Sid Meier posts in newsgroup?!


Oct 25, 2000
Just spotted this post made by Sid Meier in the newsgroup about a bug in SimGolf. The message was posted only 15 minutes ago. This is the first time I found a post made by Sid in newsgroups! :)

The SimGolf patch which corrects the 500k tournament
bug has been submitted to Maxis and should be available
later today or tomorrow (Wednesday). I apologize for the
disruption this has caused. A lot of people worked very
hard to make SimGolf the best game that they could.
Thanks especially to those of you who provided a detailed
and clear description of the circumstances surrounding
this problem. I hope that in the coming days we can
talk about game play, strategies, cool things that you've
built with the game, and features you'd like to see.

The patch should appear first on the SimGolf web
site which went live today at,
in addition there are a number of fan sites appearing
for the game. I''l try to let you know as soon as the
patch is up.

- Sid M.

Sid also made another thread about SimGolf here and posted in a few other SimGolf threads.

Will we see Sid post in a Civ forum/newsgroup someday? :confused: :king:
Originally posted by ren
Haha! *pounces on email address*
Errrr, well thank you for the e-mail ren. Finally you guys discovered me. It's me, Sid M.

:D :D :D :D
Not for real!!!!!:p
I don't know whether or not Sid posts anywhere but if he does I think it's highly unlikely he will use his own name.
Nobody will believe him anyway. Just imagine:
- Hi I'm Sid.
- Yeah sure!
- No really, I am...
- Prove it!!!
Well there you go.;)
Originally posted by GenghisK
Well, as weird as it may seem, Sid doesn't play Civ a lot :p
Exactly like John Carmack doesn't play Quake. No time as first reason bit also they play something else :)
I am sure they get plenty of playing time in while making the game, oh, not playing time, "Testing" time. ;)
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