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(SIGN UPS) SuperVillain-FragileJustice-HP-alidocious: A Mafia Adventure!

Discussion in 'Mafia/NOTW' started by Kennigit, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. Kennigit

    Kennigit proud 2 boxer

    Apr 29, 2007
    gatech alum
    EDIT August 9th: Remake20s game successfully launched first and went, but at this time I don't have time to fully GM this as I'll be off to university.
    I can shorten this game to a 20-27 person game with a similar feel but a different theme.

    Sign ups on hold; game on hold

    The Teaser

    Spoiler :
    Kennigit found himself in a strange place where he knew no one else: he had no connections, no information, no weapons…..no power. No one knew how they get here, but as long as he was here, he wanted to ensure he was at the top of the totem pole.

    So, he looked at what his competition would be. He became scared for the first time in his life. They were super villains, criminals, mob bosses all around. "My God," he thought to himself, "everyone has a face of evil…." Already, everyone formed small factions and began to form their cliques, but Kennigit was alone. He had to do something quickly; he realized he would either be the shankee or the shanker in this new place. He stood up, and with a robust booming voice declared,

    ---"All you treacherous villains here, I am not afraid. I am strong. I will be the leader here, and none of you will take me down. I will survive. I am the most powerful here! Challenge me if you must, but you will only feel my wrath. You are no match for my cause. I Will Win!"

    He knew what he did that night took courage. He was nervous that he made himself a target to the killers of the town. Indeed, he did hear murmurs rumbling through the crowd whether the town should lynch or kill Kennigit. But he would not be scared by any threats and he knew he was strong. He was sure that he would survive the day and become the leader of the town in the next night.

    But just as he started to get up, Kennigit felt something lurking in the light. Something was wrong—someone had come to kill him. He ran for his life.

    The villagers were in the foyer when they suddenly, they heard someone running. The villagers were all accustomed to seeing fear, but they were always the ones who caused it. Kennigit came into the foyer, bloodied up, and collapsed into the center of the pentagram. The villagers watched as he coughed up blood and struggled to speak. Finally, he gathered the strength to scream his final phrase:

    "There are INNOCENTS among us!"

    He then promptly died. So it goes.

    Posting is now open

    1. landlubber
    2. classical_hero
    3. Zack
    4. Earthling
    5. Domination3000
    6. Arakhor
    7. Takhisis
    8. civplayah
    9. Renata
    10. mgsmuhammad
    11. remake20
    12. choxorn
    13. Owen Glyndwr
    14. Taillesskangaru
    15. Pinman
    16. Wideyedwanderer
    17. Nictel
    18. SilentConfusion
    19. Duke Blackstone
    20. CaesarPlayer995
    21. bestrfcplayer


    EDIT: Remake20s game will start before this game /EDIT

    Feel free to ask any questions; I will try to answer them promptly. And you can do so in this thread as others may have the same questions as you.

    Let me remind you though that many of you probably can play multipel mafia games at once. And as explained in the FAQ, although this game has a lot of action, you do have a faction and other members to help you along. As long as each faction can have 1 dedicated active person, he/she can give a quick summary to the other faction members of what is going on in the thread, etc. Hopefully, you'll be drawn into the game and have fun and thus make you be active; but, if all else fails or real life makes you busy, you still can probably play. It's up to you.

    Roles are assigned randomly but I can juggle for certain requests.
  2. Kennigit

    Kennigit proud 2 boxer

    Apr 29, 2007
    gatech alum
    Quick Overview of the game (read FAQ for full overview):

    This is a multifaction mafia game where there is an overarching innocent vs. mafia theme. Characters are based off of literature, movies, and some other places.

    Every faction has certain objectives--the traditional "mafia" is the innocents in this game, and the traditional "innocent/townies" are the "mafia." Traditional "night" actions are done during the day (as innocents kill during the day), and lynches are done during the night (where mafia usually do their kills). So the roles are reversed, and the mafia outnumbers the innocents.
    It is important that you play the game suggested to you in your Faction PM. As a multifaction game, many factions have "enemies"--that is, factions that you are supposed to eliminate. Remember, everyone is "evil" in this game-- the townies are villains too. You should be very reluctant to reveal information to people not in your faction-- remember, there are Innocents hiding among you, and you never know who is trying to kill you or steal your items.

