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Silly Habits YOU've Made in Civilization 4.

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Sanguivorant, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. Publius

    Publius Chieftain

    Jan 1, 2002
    The People's Republic of Massachusetts
    I apologize to everyone for dredging up an old thread, but I stumbled upon this post in search result, and that response from Lennier (Post #8) was one of the funniest lines I've read in here in a while.

    Last Christmas, I flew from Boston to D/FW, via Philadelphia, to visit my parents. My bags, however, were sent to Mexico City. (Thank you very much, US Airways! :confused:) The airline courteously delivered them to my parents' house one week after I had arrived in Dallas – unfortunately, at the very moment they were being delivered, I was on a flight back to Boston.:rolleyes: They finally got back to me a few day later.

    There are many other very amusing responses to the OP's question, so hopefully no one will be too mad that I revived it.
    In keeping with the spirit of this thread, the silliest thing I do (like many people) is in the renaming conquered cities. I generally use this rule: when I capture a city from a war that I started myself, I usually let them keep their original name, although I will sometimes change it if the name is too long and incomprehensible to my English-speaking ear (Aztec or Khmer cities, for example). As a role-playing decision, however, I unusually allow cities to keep their names when I am the aggressor.

    On the other hand, when some AI bastard declares on me – especially if I perceive it as a back-stab – my wrath cannot be quenched until I have captured and renamed ALL of his cities. His capital, of course, I shall name after myself, as a tribute to my glory and magnificence. How other cities will be renamed is a little more flexible. Some will be renamed for famous historical figures from my civilization. If the real-world version of my civ had an extensive empire of its own, then his cities will be named for its colonies. If he makes me angry enough, some of his cities will end up with names which I cannot reprint in a public forum.

    By way of example, here's what happened in my current game as Willem of Orange. I had decided that it was time for me to bring the blessings of liberty to the oppressed people of Korea, to liberate them from the boot-heel of the insidious Wang Kon, and to bestow upon them the beneficence of the Dutch Hegemony. Only two turns after this great struggle for Korean liberation had begun on my eastern border, my western border was subjected to a cowardly attack by Shaka Zulu. I will admit that he caught me completely by surprise as my eyes were focused on the east. I had good reason not to suspect an attack as he was pleased with me at the time and we were brothers in the faith. I also had good reason not to fear an attack, as I was building Riflemen and Cannon, and my cities already were fully mobilized for war, while Shaka had not yet even discovered Gunpowder. And yet, he attacked me in the rear, a mistake he would live to regret – but not for very long.

    Five turns later, Wang Kon went to join his ancestors. My limited forces in the west, who had been deployed in a valiant holding action, rejoiced as the battle-hardened veterans of the Korean Conflict arrived to relieve them. Shaka's Longbows and Impi fell like wheat before the scythe of Dutch rifle and cannon fire. A mere four turns after the final conquest of Korea, Shaka's capital Ulundi was the first to fall – I renamed this city Willemsburg, and eternal tribute to my glory and magnanimity. Shaka, unfortunately, had escaped to Nongoma, a city on the farthest western side of his realms. Here, he continued his insults and prevarications. Despite his posturing and his threats, his cities fell like dominoes, my armies capturing six more cities in the next eight turns. All of these were renamed for Dutch colonies – since they came from Shaka, I gave most of the cities names from Dutch African colonies: Gold Coast, Kaapstad, Stellenbosch, Drakenstein & Zwellendam; two more that were located on small islands became Curacao and St Maarten. Finally, cornered in his last island redoubt; surrounded by three frigates, six Cannon, and 12 City-Raider Riflemen; with only two terrified Longbowmen to protect him; he begged for terms of surrender. I ordered him to be brought before me, not in shackles but standing before me as a man, and I informed him that his treachery during the Korean Conflict would be remembered throughout the course of human history. He would not be allowed to capitulate – I desired no traitors as vassals. In an act of mercy, I handed him a dagger and allowed him to choose an honorable death. As my final act of revenge, I changed the name of his last city, his last capital, from Nongoma to "ShakaUSucka".

    So...long answer to a short question...what was the silliest thing I ever did in Civ 4? – I named a city "ShakaUSucka" – and I did it just two days ago! :)
    (the 2nd silliest thing may be this write-up of the whole thing! :p )
  2. Lennier

    Lennier Emperor

    Mar 10, 2013
    Orange County, NY
    Glad my attempt at humor in this thread was better than that one. :rolleyes:

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