So should I attack Brennus?


Sep 9, 2003
I'm the Inca and I have just defeated Carthage in a war. I border Brennus - who I've fought before, and the Ottomans.

I am hoping to win a Domination victory, so eventually I will need to conquer just about everyone - but I am trying to decide my next target.

Brennus has a higher power score then me, but I can see his cities and a lot of his troops are outdated.

He is also at war on the other side of the continent, and winning. So if I want to take advantage of his distraction I'll need to do so soon.

I'm hoping to build a few more troops and then blitz him. Losing even a few of his big cities should make him an easier target to finish off later. I might lose some of my recent Carthaginian cities, but I'm not that worried about them.



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You can beat an AI that has a higher power score, but it will go much faster if you mass produce/whip/draft an army to improve your power.

Don't worry about the unhappiness penalties, war weariness is far worse!
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