    -10000 Infantry in Eritrea
    -10000 Infantry in Italian Somaliland
    -20000 Infantry, 100 Biplanes, and 500 Fighters in Libya
    -20000 Infantry, 150 Biplanes, and 500 Fighters in Rhodes
    -20000 Infantry and 1500 Fighters in Sardinia
    -20000 Infantry and 1000 Fighters in Sicily
    -110000 Infantry, 24000 Tanks, 5500 Fighters, and 6000 Bombers in Italy
    -4 Cruisers in Rhodes
    -2 Battleships, 28 Destroyers, 12 Cruisers in Taranto

    Norway Orders
    - Spend 4 eco pts. on increasing troop training to veteran status
    - Spend 1 eco pts on training new troops(1*1000*35=35,000)
    - Spend 2 eco pts. into our spy network
    - Spend 1 eco pts for a cruiser (not sure which you'd categorize it as)
    - Spend 1 eco pt for tanks (1*20*35=700)

    Denikin's White Russians
    Ruler: Anton Ivanovich Denikin / Stormbringer
    Government: Military junta
    Capital: Odessa
    Economy: Recession (0/7/0/0)
    Industry: 15
    Stability: Unstable
    Culture: Strongly Cultured
    Confidence: Respecting
    Education: Educated
    Army: 100,000 infantry (Trained)
    Navy: 5 destroyers (Green)
    Air Force:

    7 eco to spend.
    UU: Cossacks - People who have been living in Southern Russia since Peter the Great and made a
    living by husbandry and warfare. They defended the Southern Russian borders for generations and
    when the Bolshevik threat came the independant-minded cossacks joined the White Army under their
    Ataman Denikin. They are brilliant cavalryman who know Southern Russia like the back of their hand
    and have weilded weapons since they were kids.

    4 eco into Cossacks
    3 eco into Infantry

    Strategy - Bolsheviks are very unpopular in Ukraine, so we are going to go ahead and use that to our
    advantage. Send troops to the cities and villages, rally the people and organize defences against the
    Reds who are definatly coming. I am not sure who the white blobs in Ukraine are but I am sure that we
    can convince everyone to unite against the Red threat, none in Ukraine want Communsim. Prepare each city
    and village with barricades and arm the people. about 1/3 of the Cossacks and almost all main troops will
    be stationed in the city in Northern Ukraine. When the Cossack scouts report the Red Army aproaching the
    troops will leave the city, only some will remain in the barricades. Once the Reds begin the assault our
    troops led by Cossacks will attack from the back and the sides destroying the Red Army there.

    In the East, the area between the two rivers and in the South is the heartland of the Cossacks.
    Try to find as many as we can who will be willing to join us. Organize a Cossack resistance and the army
    and be prepared to attack any Red Advancement coming into the area. If it is clear the Reds are not coming
    then surround Astrakhan but dont take it, it will surrender by itself soon enough.

    God Save the Tsar!

    These are kinda rushed, Ill send troop placements next turn, for now, have my troop spread as so:

    20,000 in Subsahara Africa
    70,000 in the Middle East.
    5,000 in Gibraltar
    5,000 in Newfoundland
    50,000 in Egypt and Sudan
    100,000 in India
    20,000 in Malaysia/Singapore
    30,000 in Britain

    Navy will be spread out, but have 40% of it in North Sea/North Atlantic.

    -Withdraw from Russia and Turkey. Continue to supply, however, White Russia. Leave administrative
    division in Turkey to surpervise the straights.

    -Invest 5 into eco, 3 into building more tanks.

    9 points into economy.

    3 points into education.

    Withdraw from Russia.

    Start Technology: Typewriter- It invents the Thompson submachine gun. This project is secret.

    I don’t think that anyone is going to invade me so I am not going to send defensive plans this turn,
    they will be sent next turn. also Panama was independent at this time.


    8 eco into training my army two levels

    Start a Military project, one to raise my army by 300,000 men, by conscripting and putting them through
    extensive pro-King Peter I pan-slavic propaganda. Since it is over time, it should be cheaper than if
    i bought it all at once. (kinda like in Goobnes)

    Start another project to encourage Unity under our great King, a pan-slavic sorta propaganda thing.
    It basically teaches of the superiority of the Slavic races in schools and how our great King will
    lead our slavic race from the gutter to a position of world power in Eastern Europe. Also encourage
    Christian Uniformity in these messages. Posters, radio adresses, news reel type things (if we have
    those theatres like they used to have yet) to send out the message.

    Ok last project I promise :p. This project creates roads, ports, uilds a complex series of advanced
    railroads across the empire. Call this "The Great Cultural Revolution", and, OOC:, soon itll be more
    like Mao's . IC: Overall it is just a infrastruture-economy increasing project.

