Silence of the Siren (Heroes of Might & Magic like scifi game)


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Sep 24, 2016
Anyone who's followed my work in the Civ2 forums on the Heroes of Might & Magic 2 mod knows I'm a big HoMM fan and am always on the look out for similar games. Just heard about a game called Silence of the Siren (not to be confused with the other recent similarly named HoMM like's Songs of Conquest and Songs of Silence lol) over in the HoMM communities and it appears to be a HoMM like game in a scifi universe which is a very cool idea! I remember someone did a scifi version of HoMM called Spaceforce Captains years ago but it wasn't all that great. Hopefully these guys do a better job! The screenshots look pretty cool although I worry about it looking a bit too 'flash game art - ish' (especially battle screen creatures), however the videos show that they're using the hybrid 2D pixel art in a 3D world Songs of Conquest style trick that looks much cooler in motion! Have wishlisted!

Oxymoron Games said:
- Explore a rich sci-fi world and discover secrets of a lost civilization
- Collect powerful artifacts, secure important resources, upgrade your bases and hire the strongest units
- Level-up your commanders and crush your opponents in exciting turn-based battles
- Take control over several different species and factions
- Old-school strategy game with modern controls and intuitive UI

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"Silence of the Siren." Quite the title. Similar to the title of the Simon & Garfunkel classic, "the Sound of Silence," (which is still fresh, as the Disturbia cover was the song chosen for the last segment of the lifetime photo slideshow at my uncle's funeral last fall, as he met his demise from dementia-like symptoms of the advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease. :( ).
Oooh.. new dev diary update has revealed their town screens.. sure enough they're doing that HoMM style too. Nice to see creatures doing stuff outside dwellings. I loved that in HoMM1 and was sad that it didn't continue through the series (other than some dragons in one HoMM3 town) as it brings a lot of life to the towns.

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Looks like things are coming along nicely.. it's nice to see the map and also the base (castle) screen in motion. As expected all base management stuff is pretty much what we know and love in HoMM games.

And a 10min gameplay video too.. I was a bit worried about the graphics before, so am pleased to see they're pulling all the tricks (kinda like Songs of Conquest did) to make the cartoonish assets come to life with animation, lighting and zoom/panning effects (even in the bases).

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