Solving the religion founding problem


Mar 11, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
There has long been discussions about resolving the issue of founding of religion from techs. For example I want to research calendar but I do not want to found Naghualism, as I would like to found another religion in the future. One of the proposals in these forums was to create new specific religion founding techs (that don't really give anything else if I remember correctly). I would suggest this instead; require the founding of a religion to have the religion's tech and a great prophet. That means if I want to found Christianity specifically, I have to have researched theology and have a great prophet on standby to found it. This gives the added benefit of choosing which city to found the religion in.

This should be possible thru scripting though I am not sure if the AI would be able to handle this. Any thoughts?


Mar 25, 2011
It should be possible with "dummy buildings" classified as World Wonders, but you would need a Python script to found the religion in that city. Or you could go two-for-one and just make the religion's Shrine found the religion by taking away the holy city prerequisite and then adding the script.
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