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Small Map, Deity, Raging Hordes comparison game

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by WildPony, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    No special rules. Small map, Deity, Raging, 7 civs, no starting techs.

    Please note that future logs and other responses within this thread are spoilers. One hint is that the starting location is in a river and there are additional rivers nearby.

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  2. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    3950 Built cap, grass/river @ 30/15 with access to Ore.
    3900: Built 02, grass/river @ 29/11 w/ access to pheasant/river.

    Pre 3250: Researched Alphabet and Code of Laws. Trained up 3 warriors (2 for exploring, 1 for Martial law). Met a Mongol Chariot extremely early, tributed them alphabet and had nothing left to trade. Peace, no alliance. Have yet to see a single hut.

    3250: 02 completes our civ's first settler of the game. Writing > Ceremonial Burial. Sought the mongol's in the hopes they would offer Ceremonial in trade, but they offered Bronze which i refused.
    3200: Built 03., pheasant/river 28/8.
    3000: Cap builds settler and city 04 is built on the grass/river end @ 34/16 2 steps away. This becomes the 4th and final city on the starting river. Finally found 2 huts over the past two turns and are holding back on them until research on Monarchy is underway.

    3000 bc Summary: Despotism with 4 cities, 0 settlers and 4 Warriors. No huts opened as yet and also have received no gold, tech or map from our Mongol neighbor.

    2950: Ceremonial Burial > Monarchy. 1st hut of game: Supported Horse.
    2900: 2nd hut of game: Unsupported Nomad.
    2750: Built 05, grass/river.
    2650: :king: Monarchy :king:. > Literacy. Planning to rush Literacy before opening any further huts, thereafter choosing Republic reducing science to 30% and returning to opening huts. S 70 / T 30.
    2600: Met by Russian Archer, they offered Bronze in trade which i refused, Peace, No alliance, Gifted them Monarchy.
    2500: Built 06, grass/river end with access to wheat.
    2400: Literacy > Republic. Sci to 30% for a likely 1850 Oedo (barring interference from tech in huts).
    2300: Settler. Built 07, grass/river. Decided to speed Republic up to a 2050 Oedo.
    2250: Settler.
    2150: Built 08, grass/river. Stretches the limits of size one contentedness apart from Martial law. 3 cities have an unhappy 1st citizen and Republic can't come soon enough.
    2100: Completion of 2 settlers.
    2050: :banana: Republic :banana: > Bronze (which i received in trade from the Russians this turn as well as an unexpected Alliance and an even more unexpected gift of 50 gold). They also have Horseback and Mysticism which i held back on. Approached the Mongols too hoping for Currency and since they offered Warrior Code i did not want to take the chance of getting knocked further off path from Trade. Would like to at least complete Currency and choose Trade before approaching them. S70 / L 30. They also have Horseback. 3rd hut: None Horse.
    2000: > Currency.

    2000 bc Summary: Republic with 8 cities. 8 techs. Have met 2 civs and was able to ally with one of them. 3 settlers. 2 horse, 5 warriors.

    1850: Currency > Trade. Science temporarily to zero. 4th hut: None Archer. Built 09 and 10.
    1800: Completed first two irrigation projects with stored work walking towards next city sites. Also have 2 roads from a bit earlier. 5th hut: Tribe for City 11. Lux to 60% / T40.
    1750: Built 12, grass/river. 6th hut: 25 gold. 7th hut: 50 gold.
    1700: Completion of 3 settlers. Met French warrior, traded them for Masonry and they also have Mysticism. Sought alliance with them but they would only do it if i made war with the Mongols which i refused. Built 13, grassland with access to silk.
    1650: Mongols traded me Map Making. They also have Horseback riding and Warrior code which i avoided for now. Gifted them to cordial and still no map trade, gifted them again to Enthusiastic and they then traded maps. They again rejected my offer for alliance. Gifted Rome and France map Making and traded maps. with all three maps, still i do not see any trace of the other 3 civs. 7th hut: Barb horse. 8th hut: 50 gold.
    1600: 13 cities, 3 settlers.
    1550: Built 14, grassland with access to an ore. 14 cities, 2 settlers.
    1500: Completion of a settler. Romans develop Polytheism. Built 15, plain with access to a pheasant.

    1500 bc Summary: 15 cities, 3 settlers, 1 diplomat, 2 horse, 4 warriors.

