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Jan 15, 2003
The Thing 2
Who Goes There?

The last light in the International Research Station has gone out. Not that it matters; the inferno's glow will last through the night. And there you are, huddled in the debris. All you hear are the hissing wind and staccato pops as the electrical generator falls apart. But then...muffled footfalls. Short catches of breath. A shadow grows larger...

Who goes there?

This is another Mafia game based on John Carpenter's The Thing, supersized for the Thing's newly expanded appetite. Scientists at an Antarctic base have to match wits against a shapeshifting beast from another world, another age.

Sign-ups are now closed. Game starts this Monday, March 11 at 6:00 PM CST.

1. NinjaCow64
2. NPC
3. Buddhafish
4. spaceman98
5. NPC
6. topsecret
7. Autolycus
8. Terran_Emperor
9. Optical
11. The_Black_Knigh
12. azzaman333
13. Kennigit
14. BSmith1068
15. Gone 3 The Celt
16. Mat93
17. Jarrema
18. cardith_lorda
19. BigTin
20. NPC
21. NPC
22. NPC
23. NPC
24. NPC
25. NPC
26. NPC
27. NPC
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30. NPC
Big Rule: Stay active in this game! This game is more sensitive than others on player participation. You have been warned.


Spoiler :
A day phase will last 48 hours, during which the town will vote on lynches and divvy up items.

A night phase will last 24 hours, during which everyone will send in night actions.

Adjusted Lynch Rules

Spoiler :
Lynches are performed by blasting the lynchee with a flamethrower. The flamethrower requires gas cans to operate.

Every present player (that is, not investigating for more than one phase -- Cube) MUST vote during the Day Phase for a player to be lynched by the town. Votes must be bolded. Vote: Tags are optional. For a retraction, either strike through (If you don’t know how to do that, it is done using the tags) your old vote or Unvote: it. I won’t penalize you for not unvoting correctly, but please do it anyway, to make my tallying easier. And don’t edit posts with votes in them unless you feel like making me angry.

If you repeatedly miss votes or even don’t post at all, I will send you a kindly reminder via PM to get your gluteus maximus to the thread and vote. WoG’s and replacements will be at the discretion of the GM. You can also request a replacement, and I’ll try to find one.

Abstain and No Lynch are allowed. If you vote No Lynch, you must vote for another action the town should do instead. If the town has a mixed vote, the vote with the highest plurality wins.


Spoiler :
While alive and not investigating for more than one phase, you may communicate with other players however you wish. If you are absent from a Day phase because you are investigating, you may not post in the thread or exchange PMs. If you are killed by the Thing, you may not post or PM anywhere about the game except in the Dead QT. If you are chosen by the Thing as an impersonated identity, you can post as normal, under the directions of the Thing player. Dead players may be PMed as normal until revealed as killed. However, any replies must be first approved by the Thing player.

Room Investigations

Spoiler :
During night, a player can investigate any available room through an action sent to the GM. Some rooms may take more time to look around, requiring at least two phases. This is completely optional; you will always have the chance of finding at least something in one phase. If you want to dig deeper, you can try to press your luck by investigating another phase. However, doing this will mean you will not be present for lynch voting during the day.

Items and Machinery

Spoiler :
Various items are available during investigations, including gas cans that are necessary for lynching. You have the option of either keeping the item for your personal use or sharing it with the town. If the option is there, you may also choose to forgo the item for generic raw parts. Again, you may share these parts (a fraction or all) with the town or keep them for yourself. Different machines can be upgraded with raw parts to benefit the town.

Death and Thing Mechanics

Spoiler :
The Thing operates differently this time around. No, I'm not telling how. :satan: Watch the 1982 film to get a better idea.

Deaths will not be publicly posted unless the town lynches someone or confirms a kill.

Victory Conditions

Spoiler :
Why yes, there are more than one. Obviously, if you destroy the Thing, the town wins. Explore the facility to unlock additional victories.

Please ask questions if any of this is confusing. I'll edit accordingly.
Invaders from outer space!!!
The Thing will be defeated again. Cuz I'm in.
insert "in" pun joke right in here.
In, of course.
Quick question, when do you think this game will get underway? I'm going to be unavailable for the week of the 17th, should I unsign up?
Quick question, when do you think this game will get underway? I'm going to be unavailable for the week of the 17th, should I unsign up?

Maybe that would be wise. Thanks. I'll take your name off for now.
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