Silver Anniversary Achievement PSA


Aug 31, 2012
[Note: I'm not quite sure where this thread belongs, but decided it wasn't *technically* a bug so I'm posting it here instead]

So I recently had a start with enough silver to feasibly go for the Silver Anniversary achievement, but nearby AIs settled near some of the extra copies I needed. I figured this would be more or less a non-issue, since the achievement text says "Possess 6 silver luxury resources at the start of the turn" and it would probably be fairly easy to get them to trade their copies to me. As it turns out though, you have to actually OWN all 6 sources of silver yourself (as in, improved in your territory) to get the achievement. When I didn't get the achievement for having 6 copies total through trade, I decided to conquer Gandhi for his silver and that gave it to me.

Don't get me wrong, I look for excuses to conquer Gandhi as much as anyone. And I'm not really complaining since I was ultimately able to get the achievement anyway. But I think the achievement's text could be made more clear to reflect that gaining copies through trade (and, I assume, through city state allies) won't unlock it. For example: "Have 6 silver luxury resources improved in your territory at the start of the turn." Or something like that.
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