    1450: Completion of 2 settlers. Science to 40% (Lux 60) to complete Trade primarily for Pyramids and then for HG soon thereafter. 15 cities, 5 settlers.
    1400: 1 Settler. Built 16, grassland with access to Spice. Built 17, on Oil. Met the Zulu peoples, Peace, they offered Mysticism and i did not trade at this point to keep the cost of trade minimized. Gifted them Republic and additional techs to worshipful to get map trade. They refused alliance. Warrior who met them is boxed in without a promising future in fruitful exploration and is thus disbanded to eliminate the shield cost. 17 cities, 3 settlers.
    1350: 2 settlers. Built 18, grass/river with access to whale and pheasant. Disbanded another boxed in and unfruitful warrior. 18 cities, 4 settlers.
    1250: Completion of 1 Settler. Trade > Pottery. T40 / S 0 for now. 18/5. Back to the Zulu in the hopes of trading for pottery when all i know is that they have mysticism... and when i agreed to a tech trade, all they had was Mysticism. Went to the French with the same hope and @ enthusiastic they apparently had nothing to trade. Romans and Mongols are unlikely to have pottery, but i approached them to see if they would specifically offer me pottery and if not, i would not risk getting extra techs. Rome offered Poly and the Mongol peoples offered Warrior Code, both of which were refused. 9th hut: Barb horse. Built 19, grassland with access to a whale. 10th hut: None Nomad. 19 cities, 5 settlers.
    1200: Completion of 1st wonder caravan, 3rd and 4th irrigation and have 6 roads. 19 cities, 5 settlers, 1 Wonder caravan.
    1150: Completion of 2nd Wonder Caravan. Built 20, grassland with access to fish and ore. Summary: 20 cities, 4 settlers, 2 wonder caravans.
    1100: Completion of 3rd and 4th wonder caravans. Met by American horse, traded for Pottery which is all they had, peace, map trade, no alliance @ worshipful. Now ready to trade every civ for all techs and pursue any future techs heavily aided by trade bonuses. Traded Mongols for Horseback and Warrior Code. Traded Russian ally for Polytheism and received 100 gold gift. Approached other civs who were enthusiastic and they apparently had no tech. Have 17 techs now and beaker cost for current tech is 270. 200 shields are filled.
    1050: :wavey: Pyramids :wavey:. As a product of careful planning, 5 cities fill their food stores this turn and a few additional cities will fill theirs over the next 2 turns. 11th hut: Supported Archer.
    1000: Completion of 3 wonder caravans and 1 settler. 3 cities grow from 1 > 2 and 2 cities from 2 > 3.

    1000 bc Summary:
    Republic with 20 cities, Pyramids (and will have HG in 3 turns). Have met 5 ai of 6. 1 Alliance. 17 techs. No buildings. Units: 3 wonder caravans, 5 settlers, 1 Dip, 2 horse, 1 Archer, 2 warriors. 8 roads, 5 irrigation. 38 f4 heads.

    975: 6th irrigation. Received 50 gold gift from the Romans.
    950: Completion of 4th Wonder Caravan. 200 shields filled. Traded America for Banking.
    925: :wavey: Hanging Gardens :wavey:. Completion of 3 settlers and 1 dip. Lux 60 / T 40. Valuable micro-management tactic to help promote the fastest possible expansion as follows. The cities with ample food surplus will be designated to reach size 3 to celebrate to 4+ whereas the cities with serious food restrictions (which is very common particularly on a small map such as this) will be designated as size 2's and will in many situations build settlers, completing them while size 2 in nuanced coordination with having 20 food in the box so they will return back to size 2 the very next turn. With nothing much to build in this map besides more settlers at this point, it's helpful to contribute settlers from these low food size two cities as well. 20 cities, 8 settlers.
    900: Initiation of 4 celebrations out of five size 3 cities. Completion of 1 settler.
    875: Completion of 3 settlers and 2 triremes. Built 21, plain with access to two whales. Summary: 21 cities, 11 settlers, 2 triremes, 2 dips, 2 horse, 1 archer, 1 warrior. Treasury: 66 gold.
    850: Completion of 1 settler and 1 dip. Built 22, plain with access to oasis and ore. Met the final civ, the Carths, they apparently had nothing to trade, peace, gifted to worshipful to get their map (enthusiastic was not enough), no alliance. Updated all maps. 22 cities, 11 settlers. City sizes: 2 5's, 2 4's, 2 3's.
    825: Completion of 1 dip. Built 23, plain with pheasant. 23 cities, 10 settlers.
    800: Completion of 1 settler. 12th Hut: 25 gold. Built 24, plain with access to silk, buffalo and gold. 24 cities, 10 settlers. Treasury: 5 gold.
    775: Completion of 3rd Trireme. Built 25, grassland, low food. Built 26, plain with whale. Built 27, grass/river with access to a fish. 27 cities, 7 settlers.
    750: Completion of 4 settlers. 27 cities, 11 settlers. City sizes: 2 6's, 2 5's, 4 4's, 3 3's. Treasury: 55 gold.
    725: Completion off 1 settler. America announces discovery of Mathematics and i traded them for it. 27/12.
    700: Completion of 4 settlers. Built 28, grass/river. Built 29, grass river.

