Mad Scientist
Sep 20, 2005
Varrock :P
Hey, there. The site for Total War seems to be down, and seeing as this subforum has, well, no traffic I was wondering if the mod was dead or what?
The website a alive again ^^, and the mod is now available for english players.
I do not know where to go with this question, so I will ask here. I downloaded version 1.0 and it was really good, so I got into it. It seems that after so many turns, the game will CTD when I end the turn. So I thought maybe it was the auto save, so I turned that off. I saved manually every other turn, and I progressed a little further. Now, though, I have saved a game and the game crashes on the end turn. It really disappoints me that this happens and I would like some suggestions or answers on how it can be fixed. Thank you for replying.
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