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Jan 9, 2003
SGOTM 20 - Spreading The Faiths

Sign up NOW for the next SGOTM, featuring Deckhand's first SGOTM with a hand crafted map and scenario from guest map maker, BSPollux.

Your team will play as Mehmed II, the Defender of Faiths, and you are in charge of what's left of the Ottoman Empire.

Just a few years ago your glorious capital was flourishing under your King's rulership and you and your men were proud to protect its borders against all foes. Your people engaged in trade and cultural exchange with various foreign tribes and the future seemed bright.

But it all changed when all the different preachers arrived. When the foreigners brought their beliefs to your city, the King tried to prevent them from spreading and caused great unrest. And now, you find yourself at the height of a devastating civil war. Your King is dead and the capital is burning.

You took your loyal guard with you as well as a small group of your subjects. They have followed you to the northern border of your nation to rebuild your empire.

Your guard is well trained: The warrior and the archer both have the city garrison promotion and your scout is an experienced medic.
The people that will settle your new city know about The Wheel, Fishing and Agriculture, but they lack any higher education.
Your former capitol lays to the south. The last time you saw it it was burning and the people were fighting in the streets. It might be dangerous to go back anytime soon.

Your goals
You have sworn to rebuild your empire and to ensure such madness will never be repeated, by encouraging and not suppressing faith. To do so...

Take control of the Religions! - Only you (or your vassals) may own a Holy City.
Bring them together! - Each of your cities has at least two religions. There are at least seventy temples in your cities.
Promote Equality! - You must adopt and stay in Free Religion upon learning Liberalism.
End the madness! - You will be told how to do that after you capture three Holy Cities or when you have met every other civilization.
Prove that you are a worthy ruler! - You win the game in any way but conquest.

Visit the Sign-up Thread to see the full game details and rules.

The theme of the game is shown on the right (click it if you prefer a boring old starting point image).

The Sign-up Thread is now open, and a Pre-game Discussion Thread is also available.

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