    700 bc summary: Republic with 29 cities, Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. 19 techs. 14 settlers, 3 triremes, 4 dips, 1 horse, 1 archer, 1 phalanx, 1 warrior.

    Ending this game here.


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  3. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    New map, 29 x 39, Deity, Raging Hordes, 7 civs (selected). Starting techs: Alphabet, Ceremonial Burial, Code of Laws. Great starting specials and there are 4 within the pattern from mountain top 47/33. Starting save attached.

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  4. WildPony

    WildPony Warlord

    Jan 12, 2004
    Southern California, USA
    This post and each thereafter will contain spoiler information starting here. Much of map including the core starting region is low in food which greatly impacts the strategy and development of the game.

    4000: 1st hut: Unsupported horse.
    3950: Built Cap @ 46/32, Plain with Whale and Ore. Built 02, plain with 2 whales. Since i have a horse to scout for new city sites, the plan is to built a settler in each city before any warriors.
    3900: > Monarchy. Since i can't reach the 3850 Oedo year, will slow sci and reach it in 3650.
    3650: Monarchy > Map Making . Sci 30 / Tax 70.
    3450: Lux to 30%.
    3400: Both cities 1 > 2. Lux to 0.
    3350: Completion of 2 settlers.
    3200: Built 03, Plain with access to a whale and ore.
    3150: Map Making > Bronze Working. Built 04, grassland with access to a whale that the low food Cap needs far more.
    3000: Met the Germans, traded for Bronze, Writing and Maps, peace but no alliance.
    3000 bc Summary: 4 cities, 0 settlers, 1 horse. 7 techs, Met one neighbor and traded for one map.
    2950: > Currency.
    2900: Completion of 1st warrior. 2nd hut of game: Supported Chariot.
    2800: Completion of 1 settler and 1st Trireme. With such slow terrain and cornered positioning, this boat was rushed to much more quickly found the next two cities while also opening up the ocean specials as well as dropping off two exploring units.
    2750: Completion of 1 settler.
    2650: Completion of 1 settler and 2nd warrior. 3rd hut: Supported Chariot.
    2600: 4th hut: None Archer.
    2550: Met the Zulu peoples, took a chance at trading tech and picked up unwanted Mysticism. Great Map trade, peace but no alliance.
    2500: 5th hut: None Archer.
    2500 bc Summary: Monarchy with 4 cities. 8 techs with Currency in progress. Units: 3 settlers, 1 Trireme, 2 chariots, 1 horse, 2 Archers, 2 warriors.
    2450: 6th hut: None Nomad in the south pole.
    2400: Completion of a settler. Built 05 @ 44/24, grassland with access to buffalo.
    2350: Built 06 @ 31/31, grass/river with access to 2 ore squares. Completion of 1st irrigation and have 1 road. 7th hut: Horseback Riding. 6 cities, 3 settlers.
    2300: Science to 70% to complete Currency then hopefully Trade (then hopefully Masonry and Pottery or better yet hopefully trading for these two wonder techs.).
    2250: Completion of a Dip (not enough food in this size one city to build a settler). Built 07, plain/river @ 29/29 with access to 3 ore squares.
    2200: Currency > Trade. Completion of 2nd Trireme (also due to low food in a size one city).
    2050: Completion of 3rd Trireme and 2nd irrigation. 8th hut: Barb legion that will almost certainly eliminate my warrior (edit: and did).
    2000: Big breakthru, captured leader for 150 gold.
    2000 bc Summary: Monarchy with 7 cities, 10 techs with Trade in progress and 2/3 of the way. 28 shield production, 174,000 sq. mi. No wonders, no buildings. Units: 2 settlers, 3 Triremes, 1 Dip, 2 Chariot, 1 horse, 2 Archers, 4 warriors. Treasury: 170 gold.
    1900: Trade > Masonry. Sci reduced to 30, T 70. Completion of 1 settler. [edit: In hindsight, after completing Monarchy and Map Making, i would have gone for Republic before Trade to allow for 13+ cities much earlier].
    1850: Completion of 2 settlers.
    1800: Completion of 1 settler.
    1750: Completion of 1 settler. Built 08, grass/river @ 31/27 with access to an ore. 8 cities, 6 settlers.
    1700: Completion of 1 settler. Paid barbs 50 gold to spare city 05. Built 09, island plain with 2 whales @ 47/5. 9th hut: Tribe for city 10, grassland with access to gem/river @ 23/19. 10 cities, 6 settlers.
    1650: Completion of 1 settler. Built 11, grassland @ 47/25 with access to fish. Built 12: plain @ 10/34 with access to whale and wine. Met Rome, traded for Masonry and Pottery which is all they had, Peace, Map trade, no alliance. Choosing to hold back at 12 cities until reaching Republic.
    1600: > Literacy. Sci to 70, T30. 12 cities, 5 settlers.
    1500: 10th hut: Construction.
    1500 Summary: Monarchy with 12 cities, No wonders, 14 techs with Lit in progress, contact, peace and no alliances with all three foreign civs. Units: 5 settlers, 0 caravans, 3 triremes, 1 dip, 2 chariots, 1 horse, 2 archer, 13 warriors. 6 roads, 2 irrigation.
    1450: Completion of 2 irrigation, now have 4. 11th hut: Supported Archer.
    1300: Literacy > Republic.
    1250: 12th Hut: None Nomad. 12 cities, 6 settlers.