    However, in case people get confused by the reversal of mafia/innocents, I will also refer to everything as Red vs. Blu [team fortress 2 reference, but I will tell you tf2 is not in the game], with a "voting phase" and an "action" phase. Innocents are Blu, and Mafia are Red. Night, or the voting phase, lasts 48 hours. Day, or the killing phase, lasts 24 hours.

    Vote phase/Night: 48 hours
    Action Phase/Day: 24 hours
    Anti-Town: Innocents/Blu
    Town: Mafia/Red

    Unlike typical mafia games here at cfc, this game incorporates an HP system. HP stands for Hit Points--your health bar. The role PM format will be like so:

    Items (if you begin with items):

    Background story: Every character will have a background story for the role, whether it's humorous or educational.

    Hit Points/HP (out of 20):
    Strength/STR (out of 10):
    Personal Goal/PG:

    Faction PM:

    Just about every single person has an ability. There are many items in the game that do various things. I won't tell you what the items or how many there are, but with an HP system you can imagine there are some healing abilities/ways to reduce damage. The multifaction system will be very neat.
  3. Kennigit

    Kennigit proud 2 boxer

    Apr 29, 2007
    gatech alum
    Frequently Asked Questions (longer overview of the game):
    Spoiler :

    Q: Why is the title SuperVillian-FragileJustice-HP-alidocious? How long did it take you to come up with the title? What other nicknames are there for the game?

    A: The title is supposed to be a pun of the Mary Poppins word. It was very quick to come up with. After choxorn said he would make a "game of awesomeness," I was forced to explain that word on the street was that my game had nicknames such as:

    20,000 Awesomes under the CFC
    Dr. Awesome or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mr. Kennigit (Love helped/is helping with this game)

    But, the title has vital information inside of it.

    1: SuperVillain- The "townies" are split into factions that are a collection of evildoers similar to themselves. Mostly everyone, even the innocents/Blu, are an evil characters; factions are strong and have objectives to compete against other factions, often to kill another "townie" faction. Every is aligned against the Innocents/Blu, but they are also greedy sinners who seek power for themselves and are often their own hidden objectives.

    2: FragileJustice- This is due to the fact that the Innocents/Blu are the "mafia" in this game. The Mafia/Red outnumber the Innocents/Blu. SO, the Innocents/Blu are fragile and are trying to restore Justice to this scum filled town.

    3: HP- The game uses an HP system, which will now be explained a bit better:

    So, with an HP system, attacks do "damage." Injured characters take 133% damage from attacks. For characters that have attacking abilities, there are two types of attacks that are specified to you.

    1) Strength based attacks: These attacks are based on the strength of the attacker/defender and any modifiers that come with it. As the innocents in this game and the mafia are ruthless, so the attacker will have the advantage:

    STR > victim: full damage done
    STR = victim: 66% damage done to victim, 20% to self
    STR 1 less than victim: 40% done to victim, 30% to self; attacker is injured
    STR 2 less than victim: 20% done to victim, 40% to self; attacker is injured and injury is made public
    STR 3 less than victim: attack fails; 40% done to self (no injury, as the attacker would flee upon knowing he would lose the battle)
    If protection occurs: attack fails, no result happens

    2) Specialty attacks: Specialty attacks are often based off of items, but the nature of a specialty attack is specified individually. These do not rely on the strength system, and damage is determined elsewise.

    Q: Wait, so why is there even an HP system?

    A: Well, the HP system allows for an interesting method of healing, attacking, damage, damage-reducers, items, etc. It allows for poisonings, bleeding, regeneration of health, deterioration of some characters if they do not complete their goals (getting weaker over time), strengthening of some characters, etc. It allows for modifiers, such as items that may reduce damage taken, etc.

