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Slow City view


Jan 12, 2008
I've played sevomod for ages (about since it came out - early versions), on my old PC. I've just got a new PC, and am having a problem with the city view screen. I'm not 100% sure if it is with Sevomod, or with CivIV itself. I just ran up to about 0ad with vanilla, and no slowdown occured.

Basically the problem is that I get about 1fps and unresponsiveness when in city view with Sevomod. Outside of city view, it's fine. I've got a new PC I built, so there should be no problems with hardware, but I'll list specs anyway :

XFX nVIDIA 650i Ultra motherboard
Core2 Duo 6850 @ 3GHz
Zotac 8800GT
4gb RAM (though I've been running recently with 2 - see below)
About 1.2 Tb HD space
Onboard sound - Realtek
Windows 2000 Pro

I've been running with 2Gb of ram rather than 4 recently because Vista 64 won't install with more than 3gb or so with my motherboard chipset. I've installed it now, but I can't get my wireless card working, so I can't download the hotfix to sort it even though I can get online with my win2k (I'm dual booting). I'm just leaving one of the modules out for now. I'll sort it soon... damn Vista :p

Anyway, this system should easily be able to cope with civIV, so this is pretty annoying. All drivers are current (though not beta). I am only running vanilla civ4, running sevomod 3.3 and the patch. Standard view and world view work fine, and there is no slowdown at all.

If I've done something stupid or missed repeated postings about this, sorry - I did search for similar problems, and found none. All help gratefully recieved.


Feb 23, 2006
I have had a similar problem. Sevomod, Vanilla Civ and other mods all of a sudden just really slowed down for me. I notice this especially when in the city view but all of the game has a very low fps. Civ4 use to run just fine for me but all of a sudden it became really choppy and just about unplayable. I did not change any settings or parameters either.

What also is wierd is that GalCiv2 started slowing down for me too. Very choppy and just about unplayable when it use to all run fine. I would love to get these games back up and running for me the way they use to.

I have a older laptop (a couple of years old now) with 2GB of RAM but what vexes me is that it use to run just fine. Any help would be appreciated.


Oct 11, 2006
If you guys are still interested, there's a fix to that problem on page 5 of the Sevomod bug report thread.
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