    1200: 13th Hut: Mathematics (prematurely).
    1150: Barbs capture my frontier city 12 because i didn't have the 50 gold or other means to stop it. Lost a warrior and 21 shield production towards a settler. Will likely bribe it back within 10 or 20 turns. Completion of 1st and 2nd wonder caravans. 11 cities, 6 settlers, 2 wonder caravans.
    1100: Completion of 3rd wonder caravan and 1 settler. 11 cities, 7 settlers, 3 wonder caravans.
    1000 bc Summary: Monarchy with 11 cities (12 next turn), 3 turns from Republic. No wonders but 3 turns from Pyramids. Units: 3 wonder caravans, 7 settlers, 3 Triremes, 1 diplomat, 2 chariots, 1 horse, 3 archers, 17 warriors. 9 irrigation, 8 roads.
    975: Built 13 (which is my current 12th city), grass/river @ 18/22. Unable to built @ 15/21 at this time due to obstruction by a roman phalanx, but will build there soon.
    925: Pyramids . Republic . > Polytheism. Lux to 60% by necessity, first Lux all game. T 30 / S10 to choose next tech. Able to build beyond 12 cities now without incurring serious penalty : ). With Trade, Republic, Masonry and Potttery sought each civ to trade for any tech they might have before opening next hut and apparently they had none. 14th hut: Philosophy. Disbanded 15 of 17 warriors, all inside cities. Summary: 12 cities, 8 settlers, 3 triremes, 1 dip, 2 chariots, 1 horse, 3 Archers, (2 remaining warriors to be disbanded next turn).
    900: Polytheism > Monotheism. Completion of 1 Trade Caravan (from the 1 island city) and 3 settlers. Disbanded final 2 warriors. Built 14 (13th current city), grass/river @ 13/21 with access to pheasant. 13 cities, 10 settlers.
    875: Completion of 2 settlers.
    850: Built 15, on buffalo. Built 16, on grape @ 34/34 and next turn said grape will have a completed mine. 15 cities, 10 settlers.
    825: Completion of 2nd trade caravan from our sole island city. Both set sail towards their demand driven destinations. Built 17, grass/river. Built 18, south pole tundra 29/37 with access to whale and fur.
    775: Built 19 on buffalo 47/19 (18th current city). Summary: 18 cities, 9 Settlers, 2 trade caravans, 4 triremes.
    750: Completion of 3rd trade caravan (all from my island city)...and it boards trireme towards its foreign destination along with a dip.
    725: 18 cities, 9 settlers, 3 trade caravans.
    700: Built 19th city, 28/22 grassland with access to fish. Built 20th city, 17/33 grass/river with access to a whale. 19 cities, 7 settlers.
    Immediate goals:
    1) Establish 3 embassies to be sure i have every tech to ensure maximal bonuses before trades reach their destinations.
    2). Rush 4 trade caravans for Hanging Gardens (as a few cities approach or have already reached size 3.
    3. Continue to build new cities and to complete the most highly beneficial roads and irrigation projects.
    675: Established embassy with Rome, gifted their tech in progress, updated map trade, they again refused alliance.
    650: Completion of 1st current wonder caravan and 1st current Dip. Built 21st city, South pole tundra 17/37 with access to 2 whales.
    625: Completion of dip. Built 22nd city., plain/river @ 20/32 with access to a whale. Much welcomed capture of a barb leader with a reward of 150 gold. 22 cities, 5 settlers.
    600: Temple in island city and initiation of size 3 celebration shortly before the first trades are ready to land. Completion of 2nd and 3rd current wonder caravans and 1 settler. Bribed a supported barb archer in self defense of city 21. Built 23rd city, grassland @ 36/18 with access to fish. Summary: 23 cities, 5 settlers, 3 trade caravans, 3 wonder caravans.
    575: Established embassies with the Germans and the Zulu peoples and now have all 3. Gifted techs in progress and updated maps. Island trade city celebrates from 3 > 4 and has no additional food surplus at this time, primarily in need of seafaring/harbor. Built 24th city, Grape @ 40/34 which is 7 turns towards having a mine on the city square. Built 25th city, Coal @ 31/19 which is 7 turns towards having a mine on the city square. 1st trade of game, Demanded separate land trade to barbarian "city 12": 152.
    550: Completion of Courthouse in island city which will increase trade values by 30%. Completion of 4th wonder caravan and 3 settlers. Rome completes Seafaring and i trade them for it and this 20th tech increases beaker demand from 289 > 342. 4 wonder caravans fill 200 shields.
    525: Hanging Gardens . Completion of 1 settler. Demanded Beads to Zimbabwe on separate continent:228. Fills beakers for current tech and Sci is increased to 10%. Built 26th city, jungle/river @ 8/20 with access to a fish. Built 27th city, jungle/river with access to pheasant. Lux set to 60%.
    500. Monotheism > The Wheel (380). Initiation of 6 Celebrations in addition to the already celebrating island Super trade city for a total of 7 celebrating cities. Completion of Harbor in island STC allowing it to grow from 4 > 5. Completion also of 1 settler and 1 dip which will be used to finally bribe back City 12. Completion of 2nd and 3rd mines, all three on city site Wine or Coal Specials. Built 28th city, jungle 20/18 with access to fish.