    It also allows for a system of Super Effectivenessand to accommodate the idea of factions having "enemies":

    Characters/Factions may be weak to some types of attacks or may be resistant to some types of attacks. Factions or Characters that have "enemies" (pretty much most factions, as every faction is competing for something) will do twice as much damage to their "enemies" or if the faction is weak to that type of attack. In effect, they are "Super Effective." Some characters have attacks, but the attacks are weak against everyone except for their enemies-- naturally, their goal is to get rid of their enemy.

    It makes the game more complex, and I think contributes to the central idea of having a multi-faction game.

    Q: You talk about a multifaction game. Why did you want a multifaction game? What do you think it will accomplish?

    A: Well, I have played a few games at cfc now, and have experienced different types of games. I began with Those Darn States and Star Wars Mafia, which for the most part was a straight Town vs. Anti-town (with some serial killers in TDS). I have played/am playing 2 NotW, which gives more to the multi-faction feel and, with TheForestAuro's current NotW, gives an important Item feel. I died quickly in remake20's small mafia game, which included cultists and jesters.

    So, I wanted to mix some of these worlds. In a multifaction game, I hope it encourages activity--in TDS, my first game, I got a relatively simple Townie role with no immediate ability; I didn't communicate very much with people, and more or less lurked as I tried to figure out that game. I died right when action was heating up for me.

    I don't want people to go inactive, or even if they are active, feel they are just "floating around," with no clear objective besides "PG: survive until end of game. Victory Condition: Innocent victory. Abilities- once per game you may scan someone. Items: none." This game has almost everyone with an ability, and by being paired up with a faction, helps guides your game to clearly defined goals. And, you have allies to supposedly back you up. No one should be feeling "left out" or just sitting around waiting for something to happen.

    Now, with this game having many factions and items, it gives excitement in that information is hard to come by. And you never know who is secretly against you--there are many underlying, intertwining relationships between characters/factions. By basing this game with having everyone be evil (even the Innocents are evil), it allows for thievery, deception, attacking, etc. There should be much excitement in the game, but it will not be too chaotic-- your faction/character will have clear goals to follow, and you have a faction to discuss and be active with in the game.

    Q: Items. Why should I go after items? What do they do? And what about thieves?

    A: In any game with items, I think your interest should naturally be sparked. There are many items that are in the game that do various things. Most of you will have some exposure to items at the start, and I hope you realize that the items are cool and fun and you will then pursue them vigorously. Many of you will have goals to get "your" item, and every faction will have an opportunity to have a "thief".

    Remember, even though it is Townie/Mafia/Red vs. Anti-town/Innocent/Blu, the factions and individuals might be competing with each other-- you should want to steal from/kill your faction's "enemy," you should want items, you may need items to unlock your abilities, etc.

    Items also contribute to the multifaction aspect, as many factions are looking for their items. To get them, they have to steal, or kill, or some other means. Which is why I keep repeating: be wary of everyone you meet. Trust no one. Innocents are trying to kill you, enemies are trying to steal and kill you, etc. Information is valuable and you never know the motives of the super villains around you; indeed, YOU are a super villain, a treacherous villain interested in his faction and his own ulterior motives.

    And, items may mean different things to different people. So, you may be going after "your" item, but someone else may think it is also "their" item. Factions and individuals again will compete against each other for items.

    Q: Why should I spend 10-20 minutes a day checking in with my faction, reading the thread, sending in my orders? It seems bothersome; won't I have more fun looking at pictures of lolcats for 10-20 minutes a day?

    A: Unless you are Takhisis, you shouldn't be exposed to that many lolcats a day. And since most of you enjoy mafia games, you should have fun in this game.

    But this game has the added excitement of a new HP system, items, thievery, deception, competition, secret motives, awesome abilities, cool storylines, and humor at every turn. This game will be awesome and fun. That shouldn't be a problem. And it may be very educational to you, in the sense that you may enjoy the very consistent storylines/items paired with characters. And you may enjoy the intertwining of the characters of different factions.

    Q: Okay, so, what are the basics again?
    A: alright, I wanted to see if you were reading! But, simple straightforward stuff:

    Voting phase/Night: Vote with highest tally wins. These are votes for lynches/items/other. This period lasts for 48 hours; some of you may have some Night abilities.

    Action Phase/Day: Attacks are made, thieves attempt to steal, scans occur, etc. 24 hours. Standard Procedure.