    Reply with the prices of all these as soon as u can please


    Spend 2 eco points to increase the industry level by 10. If I can't do that, just spend one on that
    and use the other to increase eco. The other six go to: adding a training level to our infantry (4
    points, goes up to Trained), 40,000 more infantry (1 eco point, since I assume that the new ind point(s)
    do not get included in the multiplication. If they do, great, I have 50,000 more troops), and 40 (or 50)
    more destroyers, assuming that the multiplier of industry does not affect navy, or else I would have 1600
    destroyers coming into my navy. Sounds a little high.

    Army organization

    First Army: Commanded by Gen. Theodoros Pangalos. Located in Smyrna and the surrounding area, also can
    move to support Aegean islands in event of an amphibious invasion. Numbers appr. 75,000 men, organized
    into divisions of 15,000 men each, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Divisions. Dug in as below.

    Second Army: Commanded by Gen. Ioannis Metaxas. Located in Thrace, near the Turkish border. Has authority
    to evacuate civilians if war seems imminent (which it does). Dug into trench system, similar to the German
    one of WWI, with switchbacks to avoid enfilading fire, bunkers ten feet below ground to protect from
    shellfire, and sap points below ground at random intervals to discourage tunnelers. Numbers appr. 30,000
    men, organized into divisions of 15,000: 6 and 7 Divisions.

    Third Army (Reserve): Under command of the Chiefs of Staff, similar in organization to other organizations
    of the same name around the world, and don't tell me that Chiefs of Staff didn't exist because the Germans,
    French, and Russians had very well-developed systems in the 1870s. It shouldn't take nearly fifty years to
    filter into other nations. Numbers (the remainder of our men, either 10,000 or 20,000) organized into the
    8th Strategic Division. Located in Attica and Boeotia, able to move to other areas of the front to assist
    troops there. Should be stripped down, with only light field artillery guns, minimum staff, etc.

    Standing defensive orders: Plan A (The Turkish Attack in Smyrna)

    I Army should be dug in similarly to II Army, it's in the orders, anyway. The trench line should follow a
    ridgeline that looks to be just inside Greek control, according to the map I see on Google. I can't read
    it too well, though, so either take my word for it or do some research. However, while the line parallels
    the ridge, it should be on the reverse slope, with small outposts on the military crest of the ridge, so
    that we can direct artillery onto the enemy on the other side of the ridge, and while they have peaked
    the ridge and crossed over to the other side. Have the men set up machine-gun nests every so often, like
    the Germans, and just go for a defense in depth. However, to fight tanks, make sure we can call in very
    quick field artillery to hit the tanks on the top, to neutralize them. Shock attacks like in the Napoleonic
    age are pointless and waste men. We should not let them entrench, and should sally from our own trench
    network to attack any they might have inside our territory, while directing counterbattery fire onto enemy
    artillery to keep them from pinning our troops down under a barrage. Make sure to bring some MGs along with
    every fifty men or so and have designated ammo bearers and gunners, to clear up anything about that. Of
    course, barbed wire around our trench line is essential, with holes cut in every so often at random
    intervals, with snipers posted to track those locations. Do not under any pretense attack the Turkish
    forces, not even as a preemptive strike. Even if we see enemy military preparations, simply infiltrate
    spies to watch and possibly to sabotage. Watch and wait, and when they make a move at us, we can have
    our network ready. If possible, recruit from the Turkish part of Smyrna, promising them whatever it is
    that governments promise spies in return for service; and keep an eye on them with counterspies to
    eliminate them in case they attempt to turn informer. Naturally, do not inform the intelligence-gathering
    spies of this, to keep them from actively trying to get away from these counterspies. Anyway, just hold
    in Smyrna, and keep the supply lines open, which is discussed later. In Thrace, open a small front, mainly
    raiding, while keeping the majority of troops in the area of the trench line, able to get there rapidly.
    Use any leftover cavalry units to accomplish this.

    Standing defensive orders: Plan B (The Turkish Attack in Thrace)

    Similarly to before, we want a reverse-slope defense, and to hold them. As in the other plan,
    launch raids on the enemy in Anatolia with light and cavalry units, avoiding committing too
    many troops for fear of some kind of trap, which is like a Turk basic tactic, they always try
    an ambush. Shift the Strategic Reserve as needed, as before.

