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SMACX AI Growth mod version 1.26

Discussion in 'Alpha Centauri' started by bvanevery, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. bvanevery

    bvanevery Warlord

    Dec 8, 2011
    Asheville NC

    SMACX AI Growth mod is up to version 1.26 now. New releases will be separated by at least 1 month from now on, so I'm going to give each their own post, rather than continuing to update the same thread forever.

    You can get a feel for how the game has changed from the stock game, by staring intently at the social engineering choices table above. If you have played my mod in recent months, you'll notice that Fundamentalist and Thought Control went anti-RESEARCH. Previously they were -1 ECONOMY -1 EFFICiency. I had a lot of ECONOMY penalties and it was difficult to swallow. This provides more contrast between the choices.

    I made many substantial changes compared to 1.25:

    - Social engineering choices all start at Tier 3 now instead of Tier 2, and have Secret Projects associated with them, so the AI isn't going to trade them with you. Except Democracy, which remains at Tier 2 because it's useless early on anyways.

    - The Explore path in the tech tree aims straight at learning how to make mindworms, so that PLANET friendly factions can get started with their mode of conquest.

    - Early armors are spread out over the tech tree instead of all being clumped together. Synthmetal Armor is back to being a Tier 1 tech. Lasers are strength 2 again and are a Tier 2 tech.

    - The Discover path in the tech tree is shortened, so that RESEARCH oriented factions can start building advanced labs more quickly.

    - Some combat variables are tweaked to make the game more tactical and less annoying. For instance, Sensor Arrays now give a +50% defense bonus instead of +25%. If you want to fortify your defenses, build Sensor Arrays where enemy artillery can't hit them.

    - Added various predefined units.

    Full details, design notes, and installation instructions are available at the home page of SMACX AI Growth mod. As always, this is not amateur hour. This is 4.5 PERSON MONTHS of professional grade game design. Try it!

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