Simultaneous move


Nov 2, 2004
Hi, I've been asking in alt.civ3 about this but nobody seems to know the answer. Maybe someone in here does.

Here is my original question:

Hi there,

I know I have the wrong group but there others are dead so I hope
someone in here can and will still help me.

I've got the small compact version of Civ2 (16mb) and I've been playing
it with some work mates and it's been great fun.
I read on the CivFanatics forum that you can make Civ2 turns
simultaneous instead of waiting, this would make the game so much more
fun. However when I look for the civ.ini file in the windows directory
there is none. I think this is because I didn't install the game, just
extract it.

This being the case how would I go about setting the aforementioned up?

Any help much appreciated.


And here is the thread in google groups:

Thanks again
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