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Slaying the Dragon: The People’s Republic -- Part II

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by Prof. Garfield, Jun 12, 2009.

  1. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    Played 8 turns, It's ended at a good spot to changeover.

    1780 change london to aquaduct, taxes 4-2-4 rush canterbury & liverpool van. brighton engineer, got refining & steel from Romans for chemistry & poly
    1782 start chivalry, dover barracks start Engineers, Founded Cambridge on barb isle
    1784 indians nearly finish sun tzu, chinese mass prod,
    1786 Delhi sun tzu
    1788 richmond loses musk, nottm gold shnghai 330, york gems canton 288, Rb london aqua
    1790 Indians ask us to declare war on romans, refuse. Richmond narrowly survives, Chinese discover flight Chivalry -> Communism (for espionage?), London gold nanking 270, part rush dip&boat brighton/leeds
    1792 richmond destroyed, Gloucester founded
    1794 Chinese expel our dip, Dover oil chengdu 350g
    1796 Chinese develop atom theorey, Manchester founded. Roman embassy. They have communism

    I wasn't really sure what to do while playing. I didn't want to attack the Chinese just yet, so I built up some money from freights. There's 1244 gold. Romans are at war with everyone except us and they have Communism, they may well give it us if we declare war on another AI.

    There's a gems van near tatu canal and two other gems vans & dip on a boat to bottom of chinese main territory. Tlateloco demands gems along with Melbourne (chinese), although it's only size 5.

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  2. Magic_gorter

    Magic_gorter Deity Civ2 GOTM Staff Retired Moderator

    Apr 6, 2006
    Amersfoort (Netherlands)
    I have not enough time to play before my holiday (in two days). Busy at work and working at the civ2gotm pages did cost to much time to start playing. So if Bloody Monk is recovered enough he may start first otherwise you have to wait till I'm back (in three weeks).

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