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Solutions for a failed Government

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Demo Game IV: Citizens' started by Lord Civius, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Lord Civius

    Lord Civius Emperor

    Mar 11, 2008
    Below is a list of citizen posts to why our past Governments have failed. They have failed at both organizing the gameplay and the Citizenry. Following each post I have added a possible solution to the grievances. I urge my fellow citizens to voice their opinions or come up with solutions for our failed government.

    A Citizens activity or inactivity cannot be condemned. As long as there are hungry citizens like Vandal ready for a revolt the faction in power can be ousted. However if a citizen cannot handle his duties or obligations they should resign or appoint another in their place.

    Yes Cyc and I have continued to work out some of the details in my spare time. The King is King and in the end should have power to use the resources and the land as he sees fit for gameplay and RP. I remember a compromise (as far as the gold) was made and we could have instituted the RP economy but due to my inactivity it never got off its feet. I would still like to see it come about after the elections.

    The King should be the Commander in Chief. Having advisors is good but when it comes to gameplay, war or otherwise it is the PF leaders responsibility.

    I can no longer open the save because i upgraded to the 3.17 patch. In good faith I'm sure the new PF and its leader can come up with the maps.

    I think we lack organization and just blow with the wind. IMO the PF should have a chain of command. I brought up the idea of a regent to the crown. If the PF leader is MIA or slacking the regent would take the helm and appoint a new regent. This way our leaders could more easily be held accountable. All other PF citizens can be named advisors but would not be essential to the smooth running of the game. Having to wait on orders is unnecessary in the Faction system.

    I am having this same problem and the solution so far is wait on HOF. For now the PF's running in the election should take this into account. If the PF's leader (or strong designated player) does not have access to the save then we have problems

    Again with a regent to the crown this problem may have been avoided.

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