    Standing defensive orders: Plan C (The Turkish Attack on Both Fronts)

    Here, we want to stay on the defensive on both fronts as in both plans combined and mount an amphibious
    assault on land not far north of Smyrna, to relieve pressure there. Just bombard it heavily with our navy
    and then push the troops through as rapidly as possible. Get heavy protection around the docks in preparation
    for the assault so no Turks are able to tell anyone. Push inland as rapidly as possible, and then, when we
    meet heavy resistance, cover with some infantry and cavalry, and entrench at the best available ground.
    Use the navy to raid all along the Turkish coastline without getting squashed by a larger enemy force,
    and cross the T whenever possible in a battle, as that is a decisive advantage (last seen in OTL at Leyte Gulf, 1944).

    Remember, these are strictly defensive orders, and we don’t want to provoke a Turk assault. International
    opinion is generally on the side of those attacked. Seeing as we have a legitimate reason to own Smyrna,
    the world will be on our side if we are attacked. The only case for war is if we are attacked, so there
    is no issue there. There should be nothing else noteworthy.

    Saudi Arabia
    Abdul Aziz ibn-Saud stood in his Palace in Unayzah and thought about what happen't the day before, he walked alone
    in the garden of the royal palace of Unayzah when he saw a light come towards him, he had to close his eyes, and he
    heared a voice speaking in the old language of Saudi Arabia, the voice was very magical as it was from heaven itself.
    the voice said "I am Allah, do not be afraid, for you are the true excessor of my ancestors, I come here to say to you
    that you have to unite all the Arabic world, to start with Hejaz, Asir and Yemen, first we have to try it with diplomacy
    so you Abdul Aziz ibn-Saud have to speak to the UK and the other countries."
    though it was a moment of heavenly power and grace Abdul Aziz ibn-Saud was not scared, he knew deep in his heart that he
    was chosen. Abdul knew he had to tell the world about this moment of revelation, he knew that the Islamic world had to be
    united to stand strong against any other form of religion. Abdul Aziz was a man that respected any other religions but he
    knew that it was time to show especially the Christians that the Moslim world was not one to be trifled with.

    So Kal'thzar could you post this story in the update along with the diplomatic question to especially the UK to sell or
    give the territories whom will belong to the Islamic world.

    Also Saudi Arabia will ask the USA to trade with them.

    And from now on the land will be named Saudi Arabia Union with Abdul Aziz as ruling and devine King

    South Africa
    bank 5 econ poitns towards growing econ,
    put 1 into industry
    put 2 on training my infantry to the next level (which is trained i believe)
    use the last point to build a dam (nothing to big) to generate more power hence increasing the out put of
    industries along the river, and also cities by 25% (like in civ3!!) if thats to much then just build water mills
    along the river to improve industry production by 10% at key poitns obviously

  11. andis-1

    andis-1 The Hedgehog

    Nov 26, 2004
    ok i found one old orders from the famous ITNES I. Note the graphically stunning drawings ;)
    Spoiler :

    - continue project
    - Increase tariffs in trade centers to get 2 spending points. (this turn only)
    - sacrifice eco level
    - build ships with 4 eco points
    - increase navy training with 1 evo point
    - build more army thousands with one eco point and more UU's with one eco point.
    - Start special propaganda campaign to improve the culture and confidence of my people. Order priests to make pro-war speeches and start worshipping great military leaders and soldiers, make them look like saints. Encourage people to participate in the war-efforts against the evil punic empire of Garthage and it's vassals. Put 3 eco points into this propaganda campaing.
    - Agree on the land trade with huns. (I give my bosborian holdings for the lands south of caucasus). All citizens who don't wish to live under hunnish rule can move to the new lands in the east.

    Egyptian campaing:
    Continue my attack southwards along the Nile. Split my army there into 3rd and 4th army both equal in size. 3rd army attack along the western bank of nile and 4th on the eastern bank. Use my cavalry to protect the flanks of my armies and send scouts to all directions to look for enemy army or troops trying to flank the army. When another one of my armies meet the enemy, avoid combat and take good defensive positions on a high ground so that enemy won't dare to attack. Meanwhile the other army will cross the river, cut off enemy army's supply routes and then attack from behind. Use cavalry charges to divide the enemy army into smaller clusters of troops, then encircle and destroy them.
    Take some of the high priests and other popular higher-class people as hostiges. If peasants try to rebel, kill the hostages.
    The navy which escorted my troops to Egypt will withdraw back to mainland, take the new troops with them and then go to Greece.

    Withdraw my troops and navy from Italy to form a new coalition fleet in Greece.

    Attack to Constantinopole:
    Assemble navy of 30 ships and army of 20 thousands and 10 UU thousands. (20 of these are the same units withdrawn from italy and 10 are new ones).
    First capture the Egyptian trade center above Constantinopole. Land troops just outside the city and surround it. Make simultaous attack from the land and sea (small amount of troops to city's harbour as usual) and crush the defences before they can really prepare themselves. Once city is taken send the fleet to meet up with the coalition fleet at malta. The land army starts invasion to Constantinopole. (or trade union whatever!)