    Anti-Towns are the Innies/Blu.
    Townies are the Mafia/Red.

    It's a multifaction game and you will have to figure out a lot of stuff. But it won't be chaotic for you individually-- you will have clear objectives, goals, and abilities. You are to think of the game as "follow my faction, kill the innocents/Blu"

    Q: How will the game be scored?
    A: I don't know yet. It's not as clear cut as something like Star Wars was, which was like 60% victory, 30% PG, 10% survival. And that's because this game has certain events that will trigger other events; as factions get eliminated, your goals may change.

    So, it will be more informal like Those Darn States, and Kennigit Fun Bucks (trademarked) will be rewarded at the end for stuff. I'm going to be a very studious GM and will watch your every move--hopefully since you are divided up into factions, it will make my job easier to trace your actions (by reading your Faction QuickTopic). I love humour, so I will recognize anything funny you say/do, etc. Basically, if you are active and do stuff, you can be included in the final write ups.

    Q: Okay cool. When is this game starting?
    A: As soon as sign ups are done and I hand everything out. I'm checking with Love for some final details, but I'm satisfied with the game mostly. But, I've said before that I intend to start around July 10th.

    Q: Alright! So, will the GM pay attention to me as an individual? Will my role be cool?
    A: Of course he will! Kennigit is currently off for the summer before starting university/college, and he doesn't have a job. And every role has been lovingly crafted; I love all of my creatures/creations equally! And every role will be cool--again, I want people to not have Joe innocent; people are part of a larger faction, have personal goals, have abilities, want items, etc. The game will be very exciting.
  4. landlubber

    landlubber Scottish Nationalist

    Mar 5, 2010
    First! In.
  5. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    .. ​
  6. classical_hero

    classical_hero In whom I trust

    Jan 30, 2003
    Perth,Western Australia
    Second. IN
  7. Zack

    Zack 99% hot gas

    Feb 19, 2009
    insert joke
    Good luck getting 43 sign ups by July 10.... you're going to have to mass PM people on CFC and the org.
  8. Kennigit

    Kennigit proud 2 boxer

    Apr 29, 2007
    gatech alum
    Actually, I don't need it by july 10th. But by july 20th I hope so.

    I'll also hunt down people one by one.
    Spoiler :

    here are recycled images (I've used them before irl) for me hunting/chasing down people for a school chess tournament where I needed sign ups:

    taking aim and hunting down

    chasing down sign ups
  9. remake20

    remake20 :)

    Apr 21, 2008
    reserve porfavor.
  10. GhostWriter16

    GhostWriter16 Deity

    Apr 11, 2010
    Wherever my name is posted
    I'll help him. In!

    I'll have to figure this out as I go though. This is complicated! I'll have to read the rules again...
  11. Takhisis

    Takhisis brown-haired beauty

    Jul 11, 2005
    up yours!
    In for the win!!! Do I have to spam it up to keep your luverly graphics up to date? The kittehs will be delighted!
  12. Arakhor

    Arakhor Dremora Courtier Moderator

    Mar 27, 2009
    Of course I'm in! I already said that I'd play this game just for its title :D
  13. civplayah

    civplayah phantasm

    Sep 3, 2007
  14. Renata

    Renata homicidal jungle cat GOTM Staff

    Jan 14, 2003
    I will play.
  15. remake20

    remake20 :)

    Apr 21, 2008
    Considering it starts when I'm back, change the reserve to an in.
  16. mgsmuhammad

    mgsmuhammad Resident Stalker

    Mar 14, 2010
    Wherever I need to be
    I'm in. :p

    Fresh from my unkillable dickery in Remake's Mafia game. :lol:
  17. choxorn

    choxorn Watermelon Headcrab

    Feb 28, 2006
    IN for the win.
  18. Owen Glyndwr

    Owen Glyndwr La Femme Moderne

    Jun 9, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    Crimson Chin!
  19. Tee Kay

    Tee Kay Justice guaranteed

    Aug 21, 2005

  20. Pinman

    Pinman Demons & Brazil

    Oct 8, 2006
    I'm In.

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