    500 bc Summary: Republic with 28 cities. Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings (all within island STC): 1 Temple, 1 Courthouse, 1 Harbor. Next will be an Aquaduct upon size 8. Units: 5 settlers, 1 Trade Caravan, 0 wonder caravans, 4 triremes, 1 dip, 2 chariot, 1 horse, 1 archer. 54 F4 heads, Income: 96 gross shields, 65 gold @ 40%. 60% Lux. 16 irrigation, 17 roads. Treasury: 207.

    475: Completion of 1 Trade Caravan (demanded wine to island STC). Bribed back city 12 from the barbs for 52 gold and inherited 4 supported archers in the transaction. 29 cities, 5 settlers, 2 trade caravans. STC 5 > 6.
    450: Completion of 1 trade caravan and 2 settlers. STC 6 > 7.
    425: Completion of 2 settlers. STC 7 > 8. Built 30, jungle/river with access to pheasant. Built 31 grassland. 31 cities, 7 settlers. Treasury: 1 gold.
    400: Completion of Aquaduct in island STC which grows from 8 > 9 and completion of 3 settlers. Pause in Celebration growth @ size 9 until Colosseum can be built and Undemanded Silk trade is landed to Antium for a bonus of 144. Built 32, south pole tundra with access to oil.

    400 bc Summary: Republic with 32 cities. Pyramids and Hanging Gardens. Buildings (all within island STC): 1 Temple, 1 Courthouse, 1 Harbor, 1 Aquaduct and will have Colosseum in 2 turns. . Units: 8 settlers, 2 Trade Caravan, 0 wonder caravans, 5 triremes, 2 chariot, 1 horse, 2 archer. 82 F4 heads, Income: 129 gross shields, 55 gold @ 20%. 80% Lux. 17 irrigation, 18 roads. Treasury: 188.

    Will end this here.

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