Singer of Metal Band "Exodus" dies.


Aug 31, 2001
Ok. this is not totally new, but I just found out today.
I was extremely saddened. Exodus was a band that
helped shape my youth.

This combined with the recent death of Chuck
Schuldner, "godfather of death metal," should make all
real metal fans unhappy. These are all young men,
and they both died of awful illness.

Here is a news quote on it...

"(2/7/02, 4 p.m. ET) -- Exodus singer Paul Baloff died Saturday (February 2) at Highland General Hospital in Oakland, California after suffering a stroke that Thursday (January 31). Former bandmate and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett called the hospital and spoke to Exodus guitarist Rick Hunolt, who told him the bad news about the singer of his first big band, Exodus.

"Paul just went for a bike ride, came back, his girlfriend went down to lock up the bikes, and by the time she came back up he was already in the throes of a seizure. So they called 911, they brought him to the hospital and he was already deep in it and by the time I spoke to Rick he said there was no brain activity," Hammett recalled. "So I pretty much knew that when that happens there's no turning back, there's only one way to go."

Hammett added, "And, you know, it's a big loss, at least in my life it is, because Paul set me on my way to a certain extent. He was the one missing link in my first metal band and when I had found him, I thought to myself, 'All we can go is up from here.' He was just an amazingly funny guy, very intelligent, very loyal, he would do anything for his friends. It's just a shame and I'll miss him, but at least we have the first Exodus album, thank God for that!"

Hammett added, "One of my favorite Paul Baloff lines was, when he was introducing an Exodus song on their last live album; the line went 'This song is older than sh-t, heavier than time.' I thought that was such a great line. That's the way I like to think of him…heavier than time. See ya Paul."

Hammett was plucked from Exodus back in 1983 to join Metallica, replacing Dave Mustaine, who was kicked out of the band for what Metallica said was a "drinking problem." Mustaine went on to form Megadeth, Exodus continued on, and Metallica went on to be one of the biggest bands in the world."

-- Darren Davis, New York

There is no justice, why does Osama live and good guys like this die?
these bands brought musical ideas that changed a generation of rockers.

Even more worrying is that Chuck Billy, legendary vocalist
from bay area group, Testament, is suffering from cancer.

And James Murphy, one of the most skilled guitarists of the
metal scene is also unable to get cancer treatment, due to
having to pay for medical care in the USA. Terrible!

I urge all true metal fans, no matter your music origins,
to go and express your support for Chuck...

And for James...

Even a mere message from an individual can help when you
are suffering...
This is some sad news, for sure. Exodus was one of the biggest thrash bands of their time. And they definetly did a lot to define the musical genre that they were part of. I remember many times passing a joint with friends to tunes like impact is immenent, deranged & best of all, the toxic waltz.

It always sucks when we're reminded of our own mortality, especially when it's someone that we admire & respect. Atleast Paul left behind a great legacy in his body of work that's truely "heavier than time". Rock on Paul.....

Now Mikoyan, sing along...

Flailing round and round
And you're injury bound
Waltz it up!
The pit is it!
You can take your chance
On this rough new dance
If you dare!
To dive in!
There are some that try
But they won't survive
They don't hit!
'Cause they're wimps!
And this exercise
Helps you brutalize
With us!

"Everybody's doin' the toxic waltz
Kick your friend in the head and have a ball
Come on and do the toxic waltz
And slam your partner against the wall
Everybody's doin' the toxic waltz
Good friendly violent fun in store for all
Get up off your ass and toxic waltz
If you hit the floor you can always crawl!"

Man, what a great song!

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