    Lure Constantinopolitan army to a open field, where my cavalry has the advantage. Battle plan:
    Place 2/5 of my infatry to left wing and 2/5 to right wing, and only 1/5 of my troops to the centre. Cavalry will be placed behind the wings.
    Center will be placed couple hundred metres closer to the enemy than the wings (to make sure that enemy engages it first). It's likely that center won't hold out for long, so after some fighting the center will make a FAKE(!) retreat. (Inform my men about this before the battle so that they don't think that it's real and panic.) Lure whole enemy center to follow my retreating troops, and wait untill they are at the open fields couple hundred meters behind my wings and then wipe them out with one massive cavalry charge. After enemy forces are destroyed, my cavalry can attack from the center and surround enemy's left and right wing. Here's also a little map...

    After Constaninopole is taken, take all male population as slaves and send them to my mainland to work at farmlands and mines. They are not allowed to use their own names, worship their gods nor have childs.

    Coalition Fleet:
    (Finmaster has been online only once during this week so he didn't get the information about the fleet being under my command. Dachs should mention in his orders that both Roman and Dacian fleets are under my command.)
    Rome and Dacia will also send their navies to Greece, where they will join with my navy (60 ships).
    3 army thousands + 3 Greek voluntary thousands will be loaded onto the ships. Once navy is organised and prepared, set sails to malta. On the way to malta search for the enemy fleet with scout ships. If fleet is spotted, change the course and attack it. If it's not spotted, then continue to malta and attack. Camouflage couple ships into Carthagian or trade federation ships and use them to make suprise attack to city's harbour.
    My other invasion fleet will join with coalition's fleet here at malta, and once they have joined the fleet sets sails again. It will start searching for enemy fleet at the tyrrhenian sea (the sea above sicily).

    When the enemy fleet is encountered, use this tactic:
    Romand and Dacian ships will be placed at the center. Gather all Dacian juggernaughts to the centre and form a spearhead out of them. This spearhead will thrust into enemy centre and try to split the enemy fleet into two. At the same time with the Juggernaught attack, my left and right wing will move onto enemy sides and make spearhead attacks to the enemy flanks. Simultaous spearheads from several directions should shatter enemy formations and make them unable to make proper countermeasures.
    Here is another map, just to give you the big picture.
  12. tossi

    tossi Der kleine Prinz

    Nov 30, 2003
    Kal'thzar could you please make a *spoiler*bla*/spoiler* tag around your orders? If everybody would just post his 3 PMs orders this thread will get rather hard to read :D.


    :D andis. Just look at my drawings, they aint any better.
  13. Finmaster

    Finmaster The White Ghost

    Apr 13, 2003
    "grow economy". That's my favourite.
  14. erez87

    erez87 Lord of Random

    May 16, 2002
    Lod, Israel
    HELL! those are HUGE orders!

    The only time I had orders nearly as long as this were as Portugal in stjnes5 and I had to rule a vast empire covering lands over 3 continent!!! not a stinking islands rebellion... damnnnn
  15. RoddyVR

    RoddyVR Veteran Board NESer

    Mar 29, 2002
    Russian in US
    those orders are insane.
    i dont think i've writen orders that long EVER.

    in story games, i've been carefull to clearly split the long story from the short and clear orders.
    and in board games if anyone send me orders that long, i'd kick them out of the game. :jk:

    i think the vast majority of my orders have been visible on a single page of the PM screen. i like breaking things down in order that they have to be done in the update (ie, buying stuff first, moving it later, diplomacy with other players at the end)
  16. Kozmos

    Kozmos Jew Detective

    Jun 21, 2004
    Sitka District
    Hey isnt this like uncovering our secrets!?We cant give our secrets up!
  17. Kal'thzar

    Kal'thzar Chieftain

    Apr 1, 2005
  18. Kozmos

    Kozmos Jew Detective

    Jun 21, 2004
    Sitka District
    Where did you play Yugoslavua Kal'thzar?
  19. Kal'thzar

    Kal'thzar Chieftain

    Apr 1, 2005
    I didn't. Those were others orders from my NES: After 1919
  20. BananaLee

    BananaLee Fruity Penguin

    Nov 3, 2004
    Auckland, New Zealand
    I think every single set of orders I still have has some silly secret or the other I don't want to give up.. Not that it helped me...

    *But I wasn't most Cunning in ITNES for nothing.. :p*

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