snofru space map v10 nightmare eternity, new start


May 9, 2014
hey, after reaching medieval in previous game, I decided to start again and to try picking different traits, in order to compare which is more efficient.

turn 635 - bc 102 000

This time I have to play tall until tribalism, there are no nearby cities. I captured one nearby city when it was size 1 and I am not sure if it's better to wait until size 2, or to get civilian captive and city ruins. These sometimes generate treasure, which can be used to get 1300 production or 2000 culture, doubtful which is better but in early game I rather take culture and then I get scientific I trait as first one (science increase from +26 to +31), continent is very empty and there are not many civilizations or barbarian cities, I am hoping for some to spawn in the future, otherwise I will have to build everything myself, and won't have many captives

turn 651 - BC 100 000
finished lascaux paintings wonder, which is my highest priority in prehistory

turn 691 - bc 93 000
one of few cities on continent grew to size 2, maintenance from distance will be high but I'm going to capture it so I can reach tribalism faster

turn 817 - bc 74 000
after getting a lot of treasures from ruins, I am able to pick 2nd trait, thinking between philosophical or financial for positive, and aloof or neglinent for negative - after selecting financial and negligent traits, I am hoping that financial will be better synergy with large number of captives in early eras
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Nov 18, 2019
Well, apart from the obvious fact that I play Pit's Earth, I also play with No Negative Traits, because I outright hate that one.
Also, based on my current game experience, hunting is an interesting way to get early culture as well.
Some animals give you 78 culture, and others still give you 15 culture + 15 research, so it's not so bad, lol.
Plus, you eventually get Great General or Hunter out of it, and that's also a serious boost.
Well, it depends on what starting units you get, and also what good your goodies will be (it's rather common to get units from it, even if of Strength 1, which is still enough for random hunting).
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