Size 0 city, 967453226 gold/turn


Sleeping Dragon
Dec 6, 2001
Just wanted you to see this, which happened when I founded my first city in my current game. Because it was on a luxury, the game stopped to show the "luxury reaches capital"-screen, and what do I see? My city is size 0, starving, and best of all: makes 967453226 gold per turn. Not bad for a size 0 city! :eek:

Anyway, it popped to a normal size 1 city after this, so it had no effect on the game. Kinda weird, anyway. :cool:


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hopefully we can find a way to exploit that - would make for a nice flamewar when used in GOTM, hehehe
Cool. Did it give you that much money at the end of the turn?
Damn. The income bug aside, that's a great starting location. How come I never get a starting site that good?
What kind of trees are those? I don't have anything that looks like that in my game.
Mummyman, I don't have those trees either, because they aren't official CivIII scenery that comes with the game, they are part of a graphics modpack that some players have installed.
The size 0 city has happened a lot to me before. When you build a city that provokes a game message, this will happen. My best example is to build a city right next to an untouched goody hut. The cultural boarders will look odd for a second sometimes, too. I cannot explain the money.
The new graphics looks very good... So good in fact, I'd think I'd be playing a completely new game!!!

Oh, wait, the AI and other "issues" will give the game away (No pun intended) that I am still playing CivIII :)
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