So am I the only one excited about a streamlined with very little micromanagement


Oct 12, 2001
This is the kind of Civ I have always dreamed, about, and hope for. The boring, tedious micromanagement has always been a major flaw that is almost a game ruiner for me in Civ games. Another great thing is it is on a console. I was unable to play Civ 4 because my PC is crap.

Yea I know people are complaining it is dumbed down, but anything is better then boring, tedious micromanagement.

Also they said there will be larger maps you can unlock after you finish the game. So people don't have to worry about the game not being epic enough.
Eh, I wouldn't say excited. MM has its pleasures as long as it's related to game-play. Civ3 pollution was a nightmare.

I think I'm more excited about CivRev because of it's civ-minting fresh breathe. ;)
I think there's a good amount of micromanagement. I'm kind of glad they got rid of some of the things that were pretty mechanical. Sometimes I feel like it the build order of the game is obvious, aside from choosing between wonders, units and regular buildings.

That said, though, I like having more stuff to do per turn. Still, this is probably best for a console.
I think there are two kinds of civ players; the kind that like to manage every detail themselves, and others that are only interested in the big picture (me included).

So yes I'm excited about it because it'll be a more streamlined civ game, but also cos i'll be able to play civ on my sofa, and without staring at a computer screen!
I like the advent of this game, mainly because I can now play civ wherever I wish on the DS. Less micromanagement is good, complicated games generally don't work well on consoles.
Well I'm happy because simple games are often superior to very complicated games. They just need a good balance.

I have confidence in you firaxis! :)
Reduced MM is the best option for a game that focuses on multi-player. I would venture to say that most people playing a multi-player strategy game do not want it to last for more than a few hours. Additionally, the average player is going to be more interested in combat than he is in choosing the order in which a city will build buildings. Does having streamlined micromanagement excite me however? Not particularly. Not in itself at least.
I think that's a pretty fair assessment, nightbringerggz. Everything I hear about this game suggests that it's geared towards multiplayer (besides being geared towards console players). It's not necessarily what I'd like to see, but Firaxis obviously sees some big money in trying for it.

The age old console VS PC debate has been played out over and over. Here's one of my favorite examples:
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