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Solutions for corrupion (before the patch comes out)


Nov 17, 2001
I know many here have complained about the corruptions way too high in Epic games.

Here is the solution before the patch is out: play 5CC (Five city challenge) game + the Ring city placement. This I am sure will work...

I have played the Age of Discovery as Aztecs, and did not notice any abnormal level of corruptions, so I assume the problem only exists in an epic/random game?
Originally posted by firebead
play 5CC (Five city challenge) game + the Ring city placement.
Well, no need to discuss 5CC, but RCP? I thought they fixed the RCP exploit, so that NOT just cities closer to the palace (dist. truncated) contribute to corruption.

Which IMO is perfectly alright, since RCP has nothing to do with reality or even logic, its a simple bug exploit.

(Or does the RCP fix only include the FP vs. Palace distance issue?)
yeah I noticed:
* Many exploit/bug fixes, including Ring City Placement

anyone tested that RCP wont work with C3C?
Originally posted by firebead
anyone tested that RCP wont work with C3C?
See Corruption issues by Aleman (Corruption Nazi).

Unfortunately the cure seems worse than the disease :(

mmm and I thought that the corruption was down to me being new to the game. When I have a democracy I am amazed at my levels of corruption - even though courts are built and there is a Forbidden Palace close by - strange it seemed to get worse after that :(

A bit dissapointed as the amounts of money that is being lost is huge with very little that I can seem to do to control it.

"There is now a penalty instead of a bonus for RCP."

Now we are going to another extreme! So now I have to look out to make sure the cities I built are NOT the same distance to my palace.

Well, yet another reason to play 5CC until the patch is out.
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